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  1. After multiple issues with the Extinction Map, i've decided to replace it with Valguero. Currently setting up a Discord server. Discord server has been set up, but i am still working out some stuff. People can select roles at least. https://discord.gg/HbNBg26NnF 4 more slots to be filled.
  2. 4 slots left for new players before i close it up to focus on events and mission planning. The current event Love Evolved will be deactivated tomorrow 16th of March 13:00pm CET/12:00pm UK time. Next event: Fear Evolved will be activated tomorrow 16th of March 13:00pm CET/12:00pm UK time.
  3. Working from home reduces stress levels i might add making it far easier to work from home, because you've got nobody watching over your shoulder constantly. Just to point that out. So, on to what really ticked me off about your reply. You having a bit of problems reading an entire post, eh? When did i mention only solo developers? I said specifically MUCH SMALLER TEAMS down to solo developers That is far from me saying ONLY solo developers. I would also like to point out that solo developers will always have a harder time developing games due to
  4. Of course, still no news on the flyer speed update for consoles that has been promised since late November.. Bloody brilliant. Trust Wildcard to never be honest, transparent and only make excuses for their delays where they now blame covid-19 and remote work when MUCH smaller teams, down to solo developers have made more progress with their titles this past year during the pandemic than Wildcard have done with one single game expansion.. I take this as an indication to how ARK 2's Early Access and post release is going to pan out. Can't wait to see their excuses for del
  5. See, this game doesn't have any 'normal' bugs other games may have. It suffers from lots of game breaking bugs, which is not acceptable no matter how you try and twist and turn it around in their favor. Yes! By your own words You can't explain away that sentence right there, bruh. You just can't.. Never said this Again, your words.. I think the devs might be capable enough to make it less buggy tho... they are much more experienced this time. Experience doesn't mean much when we look at how they'v
  6. The game isn't 'coded in a way that these problems exist'.. Good grief, what kind of rubbish statement is that? That means they intentionally added the bugs! Are you seriously making excuses as to why we've got these issues in the game? Are you truly that daft? There are multiple reasons as to why we are plagued with bugs and other issues and it's not because of the way the game is coded, but i'll get to that a bit further down. The so-called 'workarounds' were first figured out by PLAYERS not the developers themselves. These so-called 'workarounds' are like those type
  7. Additional settings tweaked. Players on each server can now always pick up building pieces. This also works retroactive for any pieces placed before the change. 5 more slots left. Once we get 5 more players in, i'll be hosting treasure hunts and more.
  8. Yet another crunch that touches on well.. Not much of importance.. Players losing tames, chars and even entire bases after an update corrupts their save files, server browser issues etc, not to mention the constant connection issues to what is probably the worst server hosting company on the planet's servers and network (And the only one available for Xbox/Playstation server owners), and what does WC do about it? Pretty much the same as Nitrado; Point their fingers in every other direction, but mostly at us, the players, telling us to use pointless, and useless so-called workaround
  9. Settings have been tweaked and is now more in line with how a PVE server cluster should be. Added a 3rd server with Ragnarok.
  10. Quite a while back.. Anyhoo.. Just got an update on the status of that specific feature update.. Sad times..
  11. Nice stuff but i'm more curious as to what happened with the flyer speed leveling for consoles? Did they forget about us again or am i missing something?
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