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  1. IKR There is aim bitter in my server still able to log on. What a great anti-GG detection.
  2. I have tried to fix today by vault dropping different way but still no fix.... vault drops work fine in pc I don’t want floating structure I just want to vault Drop this land tower for defence..... How can a Wire/Junction box HOLD A VAULT MID AIR. I don’t even know anymore vault is only defense to rocket launcher spammer and If I need to use tek gen....
  3. I build vault tower on land but electric junction box or cable makes it so vault decay timer can’t refresh. Why is this and will I have to stop using regular generator? My generator is close to bottom and wired going up. Some vault decay can be refreshed but some parts can’t.....
  4. Today something that has been feared by every pvp player has happened. Hailed by less dedicated players who are not skilled or online enough to get even one tower up. Removal of floater turret is a Dumb move. Let me tour you a guide on the wonderful hacks of ark. Firstly we have rocket spam... Now this allows you to shoot 200 rpg in mere seconds with 1 rpg. Enemy base? Spam that 1 min wipe With 1rpg only being used. Secondly is the aimbot script, how wonderful is it as you can spawn kill anyone in their base and come for the wipe. Enemy giga rider? Open a non jailbreak GG menu and just take a
  5. It is confirmed but when they implement dlss 2.0 ark is the real question.
  6. Does the FOV slider in ark PC official PvP servers Apply to third person player view and Third person Dino Veiw. Or is it only applied in first person player view.
  7. Thats the point. Ark is like real life. You fight wars until you are mentally exhausted and all your assets dwindle. That is why its fun smh otherwise it would be like apex or fotnite.
  8. These are all balanced pvp methods. Unless rocket turrets are buffed for platform saddles. Box Dino’s giga damage fine tbh. You can use your creativity in pvp . But if you want it otherwise I suggest you play rust. Ark pvp is meant to be fast paced and if you don’t work harder than your opponents you are dead. What ark actually needs is DLSS 2.0 support.
  9. Yea but it was different limit. Don’t remember exact patches.
  10. No 100 turret limit. No structure limit. No tribe mate limit No tame limit. The sky is the only limit.
  11. When will Nvidia DLSS 2.0 be in Ark It says ark will support DLSS 2.0 but will it be expected in near future?
  12. I am not a big fan of third person except riding Dino’s lol. Just want improvements for the tek helmet, gas masks, and scuba masks. Another possibility is to create a settings mode to disable helmet visual effects and borders from helmet. In visual effects I mean the colour distortion in gas masks, tek helmet tek particles in 1st person.
  13. But what about that annoying tek particle and black border lol.... Which gas masks and scuba masks have too...In my opinion tek helmet should not have any border like the flak helmet.
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