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  1. you dont have to read any further.... The Forge ability is garbage.... kinda like the person who decided to give it a food drain. Thanks WildCard.
  2. This dino has to be one of their best failures. a buggy bug indeed! they wont work on it, trust me.
  3. Narcs are the same, the kibbles are the same, just take 2~3x more tranqs/darts/etc (all they have different is double physical resistance or something like that)
  4. NA-PVE-Official-GenOne602 How can this new DLC be broken already? Is it the server side? Is it the wild dinos under the mash like years back when wild dino wouldn't spawn? Seriously..... what gives? This is beyond buggy... It's kinda broken. The tuso's, the sleeping bag glitch when volcano erupts, the trtles spawning inside of islands, the pockets of buildable space under lava pool edges, missions where dinos spawn under the mesh creating an instant failure. Those are just to name a few.
  5. Dino Behavior - HLN-A (Restricted/Enabled) As the post says, it's really needed. When an alliance member can come up to your walls and biome teleport out with your kibble farm, there is a problem. Please add this so that we can set certain dinos to never be able to teleport please and thank you.
  6. May I ask, if wild dinos don't spawn in genesis, how can we collect the eggs?
  7. I just thought a little deeper into the topic. Even though it sounds super cool in theory, it would be squashed right away and for a stupid reason, you ready...... politics. China, a very communist country I believe would ban the game if it allowed voting, a view they don't like at all. (democracy yo) WildCard, being owned by a parent company from China..... i'm almost sure would say nope. kill the idea. oh well. i tried. my excitement got the best of me.
  8. Give Power to the Players!: Voting on weekend perks explained. I would like to bring fourth a suggestion I had about 2 years ago but with a new twist as I see the game has changed since then quite a bit. The developers are very busy individuals. Working together as a team to give us the best game experience we could ask for. Sometimes WildCard does some amazing things that keep players immersed with the game we have grown to love so much. Other times they slip in an accident or something mis-timed, we are all human and mistakes can happen. I would like to help with one of those times where we all can come together and band on a united front to give developers more time to work on this amazing game, less time switching buttons for events, and getting on the path of an automated system that does not need to be maintained. Without further ado, here is what I think could make the game more immersive, competitive, as well as connecting us all together never before seen in the game. VOTING FOR YOUR WEEKEND EVENT: Your Rights: Every person from you, to Bob, Jane, and Survivor will have the opportunity to vote once on every server they play on. If you have a character there, or make one, you will be allowed to vote! Voting will consist of a single boxed screen with just a single mouse click after you log into your server of choice. This will appear before you wake up from your bed or where you logged out last and will only happen one time per week. The Timing of the vote. Watching WildCard's timeframes, the best I see for this to take place is from Monday 3pm EST (when evo event turns off) until Friday at 2PM EST (Giving the code one hour to count votes and to plugin the desired event before a restart.) Event of choice will then start at the normal time: Fridays at 3PM EST. When the event ends, the system will clear votes and activate a new vote so that we all (the next time we log in after that time) can get a new vote for the next weekend. With all of this in place, will complete the automated process. -------------------------------------------------------------- What possible choices could we vote for to make our events on the weekends? I scribbled some down with catchy names just as a starting point. Maybe open a discussion on the forums about describing an event that the players want to see added on the ballot. Love is in the Air Mate boosted players have double harvesting, and a 25% dmg and speed boost. Mate boosted players have half consumption on stamina, food, and water. Blood is Thicker than Water Personal and Tribe owned dinos recieve 25% dmg and speed boost, even without being ridden. Dino food consumption halved, trough range doubled. Builder's Paradise Harvesting 2x, 25% weight reduction, crafting speed +50% 100% materials given back from personal owned structures demolished. (Tribe owned structures will not have this for protection) A Survivor's Best Friend 2x taming from the current rate, dinos in the progress of being tamed cannot be damaged by wild dinos. 2x XP for personal/tribe owned dinos and players riding dinos I'm asking the community, what kind of events would you make? Share with me and lets make this fun. I just put these up as examples. -------------------------------------------------------------- This will not eliminate events on the fly either! if for some reason the developers want to add more, they totally can. My intention is for them to stop having to flick a switch every weekend and to give us the opportunity to have a choice of what we want vs what we are given. (I mean no offense to WildCard, you are doing great.) In conclusion. This would help automate the weekends for the developers spend more time on the projects they want to do. This would help players join together and talk about what they want to vote on so that they can plan their weekend accordingly. This would unite those who play during the week and those who can only play on the weekends. This unifies those players who play a few hours a week to those spending over 40 hours a week. If I'm missing anything as I brainstorm this I will add it into a comment, not an edit, so keep reading below. Thank you for your time and keep on surviving! ~ShadowRune
  9. wait, we have a voting system? Oh nvm, this is just for the website? lol. Here i was thinking there was a voting system coming in game to where each server can choose what perk they want for the weekend. hmm, now that I said that I am going to go make a post in suggestions. What a great idea! Good luck with your whole website voting thing... I don't bother here with trades, or any kind of karma system. It's laughable, as well as tainted. I've had an issue yrs back where moderators went willy nilly on ban and suspensions ganging up on people in the community. (Its sad to see I know for a fact one of em is still here) Just be careful, moderators are humans too and may take offense to criticism. What do you think?
  10. get rid of the fence all together and make a 1 tile wide sloped roof and wall. It's worth the extra resources to do it that way.
  11. It comes down to consumer knowledge and company neglect. we can only have control of one of these choices. I'm sorry for your frustration. I honestly think with the updates this game still has, PC is the only reasonable way to play. ungodly amounts of space as well. save your consoles for games you are meant to play for a few short hours with your friends. ARK is a game dedicated to wasting your time, life, and relationships. Again, it's not the games fault, but your consoles.
  12. Beavers are just inferior. Use a thorny dragon and argent and stop wasting time getting aggravated. This makes the thorny dragon the superior wood collector when being ridden and picked up by an argent. (I have tested this for hours, no need to submit the playback) I believe this to be intentional as the thorny gets little to no love on any map. I think It's about time to give specific dino's that are unused in their data collecting to be given perks that no other dino may have. once there is a balance between all wood collectors for example, then move on to the next. The more it sounds, this may be part of a QoL update and take months to even see or hear about.
  13. One last thing, is lets say you build a long stretch of walls down, and are able to snap to a pillar or foundation at the seafloor. Even though you have a foundation at the very top snapping down to a foundation at the very bottom, it counts as total height. So lets say you break a section that's snapping going down, so it only reads the lowest foundation and counts up. now that they aren't snapped together, the top foundation can be built upwards without a count. Once your build is done, snap them back together. (Though I admit, I never tested this with a full 75 and 75. haven't had the terrain option to do so in any of my builds.)
  14. Do you have a screenshot of your build? reason I say this is because with building there is a maximum of "75" tiles you can build above and below. So for example if you build 30 down from your foundation, you can only go 45 above. The total height is always going to be 75. So lets take a possible look at whats going on. Does this sound something that may be going on? Did you count your total height/depth from the foundation?
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