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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA kill ark? cant you just wait.. stop being a spoiled child
  2. Looks Amazing! great job guys cant wait. Have been playing since Ark came to consoles and with all these new content game just keeps getting better! Keep it up!
  3. Thank You, this i what we want to hear. A real reason on why its taking long rather than it will be out soon. Honestly thank you lol i understand now. Keep the good work up, cant wait for the rest.
  4. why are you adding bugs and creatures like vultures? I mean.. ark is a pre historic game aint it? I loved the bear and the wolf but.. idk maybe its getting a little too much
  5. im one of those.. im not getting the hype like i used to for this one,, the volture or the other one. A mantis? idk but im 100% sure im not the only one that dont like the fact that they are adding "modern" creatures
  6. yupp most do, just gutta find one that doesnt if thats what your looking for, I dont mind starting over.
  7. player dedicated also allows download, some do some dont just look for the right server.
  8. you can make it permanent with one of the settings for dedicated servers so no worries
  9. can some one confirm this and if so how long is he tamed for? How do you tame?
  10. Same man! im looking forward to this! Why havent they even mentioned this? I have not read one single news on SOFT for xbox
  11. yeah read it after i posted lol im glad! but.. will we have to pay morelike an add on? hope not.
  12. i was hoping it was Humans vs humans controllig dinos? lol no AI. but all Gigas? idk im sure they must have some control over how may can spawn at the same time.. or atleast i hope. I mean another THE ISLE really? i think human controlled humas and Humanc controlled dinos will be the ultimate game
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