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  1. why not just.. have minimum settings that actually reset to their intended boundaries? ini editing can be used for a lot more than cheating on official servers, and is an important part of unofficial customization.
  2. congrats to everyone who made it into the crunch
  3. reddit thread by the original lore writer confirmed that it was from space, on a meteor iirc
  4. Despite the key being used for various purposes, such as reloading, sinomacrops configuration, and tek helmet modules, pressing the "R" key prioritizes throwing shoulder pets while mounted. The consequences of this range from annoying to detrimental. That's why I suggest giving this function its own, separate keybind.
  5. there are several lgbtq characters in ark lore, they've been "putting their views" in their work since the very beginning. they own the game, they can do what they want on their weekly forum posts.
  6. since this has already been necro'd, i figured i'd post a spreadsheet (not by me) that has every note index number listed on it
  7. If this goes through, I can promise that I'll never purchase anything Snail puts out again.
  8. sad this one isn't up higher, it's one of my favourites
  9. the thread already exists for carchar (was a comment on a duplicate thread, seems like they got merged)
  10. i'm about a week too late, but all of the images on this post appear to be imgur embeds
  11. something about the sino's face is really off-putting. render is nice otherwise
  12. If anyone on PC would like to avoid this problem entirely, I'd recommend installing Dino Storage 2 and then just uploading the souls into the item terminal. I've lost more than enough dinos through the creature upload, and this actually makes a backup on your PC in case the item is deleted.
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