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  1. Woolly Rhino Pen Hi everyone, New Build
  2. Pagoda Base Hi everyone, My new structure on ARK
  3. Medieval Towers / TUTO Hi everyone, this is the towers i used for my builds.
  4. Nyrandil Hi everyone, This is my new castle that i named "Nyrandil"
  5. Nordic Village Hi, Watch my new Build, i's a Nordic Village on Ragnarok
  6. Sea Castle Hi, One of my best New Build !
  7. Crank27 the problem is not the video i think, i can watch. THANK YOU SO MUCH GenTech1000 ! I continue
  8. Piate Ship (RAFT) Hi, This is my new Raft
  9. Hi Everyone, I have finish the City so i have edit the Post, You can see the full city video
  10. Hi everyone, i have add a building video of the city
  11. The BIGGEST City ever Hi everyone, I am building a gigantic city on Ragnarok come watch the construction on Twitch if you have time : https://www.twitch.tv/ellyutayzei I explain the idea of Base, Building a city bigger than anything I saw on Youtube. I started by drawing a circle in 32 different angles that I extended about 45 blocks .. then i built the walls and the citadel.
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