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  1. something about the sino's face is really off-putting. render is nice otherwise
  2. valguero is free, and deinonychus eggs are easy to get if you have a flier with decent stamina
  3. You could upload your main character, download one of the clones, die, and then create a new character to delete it. Though I'd recommend leaving the clones in there, just in case you lose your character to a bug (which I've done before in sp)
  4. If anyone on PC would like to avoid this problem entirely, I'd recommend installing Dino Storage 2 and then just uploading the souls into the item terminal. I've lost more than enough dinos through the creature upload, and this actually makes a backup on your PC in case the item is deleted.
  5. Since you're on steam, this mod may be of use to you on top of S+ and the like.
  6. APerson1

    ARK 2!!

    yeah to be honest the animations were a bit... weird, hope that doesn't carry over to the final product
  7. It did it for all dinos in singleplayer, that might be why
  8. i don't think they do that anymore sadly
  9. I honestly really hope they go back on that statement someday. SE was where the expansions began, it deserves an ending cutscene at least (though I understand those are very difficult to make).
  10. In the PC patch notes for v287.110, it is stated under the "Enforcers" section that they now take reduced damage from corrupted creatures: Reduced damage taken from corrupted dinos by 60% However, this is not the case in-game. This might have just been a last-minute feature removal, but as it stands right now Enforcers are not particularly useful. If this error were to be corrected, they would likely see a lot more use.
  11. hopefully not, that would absolutely destroy game balance. hopefully they only have the skin function outside of gen2
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