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  1. They told Xbox One owners that the game would not feature rental servers and that they would rely on a secondary console to run a dedicated one not too long after the game released under Game Preview. Funny you should leave out that tiny detail, eh? It wasn't until the game was getting ready to launch that they announced that we'd get rental servers through Nitrado. Meaning, they tricked every ARK fan on the Xbox one who wanted their own dedicated private server, to shelf out for a secondary console (me included) to get a dedicated server, in order to avoid the mess that were, and still are, official servers. Now, i'm no detective, but that does seem like a shady business deal to me. Which one of my 6 spare rooms? I'm re-painting one room so it might look something like that, though.
  2. Remember when Wildcard said "No paid DLC during development"? Remember when Wildcard said "We're serious"? Remember when Wildcard said "No server rental for Xbox" and then waited until a ton of people had bought a second Xbox to host a dedicated server (business deal with Microsoft anyone?) before announcing rental servers through Nitrado?
  3. I heard WC is hiring.. As i also mentioned, some stuff DO slip through the cracks, obviously because of some code being altered for the updated code lines, but not to this extent. This is just incompetence above anything else. This is more likely a case of missing code, not altered code. I've been a paid and non-paid tester for years both for pre-alpha, alpha as well as beta, and this is by far the worst i've come across. Testers being ignored to the point where all the bugs reported during beta have made it into the live version. It's just simply unacceptable on so many levels. The QA did not do their job at all here, and the internal testing was a joke.
  4. That's BS. When they know about an issue, their job is to test it internally to confirm and reproduce it BEFORE they start working on a fix for it, then push the fix out on the beta server, rinse and repeat until they get it right, then push the update to the live version. Beta testers are just there to test stuff and catch bugs and then report them so the dev team can do the rest. That's common practice. Some bugs may occur and slip past the cracks, but not on this scale. Not after being warned about these issues multiple times. There is no excuse. They have at least one QA who is responsible for making sure this does not happen. Stop trying to defend them. White knighting does far more harm than it does any good.
  5. When a developer hosts a Beta and when said developer is being told about all of the issues currently on live, both affecting officials and unofficials aka S+ mod with no snap points DURING said beta, and the issues still carry over to live, you know their QA has been AFK doing anything BUT their job. Not only that, they blatantly ignored every single question about it during their live stream and only responded to content creators from what i could tell.
  6. Why even have a bloody beta when stuff like this never gets tested enough or if at all? No competent developer worth their salt would ignore such a gamebreaking issue.. Modded servers are now put on hold and some have even been abandoned because people are fed up with this nonsense, and i'm talking about people who've been supporting the developers since day one of Early Access..
  7. Everyone on modded servers or modded SP will have this issue, and yes, we all have it on the server i play on as well. They were asked about this in their twitch stream earlier as well but ignored it, like with everything else and only answered questions from Streamers/youtubers. GG.
  8. No, it is common practice in the industry to wipe everything prior to a release for buy to play games. The ones who state otherwise have never played a single buy to play game in beta outside of Early Access and expect to keep everything intact when the game launches. World of Warcraft . Full wipe. Diablo 3. Full wipe. Battlefield 2-3-4-1-hardline etc. Full wipe. Call of Duty -every title- full wipe. ESO. Full wipe. DCUO. Full wipe. I could make a much longer list, obviously, but i just can't be bothered going through the same debate with ignorant people again. The 'migration' event is more detrimental to the community than if they had wiped the servers prior to release and reduced their numbers and instead added more as the original ones became full. As i said, the way they did it is a backwards way of doing. It is not a common practice in the industry outside of generic F2P MMORPGS, and this game is not a F2P game, nor is it an MMO or MMORPG. It's a Buy to Play game and if you use Early Access as an excuse to keep all your stuff then you've not grasped the concept of an Early Access. Early Access is not a 'soft-release'. It's all the dev stages put into one package where they ask the community for feedback etc along the way before it is ready for release. Oh don't worry, i know there are devs out there who abuse Early Access, but is that what Wildcard did though? I don't think so. It clearly stated on the Early Access warning box that the game was in development. Friends i know in the industry laugh when they talk about ARK and their launch fiasco, (yes the launch was a massive fiasco and the migration is a testament to that fiasco) and the main thing they pick on is the lack of a full wipe. "Why would they hurt themselves by not wiping their servers and content before they released the game?" "Don't they realise they're hurting the community who supported them by not wiping?" That's the common two questions that comes up when we start talking about ARK.
  9. This issue with low pop servers wouldn't even be an issue, had they used their heads a bit more efficiently back in early access and done a 100% wipe of all their servers prior to launch, and then reduced the number of servers available on launch. That way they could've just added more servers as the launch servers became full. This is a backwards way of doing it as far as online game development goes.
  10. Those who moan about not winning and bash other entires that did win, should just be barred from entering another contest for 2-3 months or even longer. Problem solved.
  11. You enter a contest and you expect to win every single time, and every time you don't win, you complain. To top if off, you have the gall to bash the winner's entry.. You have to be the most self entitled, egotistical person i have yet to come across on any community board. You need to stop entering these contests if you're such a sore loser.
  12. My Annunaki genesis server just went tits up because of this update and all of our players' tames are dead. All that's left of them is a backpack.. GG.
  13. Well, one thing's for sure. The Dire Wolf needs to get some better lovin' than that. This is how i feel it should look like: It should get the same fur treatment on 100% of its body like the dire bear. The texture on the rest of its body also needs a bit of work. That's how the Carnotaurus' arms looked though. It had the smalles arms out of all the dinosaurs ever.
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