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  1. You would be surprised to know there is actually a structure cap in this game. Its 16500 structures within a 33 foundation or 66 wall radius at the given point of attempted placement. Granted this is not a limit on the number of snapped structures but rather a limit on the number of structures in an area. That said, I actually do believe the game could benefit from a limit on the number of snapped structures. But it would need to be 3-4x larger than the "per area structure cap" since many bases are snapped together and dont harm the server like the intentional snapping spoken about next.
  2. What a nice and very in depth statement to the proposed suggestion LOL Could be worse suggestions, I just feel these ones would give a utility to some dinos that've been completely eclipsed in this game hahaha
  3. This WOULD give Mutagen some better purpose for tames that get the green circle A non-breedable perk for that specific tame to give good reason as to why you should use it. But it should be cheaper than it currently is. Currently it takes multiple hours to get enough mutagen to use on a tame. Now, this works very well to balance the free 5 levels into 4 generally vital stats on a dino (the yellow circle mutagen usage), however, once you breed those stats and the dino is now a bred tame, the same cost of Mutagen only adds 4 levels. Change this to adding the above mentioned perk and just li
  4. Unfortunately theres not really substance to this original post. It's just "nerf this" and thats it. This gives no information, and gives nothing to start a conversation on why it should be. So let me start this. Astrodelphis require a nerf for a variety of reasons, the biggest of all is the obsoleting of the Tropeo a literal 6 months after it releases. The trope's huge draw was a use for normal grenades in an aerial flak cannon to be used against flying tames and its fast maneuverability. The Astrodelphis is then released, offering not only 4 different ways to maneuver, including bar
  5. The immediate issue I see with this is PVP. Maybe PvE could benefit from a separate change but PVP often uses caging against other players, and a /stuck would bypass all that effort to cage the person.
  6. I LOVE the idea of this. However theres a major flaw in the fact that I'm convinced that people don't know how to code this. Hell I don't even know how you would even start to approach coding this, which makes me worried for the devs to even think about. You would need some sort of marker to constantly check if alpha KT has been run on that character on that specific cluster. So its not something as simple as an additional flag on the character or its implant, but rather a per cluster flag that gets deleted after the transfer as to not remain post-transfer. Not to mention it would open up th
  7. I believe this was made to counteract, or at least semi balance out the abuse of seeds on gacha towers. This could be for both pve or pvp since it was essentially free materials for doing literally nothing. Putting a spoil timer on them then means they can no longer be stored infinitely in a dedicated storage, limiting how many seeds u could truly use. This ofc led to people just using metal from aberration instead, or abusing crop plot stack bots to the same effect but it makes abusing towers like that just a bit harder. Maybe they should increase the timer, but i actually dont agree with
  8. Cryopods have been part of the base game items for a long time now. U dont need to have ext to learn them. Although I do agree on the egg incubators and maybe even tek crop plots, although some could say that takes away from gen2s reason to travel to but eh.
  9. While this is true, they unfortunately (along with any paint on the creature) get lost when podding the dino. Which is incredibly inconvenient to have to redo everytime i pod my tames. If they would make it so the transponder stays it would be a huge benefit. Though having a UI for the transponder like the mentioned system for tracking taming dinos would be really cool too
  10. This is a PVP suggestion, but I feel as though it could be something fun for PVE as well Making Brontos more viable, and maybe Titanosaurs and MAYBE Diplos while we are at it. I have a list of ideas that I think combined would make the Bronto moderately usable in PVP and honestly kinda fun in PVE. Would like thoughts on it, but more importantly would like the Devs to honest to goodness take these ideas into consideration for the game. Even with ARK 2 coming within the next couple years, this is still a game worth continuing to play imo. - Remove the ability to bleed Brontos, AND Titano
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