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  1. So it's not just me. That's one of the things I loved about this event last year and it's a bit disappointing not to see it this year
  2. Ok, but nothing you said disputes what I wrote...
  3. Haven't you been keeping up? You can't NOT have a release without the mandatory minimum amount of diversity shoehorned into it in today's entertainment industry. Besides, how else are they going to justify having Elliot in it? Certainly not for acting ability...
  4. Yeah, I read the update too quickly as well. It has since been pointed out that this change will happen in the next MAJOR update, which apparently isn't this one...
  5. Is this on prim+ It's been like that on prim+ for months now
  6. I'd be curious to see a list of companies that went broke for NOT virtue signalling the latest woke cause. I'd imagine it would be a list with a grand total of ZERO names on it...
  7. Integrate it into the main game and give server owners the option of which parts they want to use
  8. I'd just be happy if the event doesn't break Prim + again
  9. Thank you Cedric and WC for an awesome game (bugs not withstanding) and a big Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you all get to have an awesome break and come back next year fully refreshed and rearing to get stuck into what needs to be done. Cheers
  10. So chibis are like the mini hlna where you can only "equip" one at a time and they just follow you around? I was kind of hoping for them to be actual creatures and you could collect and set them up in a mini petting zoo type thing...yeah I know, I'm a big kid in an adult's body... ?
  11. After the problems with the last couple of events I'm both apprehensive about this one and yet excited about the new pets. Please WC, be Santa and not the Grinch with the delivery of this event...
  12. Flying back to base and spot a lone Daeodon. I'm at the stage where I needed to start thinking about getting troops ready for boss fights so I pull out the spyglass. Level 96 (max 120) not too bad, I can work with that, base is just over the hill so I scoop him up with my argy and drop him in the taming pen. Open up dododex (2x taming) and...yeah, nah, not even close to ready to have the stuff needed for the tame. Greedy bl**dy pigs... ?
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