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  1. Working from home reduces stress levels i might add making it far easier to work from home, because you've got nobody watching over your shoulder constantly. Just to point that out. So, on to what really ticked me off about your reply. You having a bit of problems reading an entire post, eh? When did i mention only solo developers? I said specifically MUCH SMALLER TEAMS down to solo developers That is far from me saying ONLY solo developers. I would also like to point out that solo developers will always have a harder time developing games due to the fact that they're well, alone. Smaller teams with a size of between 3-10 team members will also have a much harder time due to their low numbers, meaning one person has to handle multiple tasks. Easier than solo devs but still. A studio the size of Wildcard should have none of these issues. Settling in? Remote work has been in effect for the past year. I swear man, you and other shills/white knights like you plus their horrible QA team is the main reason that this game went tits up during Early Access and was plagued with bugs and issues post release, because they listened to you shills, while shutting down actual constructive criticism of the game. I used to be on the developers' side during Early Access, but when they came and lied to our faces with the paid DLC during Early Access, and proceeded to mess even that DLC up, i started losing faith, and looking back, i was damned right to lose faith because they've been repeating their mistakes with every new DLC. 1: Delays. 2: Excuses. Only difference now is that they put the blame on covid-19 and remote work instead of having to make up some ridiculous story about why stuff gets delayed. 3: Listening to anyone buttering up to them by sticking our noses up their rear-ends, saying it's all good, rather than listening to solid, constructive criticism even if it's negative. 4: Once stuff goes sideways, they are as transparent as a brick wall because you shills are there to defend them if someone raises an eyebrow at them during their 'time of crisis'.. You think you're doing developers a favor by shilling and white knighting for them, while you sit there with your high post count thinking your opinions are more valid than everyone elses, but you're doing the exact opposite of what you think you're doing. You're hurting the game and you're hurting the developers who are stupid enough to listen to shills like you guys in the first place. When even a forum moderator gives a facepalm when they read the cold harsh truth, that says something about Wildcard and their internal policies about how to act infront of customers and players. If a forum moderator had done this at my former company they'd be banned, because it only helps with destroying the company's reputation and company/customer relations, and right now, Wildcard's reputation is already on thin ice. I am done with this ridiculous debate and have said my piece, because if there's one thing i know, there's no point debating with shills..
  2. Of course, still no news on the flyer speed update for consoles that has been promised since late November.. Bloody brilliant. Trust Wildcard to never be honest, transparent and only make excuses for their delays where they now blame covid-19 and remote work when MUCH smaller teams, down to solo developers have made more progress with their titles this past year during the pandemic than Wildcard have done with one single game expansion.. I take this as an indication to how ARK 2's Early Access and post release is going to pan out. Can't wait to see their excuses for delaying ARK 2 now.
  3. See, this game doesn't have any 'normal' bugs other games may have. It suffers from lots of game breaking bugs, which is not acceptable no matter how you try and twist and turn it around in their favor. Yes! By your own words You can't explain away that sentence right there, bruh. You just can't.. Never said this Again, your words.. I think the devs might be capable enough to make it less buggy tho... they are much more experienced this time. Experience doesn't mean much when we look at how they've treated their first game, especially when it comes to unofficial servers for the consoles and the fact that save files tend to get corrupted every single major update. If anything, they should've learned from Early Access. ...I don’t think they are at fault, I mean, it dosent seam WC listens to the form suggestions and stuff. But you see, they are. Both are. The shills and the developers for listening to them, and trust me, they do listen to the content creators and Nitrado partnered streamers.. Do i hope they get it right with ARK 2? Of course, but after seeing how poorly they've managed their first ARK title, i have my doubts, because it all falls down to how good their QA team is and who they choose to listen to. People with actual bug reports or the shills who claim that there's nothing wrong with the game and try to shut down every bit of criticism and negative feedback.
  4. The game isn't 'coded in a way that these problems exist'.. Good grief, what kind of rubbish statement is that? That means they intentionally added the bugs! Are you seriously making excuses as to why we've got these issues in the game? Are you truly that daft? There are multiple reasons as to why we are plagued with bugs and other issues and it's not because of the way the game is coded, but i'll get to that a bit further down. The so-called 'workarounds' were first figured out by PLAYERS not the developers themselves. These so-called 'workarounds' are like those type of band-aids that come off way too fast. There's a REASON a LOT of ARK players still consider this game to still be in a state of Early Access/Game Preview, and that's because of the bugs and other issues that have persisted since Early Access/Game Preview, and it makes one wonder why they bothered with Early Access/Game Preview in the first place, since that's the time during game development where they should fix said bugs and issues to make sure the game runs and behaves smoothly post-release. The main fault (Two parties actually are at fault here, more on that further down) there lies with the QA team and their inability to do their jobs correctly. As a QA analyst and QA lead, they have a responsibility to make sure that the game is shipped with little to no bugs, especially game breaking bugs and other issues. Point being, we shouldn't have to use workarounds for every single issue with the game, or any game for that matter, though ARK is probably the only game with so many bugs and issues post-release in the history of gaming, both when it comes to the internal code structure and networking issues. I mean they are using what is probably the worst server host on the planet. Just look at how freakishly slow the website is loading for the most part.. If the QA team had done their jobs correctly, and worked with the dev team and the testers aka Early Access players, the game wouldn't even have half the bugs and issues currently present. As for the other part of who's fault it is, it's the shills, the white knights and brown nosers (Including some youtubers) who constantly keep yelling to the developers that they're doing nothing wrong and the game is super duper awesome with no bugs etc all the while, shutting down threads that contains negative criticism and feedback they don't like. If these shills, white knights and brown nosers including the QA team doesn't get their heads out of their own rear-ends, ARK 2 is going to flop. They've shown little to no transparency during it's life cycle except from during the early days of Early Access on Steam, and when something goes wrong (which it does on a daily basis, especially for Xbox server owners renting through Nitrado!), they point their fingers in any direction but their own (So does Nitrado). Heck, we're still waiting on the flyer speed leveling update for consoles, an update that has been out on PC since late 2020 now. Trying to shill and tell us that there's nothing to fix or do about the game is ridiculous at best, when all the evidence present tells us otherwise. I wonder how a stat sheet of how many tames, characters, bases that have been lost over the years due to bugs and issues post-launch would look like.. Add in all the connectivity issues related to private server on consoles rented from Nitrado with stats showing how often people get a timeout/connection to host lost message. It certainly wouldn't look good..
  5. Yet another crunch that touches on well.. Not much of importance.. Players losing tames, chars and even entire bases after an update corrupts their save files, server browser issues etc, not to mention the constant connection issues to what is probably the worst server hosting company on the planet's servers and network (And the only one available for Xbox/Playstation server owners), and what does WC do about it? Pretty much the same as Nitrado; Point their fingers in every other direction, but mostly at us, the players, telling us to use pointless, and useless so-called workarounds that hardly ever works but most notably never ever consistently. Well, that or you guys just keep quiet and never man up and respond to us.. Instead of focusing on applying temporary band-aids, focus on permanent fixes. That should be any game dev's priority, because with temporary band-aids, the issues will never go away. There's an old saying; Don't bite the hand that feeds you, but you guys have almost eaten arms and legs at this point..
  6. Quite a while back.. Anyhoo.. Just got an update on the status of that specific feature update.. Sad times..
  7. Nice stuff but i'm more curious as to what happened with the flyer speed leveling for consoles? Did they forget about us again or am i missing something?
  8. Here's the thing. The patch was released and yes, it did affect modded servers. Almost nothing in the S+ mod snaps anymore. Not even if we use the S+ converter to convert it to vanilla structures. Foundations being the worst one. Yet another messy update.. Unbelievable..
  9. While it looks good, i'm worried about what'll happen to those of us who use the S+ mod on unofficial servers.
  10. No, it is common practice in the industry to wipe everything prior to a release for buy to play games. The ones who state otherwise have never played a single buy to play game in beta outside of Early Access and expect to keep everything intact when the game launches. World of Warcraft . Full wipe. Diablo 3. Full wipe. Battlefield 2-3-4-1-hardline etc. Full wipe. Call of Duty -every title- full wipe. ESO. Full wipe. DCUO. Full wipe. I could make a much longer list, obviously, but i just can't be bothered going through the same debate with ignorant people again. The 'migration' event is more detrimental to the community than if they had wiped the servers prior to release and reduced their numbers and instead added more as the original ones became full. As i said, the way they did it is a backwards way of doing. It is not a common practice in the industry outside of generic F2P MMORPGS, and this game is not a F2P game, nor is it an MMO or MMORPG. It's a Buy to Play game and if you use Early Access as an excuse to keep all your stuff then you've not grasped the concept of an Early Access. Early Access is not a 'soft-release'. It's all the dev stages put into one package where they ask the community for feedback etc along the way before it is ready for release. Oh don't worry, i know there are devs out there who abuse Early Access, but is that what Wildcard did though? I don't think so. It clearly stated on the Early Access warning box that the game was in development. Friends i know in the industry laugh when they talk about ARK and their launch fiasco, (yes the launch was a massive fiasco and the migration is a testament to that fiasco) and the main thing they pick on is the lack of a full wipe. "Why would they hurt themselves by not wiping their servers and content before they released the game?" "Don't they realise they're hurting the community who supported them by not wiping?" That's the common two questions that comes up when we start talking about ARK.
  11. This issue with low pop servers wouldn't even be an issue, had they used their heads a bit more efficiently back in early access and done a 100% wipe of all their servers prior to launch, and then reduced the number of servers available on launch. That way they could've just added more servers as the launch servers became full. This is a backwards way of doing it as far as online game development goes.
  12. Those who moan about not winning and bash other entires that did win, should just be barred from entering another contest for 2-3 months or even longer. Problem solved.
  13. You enter a contest and you expect to win every single time, and every time you don't win, you complain. To top if off, you have the gall to bash the winner's entry.. You have to be the most self entitled, egotistical person i have yet to come across on any community board. You need to stop entering these contests if you're such a sore loser.
  14. My Annunaki genesis server just went tits up because of this update and all of our players' tames are dead. All that's left of them is a backpack.. GG.
  15. Well, to those who said it's a serpent, you're not far off the mark. The Basilisk is known as the king of serpents, AKA Serpent King. I wonder if it's special ability will stay true to lore, though. Will it feature it's ability to kill us with just a glare? Suppose that would be a bit of an overkill, though.. Two glares maybe?
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