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  1. I don't see an image, what did I miss? Does it qualify for #BadARTforBadARK ? who else remembers that? lolz. Back to what I've been reading and it seems to prove one point going as far back as June 2016..... Wild Card has a staunch history of making poorly informed decisions, spastic confusing delays, and irreversible collateral damage to its community base of players. They know they can get away with anything they want. Why is this? They know they have created a game that is both addictive and requires more hours than a full time job if on an official server. When you, in a sense, created a community of junkies, this is what we are left with in the forums. People who have invested so much of their time just to be _____ on once again. Time and time again, do we ever learn? No. Because we allow our addiction to justify the loss as a way to stay more invested, to keep on playing, and to keep on abusing ourselves. It's a love hate relationship. This game will never be perfect or even close to being a positive impact on the human body. So who wants to raise some phiomia's, daedons and gigas with me?
  2. Official 2x Breeding permanate in next QoL update Please. I can't tell you how depressing this game gets when it goes away. I did the whole 1x thing in legacy.. it was ok for that period of time. I did the whole 2x rate increase on resources because you guys kept making bigger and better things to craft. kudo's! But now.... we have little to keep immersion a thing. Give us a kickback, maybe try just having 2x breeding during evolution events. (every weekend) I would like to put fourth the mention however. Evo events and the resource farming seems on point. This balance feels perfect. No adjustment needed in my opinion there.
  3. Doh! Thank you so much! now to disable all they crap on the numpad. wow
  4. "U" Keybind stopped working. (Whistle all stop) I did not change any settings on my key binds, there is no other command using the "U" Key. I have 5 dinos on follow, and I press "U" I hear the whistle They are all still on follow. This happening to anyone else? To the best of my knowledge, This all started happening 3-4 days ago.
  5. It will be just like valguero. It will be exclusive until after 3 months or so, then it will join the official cluster.
  6. Argentavis is actually the "Dracula Parrot" https://mysticalraven.com/adventures/17554/the-dracula-parrot-is-scary-and-beautiful-all-at-once?fbclid=IwAR2VyzGrIEB3Rs4vvIGq9szfUrvr7xi1qNmB5uCJGXLHhi2ucA4ZvZkduJ4 WOAH, I even have its color regions - this is crazy cool! Look how almost exact they are to each other.
  7. This would be my best guess: http://www.studiowildcard.com/jobs Not sure if they have a place for GM applications since they don't actually 'pay' those guys.
  8. All chibi's are the same as far as how they are used. It then breaks down to rarity. If you have a favorite dino, spawn a bunch (Colors vary).
  9. This still bothers me..... Anti meshing, but not map fixing? Here is a prime example. How hard would it be to put a block there? And the mesh lines on Extinction down in the sunken forest. My eyes burn! Work Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.
  10. Thank you moderator I was trying to find where the Center information was and you put me where I needed to be. Like a boss
  11. Removing the decorations is by far the grinchiest thing you can do to us. Who cares about chibis........ My base looks plain again. Like for real, you have limits on how many you can place so it shouldn't be an issue. What else is there to say? It's almost as if you like to troll people into something fun and then take it right away. Could I have a real reason why you choose to remove holiday decorations? (Please to god don't say optimization)
  12. The Center - Missed a spot [Mesh opening] I had 2 similar replies in a post get removed for no reason or clarification so I'll post it here. There is a broken part of the map on The Center near the artifact of Cunning // The Ice ruins down there. Specifically (33.9, 15.8) There is a map assett used that's a closed off doorway, but underneath it there's nothing. A Ptera, grapping hook, and many other ways to climb up it are possible and once inside there, you can find a few corridors that are directly under the metal nodes. (You can probably even mine them from underneath) Please patch up this hole, and if you are on PVP here, I'm sorry, it shouldn't be a place allowed to be in. Here is an image I took so you can see where the hole is. I put a foundation up there and a ladder down so I no longer need a ptera or grappling hook to get up in there for testing. Can anyone else confirm this spot is wide open? I play on Official PVE The Center 56. Come visit
  13. Call it what you want to call it, I am not an ARK a holic. You did give me a good laugh tho.... why so serious? Did I upset you're playing time hours? people are always better than you, its just a fact.
  14. * hours played is a sham btw for everyone. You can be on the title screen and accumulate time. None of it matters (Coming from a 10k+ hr player) And let's be honest, about half your time is idling even logged in by either: Sleeping pod or an auto script to feed your raises, etc. (Press "t" every 12000 ms) and have a full inventory of meat with your mouse over the first one. Why is this being talked about? lolz....... I can pee further than you!
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