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  1. Something I see alot in this community is "TLC this, TLC that". No intentional shade, but it's very common to say "give us a TLC!" but no one, not even the devs, knows what kind of TLC people truly want. I think, for these types of things to gain traction, we should, as a community, toss back and forth, peacefully, ideas as to what we want to see from such changes to the creatures of the game. For example, TLC on bosses. What would we change? For the games sake, it should be a change that makes sense if you were fighting the bosses in the arenas. For example: it's too easy to just throw megatheriums at the brood mother or run around it with shotguns and roos. So I suggest altering the broodmother to be able to grab dinos up to a rex in size, and do bonus damage to a creature in its claws. I also suggest altering the araneo minions to have some that spawn be ceiling grabbers instead of ground soldiers, and shoot some sort of acid from the ceiling at players to keep them moving. Maybe even, add a rare chance for an araneo minion to be a bloodstalker, teasing players about future tames and giving them a reason to venture to gen1 to tame one for themselves. Theres alot of ideas to this, and suggestions deserve to be explored in depth between the community so the devs can look at them and go "oh poop, that's a good idea, quick write that one down" I look forward to seeing how we toss such ideas around.
  2. There is a good point to be made here though. After Ark: survival ascended (ASA) releases, I think the community would be 100% for the devs selling pure cosmetic skins. As it stands, the only skins you get are for the DLC chronicles notes and the achievements. What if you could include similar default survivor items such as skins and chibis, as sell-able little trinkets in, (for example), the steam store, as the OP mentioned? I guarantee players would be willing to throw more money at Wildcard (WC) for that kind of thing. Given that WC already made mention of the idea of premium (paid) mods for ASA, surely they would be willing to offer up unique store bought skins for the community?
  3. Oh certainly theres a huge amount of locations that should be 1x realistically that are 6x and a fair amount of locations that should be 6x but are 1x. i think the game needs a hard look through and finalized on a firm choice on a set direction, which doesnt appear to exist, at least from a common point of view within the community. example being, if 6x damage is supposed to be "pvp zone damage" then gen1 mission zones should be 6x rather than unbuildable and surface entrances on ab should be 6x since they allow access to high end drops on ab. Non-pvp zones or non "value" zones shouldn't have 6x, such as certain wide as heck tunnels and overhangs (that dont lead to the space biome) on gen2 that have no value for drops, resources or artifacts.
  4. And you know? Thats entirely fair. A full flyer on ab would definitely ruin the intended mechanics of the map. But along that line, I would argue Skiffs, Desert Titans and TEK Suits have no business on aberration since they are also capable of full flight (and tbh though i have been arguing this for a long time hahaha)
  5. With the upcoming closure of ARK: Survival Evolved Official Servers at the END of August and the release of the UE5 ARK1 Remaster, or ARK: Survival Ascended, I want to put forward a large collection of ideas for the Devs. This will be an IN-DEPTH List of changes and balances to the overall game. This is of course, a list of suggestions that I hope to give to the developers to look at and take ideas from if they wish to. Hell, they may have already had some of these ideas, but I want to put this out here for them anyways. Map Suggestions: Removal of 6x structure damage that exists OUTSIDE the boundaries of a cave. Many caves hold this issue, especially regarding Center Ice caves, Center Pearl cave, Fjordur Dragon Terminal Cave (Front Gate Entrance) and Center Lava Dropdown cave. Rather than the 6x stretch to be 40+ foundations away from the entrance of a cave, I suggest these 6x boundaries stop at a maximum limit of 5 foundations away from a cave entrance. Additional 6x structure damage to caves that don't have it but are counted as caves by the game's own code. Referring to the INI line "AllowCaveBuildingPvP=false" that was added for conquest servers during the no cave building season. Removal of 6x Structure Damage from Ocean "Boxes" on Gen1 and Fjordur. Massive entrance Under Water spaces that fundamentally serve more closely as Underwater Bubbles (Like on Center) than caves. I reason, if Center is allowed 1x Underwater Bubbles, then the same should be argued for these "Boxes" that aren't just "Caves". Removal of 6x Structure Damage from the Fjordur "Realms". The separate biomes like Gen1, that suffer as largely unflyable spaces due to the way it is counted as a cave. They are 3 additional large spaces to play in, PVP in and more, and are rendered half useless because any building spot that looks decent, is all 6x no matter what. The same going for travel being severely limited to only Desmodus and practically banning all other forms of flight because it treats the realms as caves. A Fix for Center Underwater Bubbles to properly allow the uncryo-ing and teleporting of tamed creatures into them. They are largely untapped base locations simply because they are largely unusable because of this bug. A Fix for limited building spaces, such as a large cave on Extinction that you cannot build half of, due to the way the terrain around the edges of its interior prevent placing anything past a certain point. Addition of wild creatures where they used to be in their modded map versions or are placed during gamemodes like conquest/classic. Biggest example of this is the addition of Reaper Queens present on Valguero Classic/Conquest Servers. Or the removal of Rock Drakes off of the Valguero and Crystal Isles maps on release. More or less, looking at Non-Story maps and re-adding or newly adding creatures to balance them out individually, still keeping in line with their release periods and corresponding story DLC that came before. Dino Suggestions: Tusoteuthis should have a VISIBLE "struggle to get free" minigame like the Bloodstalker and Tropeognathus do. They also should get dismounted by Shadowmanes rather than their current complete immunity. Should also nerf their damage output by half given that their base 85 damage becomes triple that for every mouse click, because of the way Tuso attacks are coded. Dunkleosteus should be immune to nets and shadowmanes, and be the true soaker of the ocean given its bulky look and natural armor, offering rider protection similar to a Trike's. With that in mind their HP pools should be at least double what they are to compare to the sheer volume of HP that Basilos present to the table. Basilos should NOT be immune to nets and shadowmanes. While they serve wonderfully as an immunity to Cnidaria, they posses far too great an HP pool to be immune to these things. Given that their maximum HP when capped out is nearly 700k currently, I feel they should be nerfed to be closer to 400-500k OR take a slight bit of extra damage from turrets. TEK Mosa Saddle Revamp. Instead of it being another Megalodon Saddle, why not make it similar to the Space Whale turrets? You could add 2 mountable TEK emplacements and maybe the rider gets access to a large TEK cannon similar to the Stryder Chest Cannon. It would add some unique usability to the Mosa in PVP saddle wise. If you then also increase Mosasaur bite damage to be equal or slightly less than a Tuso's total output, they would serve as a Tuso rival while still being able to be messed with by a Tuso. Remove the ability to bleed Brontos, AND Titanosaurs. Rebuff Bronto Saddles to the past 100 armors they once held, same as racers. And Rebuff Bronto HP to sit MORE firmly in-between a Racer and a Megachelon. They are huge creatures that take full damage from most things, so having a bit more available health would make them more useful. Buff Titanosaur HP to sit around the same value as an Ext Titan (roughly 500k-700k) - Suffers from a similar issue Brontos have against Diplos, but in this case its Titanosaurs against 'Chelons, where a smaller creature scales BETTER than it does late game. Increase Turret Damage dealt against Brontos and Titanosaurs, ideally by a multiplier of 2x damage. Following that, give Titanosaurs the Mek damage multiplier and Download Damage Multiplier That Extinction Titans receive. Also make them transferable with the same restrictions that Extinction Titans receive. Increase Bronto and Titanosaur Resistance to Damage from NON BULLET Sources to turn them into Dino Tanks rather than bullet tanks. Soaking up the bites of a capped damage Giga or Rex and soaking up the spines of a Velonasaur would add new utility to these very old tames without making them exceptional choices for turret fire. Allow Brontosaurus and Titanosaurs onto Aberration. I argue this merely because creatures like Megachelon, Ice Titan, Desert Titan, and Forest Titan are all allowed yet these Sauropods are banished to the shadow realm! Haha. Increase Bronto base damage to 80-100 dmg instead of 60. Also adding a Debuff that applies to CARNIVOROUS tames or, tames in general, struck by the Tail swipe of the Bronto. It could be called something like "Shattered Bone" or "Jaw Broken" and applies a 20% damage debuff for 5-10 seconds, and stack up to 3 times for a maximum of ~49% damage reduced from a tame with this debuff. Add a TEK or alternative defensive Saddle for Rock Golems, the only ability it provides however is the ability to soak up explosive Tek damage the same way it soaks up Heavy Turret Ammo. As is stands, it becomes entirely obsolete the minute TEK turrets are introduced to the field. Allow Andrewsarchus, Amargasaurus, Fenrir, and Fjordhawk onto Aberration. Given the current Aberration balance I feel these creatures fit the overall Aberration vibe and should be allowed to be present. Allow Fenrir's to be breedable. As they stand they lack the strength to be a player in the long run of ARK. The advantages they bring are far overshadowed by their inability to perform as such. Tropeognathus has a glaring issue in which, when it is stunned/dismounted, it is unable to take off mid air like other flyers do. They are forced to fall all the way to the ground before they can take off again. I suggest either changing it to match other flyers, or changing other flyers to match the Tropeo. This would bring Aerial combat far closer to the ground, if they had to touch the ground to even take back off again I mean. Structure/Item Suggestions: Miniguns across the board are wildly all over the place. I believe these should be rebalanced between the Emplacement, the Handheld, and the Andrewsarchus miniguns and given a set shooting range across the board, and varying damage values depending on which is being used, with separate advantages for each choice that simply isn't present in the game currently. TEK Tier lacks its own emplacement like the rest have. I suggest adding a place-able version of the Space Whale TEK Emplacement, balanced out with separate advantages to each to keep the Space Whale still viable to use between the options. Riot Armor has always lacked a true reason to be crafted by players, simply due to the lack of advantages it holds over flak. I suggest increasing Riot Durability to make it more pleasing to craft over flak, while still making it a cost vs effectiveness game with its particular resource costs. I suggest an additional tier of underwater armor between Scuba and TEK suits. A form of Armored Scuba that is weaker than Flak but has quality level unlike TEK suits on maps that don't have TEK suit blueprints as part of their loot tables. These are my current suggestions for this thread. I hope some of these ideas prove helpful to the Devs during their project to port ARK1 to UE5. Any further ideas I will edit in as I come up with em, including any ideas we as a collective come up with below on this thread. Hope to see what the "ARK: Definitive Edition" (if you know, you know), looks like on release day! Excited ngl
  6. Fjordur's sub-biomes or realms would be far better off being 1x damage and flyer enabled rather than 6x and the only thing you can use are bats. Fjordur brought us the Desmodus, and as it stands, it is already an incredibly useful and versatile tame on the map. The issue I see with it, is its realistically the ONLY choice to ride. The open fields of Asgard and the mountainous Jotunheim are, in my opinion, BUILT to be explored from the skies. These realms could be a ton of fun for PVP if we could just fly more than just bats and could build out in the open in these areas. This, and the fact that there are 4 wyvern trenches and you really can't fly in 3 of them with anything but bats. On top of that, The Tropeo is on the map, and works well as a counter to a variety of flyers.... except you can't fly it in the Realms aside from Midgard. It raises the issue of "why even raise wyverns or tame tropes? I can't use em anyways on majority of the map anyways." Yes, you could just pvp out in Midgard, but that is only a small portion of the map taking into account 3 entire alternative realms and a vast collection of caves. 6x pvp zones work well for caves or even metal spawns, but I really do wish we could see 1x and flyer enabled come to Asgard, Jotunheim, and Vanaheim. We could see a wider selection of pvp come to the map, which I see as very healthy for the map itself! Issues I could see people having with this is the invalidation of raising tames that work well in no flyer, such as the Maewings or Rockdrakes, but my counter is this: You already can fly in these locations with Desmodus, so why use a Drake? What would adding a larger variety of flyers harm in such an environment? After removing Titans from the mod version coming into the official version and removing 3 entire caves from the alternate realms with them, along with various plateau type base locations on the borders of them, I think the map would benefit from a buff to these realms to incentivize more pvp and building within them!
  7. Hey! I noticed all of the dinos new from Fjordur are not able to be unpodded on Aberration. I'm here to petition for these creatures to be added to Aberration's allowed classes list, and why they still fit into the aberration theme/mindset regarding limiting certain tames. Andrewsarchus - This creature walks completely on land, and is more like a horse than a pig. Horses are allowed on Ab, so I feel this would be a fair thing to add to aberration. Granted the gun struggles to match up with aberration's usual vibe, however I'd argue it would prove useful against the limited number of actions you can usually take against things on ab. In this particular context, I am referring to the PVP side of the game, but I feel it would better balance mek/tek suit PVP on aberration. Fjordhawk - This creatures entire design revolves around picking bags and retrieving items. Granted full birds have typically been excluded from aberration, but Featherlights could be a counterargument as to why the Fjordhawk would still be a good fit, since it is a shoulder pet too and not a ridable bird. Aberration is a tough map in many cases, and being able to retrieve bags from horrible mishaps, both of the users fault and of the game's fault in certain terrain related incidents, would be a huge boon for aberration players. Fenrir - This creature's abilities are unique, but you can do certain forms of the same stuff with creatures that many people would argue have no business being on aberration. Examples being Freezing with Managarmr, spike reflection with Shadowmanes, unique pre-given saddle armor with Shadowmanes, etc. Creatures with WAY more wild abilities are on aberration class allowed list already, and I think Fenrir should be allowed to be part of that. Desmodus - This one is a TOUGH argue as it does fly around, which largely fights against the no flyer gameplay aberration strives for usually. However, where better to allow giant bats that break the usual no-flyer in caves rule than the massive underground that is aberration? It fits the underground vibe very well, with the abilities it posseses being a huge boon against creatures already allowed such as Bloodstalkers, Manas, and Tek Suiters (Not a creature but it really isn't fun to have no counter to a suiter being able to just zoom away untouched and unpunished for being underprepared aside from the suit itself. I can't imagine I'm the only one that feels that way). The echolocation screech in the dark depths of aberration also looks incredibly awesome! If anyone see's this and agrees, please upvote so we can gain some traction on this and get this visible to the devs to consider? ❤️ Have a great day!
  8. Inclined to agree here. I LOVE spinos myself but given the lore behind the game and the fact that it is in the end fictional, I don't think its a necessary change. One thing I'd love to see though is a slightly faster swim speed, or even just a slight buff to its oxygen gain per level (As it does still raise swim speed faster than movement speed does, even if its 20% of what it used to be lol) Actually wouldnt have too much balancing issues if its just a slight increase, especially since tusos are so overly broken in their utility (really should add a struggle to this for pvp ngl its awfully broken) Spinos dont even keep their water buff when in deep water. They only get it for standing in water not swimming in it
  9. You would be surprised to know there is actually a structure cap in this game. Its 16500 structures within a 33 foundation or 66 wall radius at the given point of attempted placement. Granted this is not a limit on the number of snapped structures but rather a limit on the number of structures in an area. That said, I actually do believe the game could benefit from a limit on the number of snapped structures. But it would need to be 3-4x larger than the "per area structure cap" since many bases are snapped together and dont harm the server like the intentional snapping spoken about next. A great example of tribes abusing the structure snapping are servers with either triangle foundation or fence foundation + railing spam in massive amounts. These servers ONLY spam the latter to create massive lag and server crashes because they lag the server HARSHLY when breaking them, forcing a server recalculation of structures snapped together everytime a break occurs.
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