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  1. does anyone know about the ark major league servers??
  2. Is their Artifacts in the Abberation part??
  3. need to add more spawns for scare crow and gravestones guys mainly get pumpkins
  4. can't see video bro are u still on here but??
  5. me only know english an some german sorry bro
  6. sup ima aussie82 but me not leader soz :(
  7. me not leader sorry bro im just saying that i wanna join in a couple of years as Aussie82 btw so i don't know who leader is soz what platform do u have??
  8. what server number?? it will be a few years till i get a console but until then i will keep in touch plz can i have the server numbers and any new server numbers that u are building on thx
  9. from my intel I think it will be coming soon
  10. they are all ready open for xbox don't know what other consoles
  11. still want to know more plz how come so much money for season pass??
  12. ok what maps is extinction one of em'
  13. hope they kept it so what the snow owl health at hatch still deals that same amount of health to hart tames ?? and anyway what is the bug on valguero wtk
  14. GENESIS what is GENESIS about and how did it start wtk more about this season pass plz
  15. nukem'all megacluster dedi servers if anyone is on nukem' all servers I will join when I have an Xbox until then I can't start my trading and breed Dino shop and in the range of Dino's will be all of the island, extinction, aberration, and valguero Dino's and ascendant weapons and saddles also armour: riot, flak, scuba. Also I will give out Tek and metal structures to my allies and saddles also Tek armour.
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