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  1. ark ROLE PLAY

    add the w´s http://www.arksurvivalists.com/ i agree didnt notice this was posted by him on suggestions,
  2. It's time to add boosted official servers.

    i actually agree with you. they should add a x5 or something similar if higher... well.. needs to be balanced. but it would be nice to have that weight(server x * 3) sample x3 = weight*9 etc
  3. weapons re skin

    Honestly i think weapons need a re skin or optional skin atleast to something more like this. That how its shown on the ark covers Also, can you reskin female armor? they all look the same another is adding the knife option to a assult rifle- incresing melee damage they are not as they show in game
  4. Ponds and moving fish

    the bad part is i cant have a pond of my own.. it has to be a map made body of water
  5. Dinosaur AI Wild vs Tamed

    added to list! good cacth!
  6. i forgot to say.. last night i was about to log out. then noticed i had no turrets up and no bullets. Stayed up about 2 hours just to place some up. It sucks but its PVP mate. Its Ark Life.
  7. these are the two main reasons i stop... so i play mostly pvp. I played game constantly day and night when it came out on xbox. back then i was playing on officials. spent so much time playing..i was part of one of the main alpha tribes(which was boring) no one tries to raid, you are never missing anything(we were 10 people on the tribe) eventually fun fadded. i stopped playing for about 5 - 6 months, then i go back try some unofficials. havent been on officials since(except for no tames servers) i tried pve during week. pvp weekend. that worked for me for a while until i got bored (solo) then i went to other full pvp servers (solo again) for months then quit since it gets boring. I mainly quit cause i hated guns mixed with dinosaurs. I then found out Role Play servers existed. Tried those for a while. it was so much fun. Another whole side to ark you will never experience unless you try RP. then ark started to glicth and kick me out causing me to die to much so i quit ark for a while. came back when primitive servers were added (loved them so much) played for about 3 months there and found out caves and bosses were a thing. i was so "focused" into the PVP i never acutally investigated the caves, also since i was always solo. I went to caves and got the artifacts. then i battled bosses which was fun. then I got really into building nice. I had no idea you could build amazing buildings like GG Fiz and many other youtubers. So i focused on that. I built really nice structures on PVP. focused on that for months! and uptodate i still watch building videos(not how to add 4 metal walls but how to build nice stables, coliseums etc) Now well ark has so much new stuff added to it There is so much to do on ark. Aberration is amazing new map with some good creatures in it. Love the crabs. my favorite tame of all time is the crabs. they can throw creatures or characters! its fun.. anyway. Ive been wiped multiple times literally wiped down to only having my foundations left.. but since i wasnt playing officials it didnt bother me that much, Gather rate was highish. took me about 4 or 5 hours to get my stuff back. Ark has done it well.. but its like any other game. You need a break from it to gain interest in it later on.
  8. Bullet soaking dinos

    hahahahahha yes!! love throwing stegos with the crab!! Edward Stego hands lol
  9. Bullet soaking dinos

    currently Crabs are better than stegos as far as im concern for draining bullets
  10. Dinosaur AI Wild vs Tamed

    Hello, there was a similar thread but i wanted to make a new one because that one is focused on "Drakes". Drakes: AI for drakes as wild is insanely good. He climbs and glides behind you no matter where you go. But when tamed he doesnt know how to climb and gets stuck on mushroom trees or rocks which if he was wild would easy go over them . The tamed IA for some reason is not as efficient as WILD DINO AI. Crabs: Wild crabs will grab you and not drop until your dead. TAMED crabs will not grab an enemy. only hit with primary attack. This also needs a fix. TAMED AI for crabs should include him jumping behind hostile targets and grabbing them just as WILD (even wild for this one can get better, he needs to jump to target not only walk) Ravagers When wild they have that "bleed" function. When tamed its no longer available. Why? This should be available when tamed as well. Slows down target. Edits: Megalosaurus WILD use the grab attack when appropriate. TAMED use it against dinos way large to carry. Anymore i will add to this thread for AI improvements needed.
  11. Rock Drake follow

    another suggestion for AI. Wild crabs grab players however hostile tamed crabs dont. that also needs to be fixed. Tamed crabs should also attempt to grab a player and kill it not only use his basic attack
  12. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    you said it "custom mod" no an official dinosaur available to console.
  13. The Island map expansion

    i think they should add cracks on ocean.. make it deeper.. and have some seriousoly tought creatures down there.. no tamable.. but when killed give mastercraft and up lot. Something new... only way to see down there is LIGHT! its completely dark down there. the deadliest creatures down there. ill post references later
  14. Rock Drake follow

    hahaha i completely agree!!! i was going up a wall with the climbing picks. saw a drake. ii thought it was tamed cause i dropped and glidded way across the hill(with a lake between each mountain) the drake GLIDED behind me! i climb wall to loose it.. it climbs behind me!!! i gluide away... he glides behind me!! he killed me.. thats when i noticed it was a WILD drake.. i had never seen that... the AI is AMAZING ON THAT but.. when tamed.. the AI is honestly.. the dumbest sloppiest code. He does not walk up walls when you do. He literally just drops if he is on wall. Also gets stuck on everything.. Same issue with Crabs! they should jump behind you when tamed and placed on follow and its following another crab. WC you did a great AI on wild for drakes.. now implement that same insane code on all wild dinos(to make them "smart" ) and also write something just as good for tamed!!! idk if you have two different programers working on tamed and wild or maybe he got lazy..
  15. ark ROLE PLAY

    arksurvivalists.com/ its been open for about 3 years now