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  1. this suggestion is criminally low in the rankings for its quality
  2. I actually submitted manipulator waaay back in the Lost Island vote. Even though it doesn't look like your suggestion is going to gain much traction in the remaining six days, I just wanted to say that I appreciate the effort you put into making this suggestion. I'll also add that there's actually a manipulator planned for the mod "Origin Creations", meaning that you'll be able to see them in-game eventually. Edit: (Also, I feel bad that you chose the whole "goo" niche, since WC independently announced that Rhynio would something very similar yesterday 🪦)
  3. Alright! So, for anyone who isn't familiar with Antlions, they're a group of Neuropterans with a very interesting life cycle. While the adults end looking like a generic flying insect, the larvae take a far more.. interesting approach to life. Antlion larvae hide within the sand, acting as a sort of deadly trap for small arthropods passing by. This is where Makarkinia comes in. An extinct genus of lacewings, which fall into the same order as Antlions, Makarkinia kerneri sported a beautiful false-eye pattern on its wings. My suggestion is to take the most interesting aspects of these creatures, as well as some from their modern relatives, and combine them into a terrifying foe to encounter within the deserts of Scorched Earth. In order to preserve the interesting body structure of their larvae, Makarkinia would display an extreme form of sexual dimorphism, with the Males maintaining their terrestrial larval bodies and the females morphing into flying forces of nature. This vote came a bit too suddenly for me to have my own ideas just yet, so here's something Exc_Sanguine_Wes on discord put together for me: "An ancient lineage with great representation, Makarkinia are fascinating bugs. Gigantic wings with eyes that glow radiant in the night, razor-tipped forelimbs, and a hankering for Nectar and blood. The males are the horrifying ones. Much like the modern antlion, young Makarkinia make pits to lure in creatures. The mothers supply their young with enough Nectar to lure in prey till grown. However, the males don't grow out of this phase. They spend their whole life as underground monsters and by the time they are adult, they're a whole worse beast. Male Makarkinia are also Bioluminescent. However, for them, it's their head. A pulsating glow in the sand that lures in prey, day or night. They can even produce natural flares using the gel that allows them to glow to light up the night and get the attention of victims. They are not confined to their burrows, they just excel at making deadly traps. When they leave their burrows, they're rather slow but still have strong enough jaws to give a Tyrannosaurus a run for their money." This suggestion is extremely rough around the edges (and in general), as I know wildcard is primarily looking at the creatures themselves, not the contents of the submissions. I encourage anyone who has anything to add or any criticisms of the giant antlion idea to leave their thoughts in the replies. Thank you!
  4. doesn't this just make morellatops useless
  5. unfortunately, this makes zero sense to have on scorched earth
  6. I agree with you 100% on those as well. Ideally, they'd just get rid of all flyers/flight methods on Ab, I just figured that it might be too much to ask.
  7. I support everything here except Desmodus on Aberration. The map was originally meant to have no flyers, and allowing Desmodus into one last cave would really break whatever semblance of balance that remains.
  8. good news for supporters of this post, i suppose
  9. really disappointed this one didn't get any attention, better than some of the stuff in the top 10 in my opinion. great artwork to go along with it as always, too. love the idea of an osd tame, as I don't think wc did enough with the whole tower defense system they implemented with ext. also, the funny bird is pretty 👍
  10. doesn't this violate the "only real creatures" rule
  11. this suggestion has a few things that don't work very well. no real reason for a completely normal creature to have the outline ability, and letting it passively produce resources on top of its strong abilities is quite overpowered. also, neo.
  12. you should put your suggestion creature's name in the title so that more people know what it is
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