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  1. Well this is annoying.... Ok so alphas think we was scheming against them, which is wrong as we never had any plans to attack em which is funny lol, our goal was to get big and cross server raid other servers smh. This ever happened to anyone else?lol....Oh yea we got wiped too in the end.
  2. Heavy auto turrets need to be added Since turret limit very low and its aim capacity bad at tapejaras , heavy turrets should be able to counter the issue.
  3. SIGN THE PETITION https://www.change.org/p/wardrum-studios-cross-server-transfer-of-all-ark-items-on-ark-mobile?recruiter=1015992812&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition
  4. Sign This Petition https://www.change.org/p/wardrum-studios-cross-server-transfer-of-all-ark-items-on-ark-mobile
  5. Are phiomias good? Phiomia platform saddle a must, also they r very good soakers. I raided a mega tribe base with 7 phiomias
  6. Lol when i try to attack server u say u interfere smh
  7. His Korean friends r blue taggers FYI
  8. Paraceratherium, brontos, and other soakers r USELESS and if eerie turrets there, Please remove brontos to reduce lag as there is no purpose.
  9. I gotta agree, EERIE TURRETS KILLED ARK MOBILE. Heavy turrets need to be added, it can be a end game rare BP. But tbh eerie turrets r the biggest joke in ark
  10. ARK mobile needs more input from wildcard Game doesn't feel original, i have Xbox but i play mobile because its really convenient. Wardrum, is not bad developers, but best under wildcards supervision. I post this in this forum because hopefully some Wildcard GM reads this.
  11. I told whether they would fix this exploit and i was banned for sharing the exploit. Lol
  12. STRUCTURES and AND OTHER items should be able to be transferred. Since there is already a transfer ticket to transfer dinosaur implants, Blueprints, premium products, and amber and some amber products. Why not allow people to buy a premium transfer ticket which allows transfer of structures, eggs, weapons and tools etc. There is already mega tribes so what harm can item transfers for a extra amber cost for ticket do? I am saying to add extra amber cost because i mean your goal is to make profit and deliver a good game at the same time. This game is supposed to mirror as much aspects of PC, and Console versions.... I am not even part of a big mega tribe but i would love to be able to transfer more stuff. Also it will spice the game up a bit. Anyways If developers would read my post and think about the idea, it would be gladly appreciated.
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