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  1. I actually enjoyed unlocking tek tier and then flying around like superman. After struggling in the wilderness and overcoming all the challenges, it felt like a huge payoff to be a badass Ironman thanks to all my hard work. It did change alot of aspects of the game for the worse though from the pvp side of things
  2. Is it even possible, I can't even get past gamma. Everything goes great until the last phase. Where I'm getting obliterated trying to run around and pick up the keys. And it's not like I can take my time with it because the timer to defeat him is so short. My dinos are doing fine I just can't survive long enough on foot to get the keys to keep bringing his sheilds down. And I have high movement speed plus broths for extra speed, doesn't matter though. Any tips? I even bred a high HP stego so I wouldn't get dismounted anymore, which works fine, but he's too slow to get me where I need to be. Right now my strategy is to stay on the stego and let my dinos kill a bunch, then jump off and grab keys but I just get slaughtered running around after a bit
  3. How many posts are needed to get out of early birds?
  4. If on unofficial you can enable the "unlimited respecs" option
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