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  1. My first base was there on that map. There are multiple spawn glitches for me I only just moved to the red wood/chalk hills area Plus can't you stand on wyveerrrns when you get off them. Command them via whistle.
  2. Doesn't that require some one else in "the driver" seat and tapejaras dont spawn on my broken valguero map
  3. Could you possibly grapple on to the quetz . I may ask
  4. I did the same thing but with the deinochis on valguero Alpha named alpha Second born is beta Third is Charlie Fourth is delta Fith is egos And sixth is fain. I sadly got attacked by alpha rex later that day and lost all my dinos but ginger my appropiatly named argi.
  5. Solo quetz taming Any one know how to take a quetz in solo. Thereare two tek ones flying over my base and I want to tame them.
  6. Valguero and the spider cave Does anyone else have so many insects and leeches when they enter that they are forced to cheat if they want the artifacts. I mean come on I should be able to see water. In the second chamber not leech and infected leech and their corresponding death messages Is it me or is valguero really glitch. I also have an issue where the artifact in the temple won't spawn . Any tips I'm.kinda anti cheat
  7. I have two fire wyverns one male one female. The male is named chili. Female is named pepper. After th red jot chili peppers. Red and hot sadly died to a brood mother lysrix .
  8. Forgot to submit edit . I looked At my bigfoot immeditley and started to edit what I said
  9. The issue is that the temple artifact won't spawn. Ive even tried in an alt account. It only has worked on my friends. Do I need to walk in on foot with no fliers or what. Edit: confused bigfoot with megatherium
  10. Valguero artifacts Does any one know the location of these artifacts. I know of rhe temple in the East but that artifact wont spawn. And ive tried the spider hive. In the red woods but deeper in I can't go 10 feet in without the whole cave killing me and my twenty deinonychus in five seconds
  11. K thanks I I went to the most West side of aberration on valguero already after 2 hours of trial and error
  12. Secret resource cave on valguero Sonar Footwear how I decided to ride around on my super Beaver under the water I came from the East side of the went into an underwater cave and travels all the way to the west side of the map swam up to the top of it near the craggy area and found a secret air bubble filled with lots of iron and Crystal has anyone else found this. You can also flies behind a waterfall and find this I also haven't found this on four other resource maps for valguero Edit:Resource map
  13. Servers I believe r the only way to get these events
  14. One comment on the onycs they have echolocation witch allows them to pretty much see with their ears other wise I agree with these changes
  15. I believe this is because there will be lag if you have the whole map of available so they just rented off the first player it keeps lag low
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