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  1. Yay now more block blocks on EU and NA. Jesus wildtard you guys are raptoring retarted. Force them to play on Asia servers.
  2. Cloning on EXT faster? I have noticed when i clone wyverns on EXT it only take 14hr and some change VS the Center where it takes 1.5 days, anyone else notice this?
  3. i have seen 4 wild fire wyverns. pretty crazy
  4. got murdered by a carno and almost lost my event wyv due to cryo sickness. Also feeding 23 gigas. KMS
  5. it sucks if you have them placed before the nerf they work, but now they wont
  6. Solo tribe for years Anky - Metal obs Crystal w argent and teleporters and dedicated storage make for easy runs Wood - theri and argent, my trees where i live give 600+ per tree grinder good for thatch or use a wyv stone doed and argy, if for gachas get an igunanadon and feed them seeds
  7. Reset resolution, fixed for me
  8. posting for acces to traders forum
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