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  1. There is a very simple method for saving ARK Official Servers from aimboters. Decrease fabricated sniper rifle penetration percentage + decrease damage againist players. Decrease shotgun penetration percentage againist player armors. Decrease tek railgun damage or completly remove damage against players. Decrease tek bow damage & penetration power. Otherwise this game gonna be die soon, every tribe has aimbot and there is literally no fob without aimboter.
  2. Scorched Earth - Ragnarok - The Center maps need to be reworked. Because after the extinction, genesis one, genesis two maps were released, the player count of the old maps decreased drastically. There are no activities that players can do on the old maps. For example: Extinction map has its own OSD and element vein system. The Genone map has its own unique quest system and hexagon shop. The Gentwo map has its own unique quest system and hexagon shop. And these new maps are far superior to the old maps in terms of farming. For this reason, old maps should be rearranged. Extra content should be brought in order to replay old maps and compete with other maps.
  3. maps are not balanced too. new maps extinction - genone - gentwo very overpowered compared to old ones. ragnarok, the center, scorched earth maps really so bad right now. no point to play. old maps need to be balanced.
  4. i dont think i have permission for that sir
  5. i'm still searching answer for that question.
  6. sometimes im having same problem. just restart your modem its gonna be fixed. that's how im fixing.
  7. Neavia


    if you're meaning ARK Official Discord you can join with this link; https://discord.gg/H6Yaj6cp
  8. Official small tribes need to be wiped aswell because we feel like we're at end game. Almost all dino mutations are capped. End game level blueprints arround it's not much fun anymore.
  9. ICE-FOREST-DESERT titan are kinda useless right now and i never seen them on fobs. None is not using them anymore because they're very weak. Titans are need to be buffed and their download timer need to be decreased. Titans are amazing creatures and its sad to see they're very weak.
  10. Cave drops are like pointless to loot since extinction osds (orbital supply drops). We only get poopty bps from those which is none doesnt give a raptor and useless in game. Make them usefull again.
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