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    So basically all 3 points (about our new product) that you've made have taken what Jen and Jat said out of context in an effort to get across your frustration with base game ARK. If you have issues with ARK, you're very welcome to post your issues in a thread about base game ARK... our development team certainly does read the forum on a daily basis and take on board all the feedback we receive. Please don't try discredit a product, processes and teams you have no knowledge about based on issues with another matter entirely.
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    Dear Wildcard, As a member of your community with a little other three thousand hours in your game. I ask for just five minutes of your time to read what I and the community have to say. Ark is a great game. Thank you for the dedication you've put into it thus far. However, I and others feel that you are slamming the door closed on us. As a developer by trade myself, I understand the need to bring in revenue to support current and future development. However, it's equally essential to optimise your code and assets as well as R&D new ways to suit your servers to the way people play. Two months into your new release coming out of an early alpha stage, we are now sitting at over 25 servers tame capped. That's 25 servers full of people that cannot enjoy and play the game for what it was intended to be. You can't ignore these facts, as you yourselves have built these physics and gameplay features that people tame and raise for. Is this really acceptable to charge AAA prices for a game that clearly has fundamental structural bugs and negligences that takes away the ability for anyone to play anything but unofficial and Singleplayer? I witnessed a moderator on these forums explain that this is a survival game and you must make tough choices. Sure. It's survival. But when you're setting times of hours, days and weeks to raise and tame certain creatures; only for you to need to slaughter them to carry on playing the game. Is this acceptable? That's not playing. That's inconveniencing a player base that has been dedicated and loyal to you through an early alpha. I'm sure your server bills are expensive each month. Players complain about their reliability and stability. However, the game is clearly not built to handle so many people. So why aren't we putting load balancing in place to deal with this? Or even better, re-doing buggy and messy code that causes lag on mass scales which is forcing you to place a 6000 tame cap on a server. If server costs and revenue are your concern. Bring in paid subscription servers that allow you to fund development time, upkeep servers. You are a business at the end of the day and you can't function without money. I really respect you don't want microtransactions. But this isn't anything pay to win. From the community to the development team. Please give us answers, plans and transparency on clear issues and listen to our feedback. Thank you. @Jen @WildcardJaeger @Jatheish @Jeremy Stieglitz @Zane
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    So i watched 5 minutes of the livestream from twitchcon and saw how far behind they are in aberration then went off and played another game. Then i saw the Jat and Jen announcements about how aberration would be delayed "some weeks" like we all saw that coming, that didn't even trigger me. It was when Jen said, and i quote: and then they go on, but the copy of the video i was watching they talk over her because her word isn't worth a grain of salt. So this triggered me on three levels Wild Card had their game in beta/alpha for years and didn't listen to the core of their playing group more often than not, so having only a couple streamers to ignore might be easier on them If they actually listened to feedback and not do their own thing, they would've released more official servers at release, and maybe even servers with a tribe cap instead of having mega tribes ruin their official servers But instead of listening they try to distract us by announcing an expansion (that no one even asked for) to be released in October (which was clearly an unrealistic expectation) Just give us our TLC patches, and then maybe make an expansion called "Ark Survival Evolved: Fixed Version" and charge people for that.
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    Oh please if the bold part has any truth to it then what are my main issues with the game and when are they actually going to bother fixing it? The only real time they seem to care about fixing things based on feedback is when the negativity gets so bad that it begins affecting sales.
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    pretty late asking for feedback on the game... I must agree with the OP on that. The devs don't seem to care a lot about bug postings (at least I feel like that, looking at my list of bugs I posted)
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    Responses to your points: 1- Wildcard actually considered a pretty enormous amount of community feedback. The Basilo, Terror Bird, and Karkinos (Giant Crab in Aberration) all exist because of player feedback. The Phoenix got stat adjustments because of player feedback. Even the Flyer TLC was based, in part, on player feedback about PvP meta (far more complex than that, but it did partially seek to address that). And let's also not pretend that every single bit of "feedback" that players give is necessarily good for the game. It's not. On another thread, I used the example of the Rocket Launcher nerf. ARK overwhelmingly favors offense over defense in PvP. Nerfing the Rocket Launcher (alongside giving turrets some better targeting) significantly helped balance that aspect of the game, but people were unhappy and complained even though it was a healthy change for the game overall. Generally, without trying to brown-nose, the devs have an easier time getting the "big picture" view of the game's health, so sometimes when they don't make a change (assuming they're paying attention, and based on the degree of interaction from Jat, Jen, Jeremy, and more, I have no reason to doubt they do), it's because they understand that change may adversely effect the game at large. 2- Servers cost money. If people paid to access servers, then this might not be an issue, but you get to play on Wildcard's Nitrado-rented servers for free. Unless your intent is either to volunteer to give money to Wildcard to open new Official servers, or to financially drive Wildcard into the ground, then I don't think you can fairly expect more Official servers to open. 3- Expansions are a part of the game that they promised. They do indeed need to work on them if they intend to live up to that promise, and again, the evidence suggests they fully intend to do so. And guess what--crap happens. Sure, it seems like it's happened a lot to Wildcard, but if we're going to be completely fair, it's not like many games have been so openly accessible and traceable as they develop through Early Access to a full release. Much of the issue seems to stem less from Wildcard as their affiliates--Microsoft holding up certifications and Cross-Play, Nitrado having product quality issues with their servers. And yes, sometimes Wildcard does miss a deadline. They've been pretty up front and clear with us for the most part in this regard. I think your accusations are pretty unfair TBH. Just my two cents.
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    Personally, I think we should just line up a bunch of dead horses and beat them to a bloody pulp. That will probably help.
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    Well, you are more than welcome to come round my house and see the pile of crap playing on my console, constant 1 second pauses for no reason, when you move stuff around the inventory it pauses, the constant poor FPS, poor graphics constantly loading and unloading (blurry to focused) without even moving, my only build being a raft and that cant even focus when im staring at it for 30 seconds, and like i said the whole none re spawning on resources, restarted my map a few times because of it, spent ages deleting my game and reinstalling to try and fix their problems, and these are problems from over a year ago, infact my game played better over a year ago when it first came out on the console, ive even had to go out and spend my own money on a decent cooling system for my console so it doesn't over heat, its poorly optimized and the building side is very poorly done, i could go on, want proof ? just go and look on you tube and all the videos complaining of it all, do you honestly think i would come here and just talk aload of crap about a game that i really love and want to be able to play and enjoy ? Ive reported these things in the bugs section, a few times and confirmed in other peoples posts, but nothing gets done about it, instead they would rather invest their time into making DLC so they can earn more money......thats the truth of it Ive got nothing against the game, i love it, hundreds in not thousands of games played and this one is at the top, it just frustrates the poop out of me that its so poorly finished and the devs treat you like poop too, because they dont fix the problems reported years ago! Ive no idea why you guys continually defend the devs, have you not played any other game apart from this one ? go and play something like Farcry primal, that game runs so smoothly, never once does it stutter or glitch, and many other games are like that, because they are well made and well optimized, its not like this game is even Voxel based, then they might have an excuse as those games are taxing, i dont know what they are doing, even Exiles thats very similar to this runs so much better, but i want to be able to play this as i love the concept.....and this is why im always here complaining, cause i love it so much im so frustrated at it.
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    i think he had some decent points jen did say all of them things and i cant see any non context aberration is miles behind and must have been for some time, feedback from some streamers that look like they havent played ark in a while isnta great strategy for feedback ( i know you have internal playtesters and i know its good just to get the dlc out there to recieve feedback from socila media too) but negative feedback is important too just because someone says they think the dlc isnt ready shouldnt mean ignore them? also the frustrations boil from obvious problems with the base game that are continualy ignored but of course happy to get some feedback based on a new PAID dlc that you need to make money off, official servers are a joke with thousands of players quitting across all 3 platforms, dino tlc passes are now been put behind aberration so delay in aberration means much needed parity for older dinos is going to be even longer! this all ties in to developtment of dlc and what the actual priorities are? this guy hasd posted in general discussion so i cant see whats wrong with his critism, his not discrditing people based on no knowledge he is discrediting by history of dev team and actions taken
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    Hopefully a lot more people feel this way and it hits them where it hurts (the wallet) and they actually do something about this mess
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    It sounds like we are having a lot of the same issues. While I haven't had the issue with resources not respawning (Never really played single player though, and I believe that is where that problem is mostly), I have had a lot of the other problems you have mentioned. I do find it odd that this game did run 5x better before they started "optimizing" it. Before we had origami dinos, things weren't as bad as they are now. Yes, official servers did have lag (Especially if you were rendering in a huge base" but not as bad as it is now. They have fixed a lot of bugs over the years, but with the amount of bugs that are currently in this game, they should be ashamed to call it a fully released game. I even tell people that play on my server to purchase a separate fan for their xbox, as Ark tends to work the Xbox to it's limits and causes it to overheat. In terms of reporting things in the bugs section, it appears to be a waste of time. Your only chance to truly be heard seems to be if you can get Jat to respond to you on twitter about the issue. As for the DLC, it is kind of a catch 22. I would suspect they didn't have the retail sales of the game at full release that they were expecting and now have to sell the DLC to actually have the money needed to work on the core game bugs. This is somewhat evidenced by the fact that there were nowhere near the amount of official servers for Ark when they made the full release. Although it would have meant going back on their word, they actually should have just got rid of the legacy servers right at launch, and release them as new servers instead of the slow death they currently have going on. The fact that they withdrew support for Legacy shows that they have no intention of keeping it long term. Just rip off the bandaid and get it over with. It may help alleviate some of the issues with lack of servers (I went back to my old legacy server, that traditionally had 50-70 people on at any time of day, to find it a virtual ghost town) Like you, I also like this game and enjoy playing it. I think it could be a great game. The devs themselves seem to be the worst enemies of making this game truly great. Far too often they promise things they either can't deliver or have no intention of delivering. It could be attributed to their over eagerness to share things they have in mind for the game, but even still, they need to learn to temper their exuberance with what they are actually able to do and when they can get it done. One example of this is rental servers for Xbox. Initially they announced that when the game was fully released on August 8th, that xbox would have rental servers available. Then the game launch was delayed but don't worry, servers would be available then. Only to soon change, and say that it was delayed until early September. Then, Aberration was announced and it appeared that things such as rental servers were delayed because a large part of their team was working on that instead, and that those servers would instead be available at the end of September. Initially they had said that all the work was done on their end, they just had to get some things worked out with microsoft. Only to tell us that due to the hurricane they were going to miss some timelines on things (Which is funny, because if they had truly had everything ready, the hurricane should have been a minor delay). Then we finally got an announcement that the servers would be here and ready for October 25th. At this time, Nitrado stated that they had some problems working with Microsoft as rental servers are a new thing to the XboxOne. This is not true in the slightest, as battlefield has had rental servers available ever since it was on xbox. Heck, conan exiles even had the ability to rent servers for xbox when it first came out on xbox in early access (well about a week after it came out in early access). I am still skeptical that the servers will even be released on time for October 25th. It is rare that Wild Card actually makes a target date. Even with this one already being delayed almost 3 months, I don't expect they will make it.
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    I remember when I first found this forum. I was (and still do) hosting a player dedicated server on xbox. I was having issues with the server and found this website and thought, "Wow! this is great, Wildcard actually has a forum where we can post issues that we are having with the game so they can be fixed." It didn't take too long to realize that although they have a big reports and support section, it didn't appear that they actually read that section, as there was bugs reported over a year ago that are still happening. As for support, good luck. Any time someone was having an issue and needed support they were told to open a ticket. Then we get full release and Wild Card basically says, "Sorry, we aren't supporting the Legacy servers, and are deleting all the tickets that we never bothered to get to anyways." On a side note, player dedicated servers were running decently for awhile, and then when it was announced that there was going to be rental servers through Nitrado, all of a sudden the issues that hadn't happened for awhile began to happen again. Funny how the timing on that was. As far as the flyer nerf, I remember when that came about, Wild Card said they would be taking input and tweaking the flyers until they got them where they wanted them to be. They did one set of changes and then went silent on the topic. The changes seemed to be based off of the Island map only and didn't take into account how much larger the center map is, and now Ragnarok as well. Sure flying a quetz from one side of the island to the other is longer, but not to the point of ridiculousness. Try making the same flight on the center. Fly from blue obi over to the ice castle. Chances are you will want to shoot the quetz in the head by the time you finish the trip? Did this balance the game? Not in the slightest! Back to communication, in that department they are still truly lacking. Aberration has been delayed. We know about this because they said so in a stream. Sad thing is, there isn't actually a thread from wild card saying any of these things here. You can't even find this info in their twitter feeds. If it weren't for people posting about it over here, I wouldn't even know it had been delayed (not that I ever thought it would actually release when they said it would). You would think they could at least post some info on this topic over here for the people that don't have time to watch all the streams. Same with S+. Sure, they said that it will be coming to Ark as an official mod, but they have given us zero details about what that means. Will it be added to official? Will consoles get full S+? Will we get a watered down version of S+? Will it only be available on unofficial servers? So many questions, yet they provide no answers. Another funny thing in regards to communication, a short time ago, Jen posted on her twitter, that it was her personal twitter and not wildcard twitter and people were free to unfollow her. Yet, she still posts tons of info that should actually be on the survivetheark twitter on her personal twitter instead. If you are using your "personal" twitter to conduct business, it is not really a personal twitter anymore.
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    New features to make Dinos more "natural" : Here are some ideas to make creatures more "natural" and looking less like eating machine that attack every prey all the time. It would be great for the classic game but also for a mode where we could play as a dino instead of a human. Creatures would have nests, hunt/eat, make babies/eggs and sleep. ------------------------------------------------------------- Nests: -Creatures should make nests for their babies/eggs. They could also use it has a storage for food and eating the food of the nest too. -It would be craftable by creatures (wild and tamed). It could be made of wood for herbivorous or bones for carnivorous. -They protect their nests and are aggressive to other creatures too close from their nest. -It's a good but dangerous way for players to find ressources, by stealing from Dinos nests. Oviraptor and other egg's eaters/vermines would search for nests too. Maybe some vermines with a stealing mechanic like the Pegomastax could also steals things from other Dinos nests. Nests work the same way as Beaver's dam. It could be a good way to find baby dinos in the nature. ------------------------------------------------------------- Hunting territory: -Carnivorous have hunting territories and they mark it by letting feces at their territory's border. The bigger the predator, the bigger the hunting territory... -They are aggressive to other predators coming to their territory if they're hunting the same kind of prey (Rex would fight Allosaurus for Para but not the Spino because it eats fishes). Look at the next part for the "Predators and prey dynamic" -Carnivorous could move to new territory when there is not enough prey for them or when a bigger predator (that they fear/respect) comes to take their territory, making some migration. They take as much resources from their nests as they can, destroy the nest and go away, making a new nest at the end of their migration. -Players should be careful when building a base. If you build your base on an hunting territory, the predator will defend it and hunt you and your tames... ----------------------------------------------------------- Predator & prey dynamic: -Every predator has some favourites preys. They don't attack every moving thing. It would make the game more natural because yet it's a bit funny to see a Rex attacking a Compy instead of a Para because "it's closer". -Every predator has some "natural" prey that they hunt. The Giga will look for Bronto, Diplodocus and other big creatures first. The Dilo will attack dodo. Nothing really new here, creatures don't attack "too big" preys in Ark. But it would also be good if they wouldn't hunt "too small" preys. For exemple: Rex will ignore preys that "don't worth it" like Compy and Otter (too small), Carbonemys and Doedicurus (too heavy armored), Gallimimus and Pteranodon (they could too easily flee). Rexes would look for Para, Trike, Iguanodon, Humans when hunting, ignoring other creatures. It would look more "natural", without predators running in all directions to eat every moving creatures. ----------------------------------------------------------- Fear/respect dynamic: -A fear/respect dynamic between species would be great. -Herbivorous and smaller creatures will be afraid of predators. For example: Compy, Dilo, Moschops... will automaticly flee when a Rex is close to them. The "natural preys" from Rex (see previous part) don't flee automaticly but they flee when a Rex attack a creature near them. -The roar of predators make small creatures and preys (in the roar range) flee -Between predators there is a respect value: Raptor and Carno won't approach Rexes and will go away (walking) if a Rex come close to them. Rex will go away (without running) when a Giga is close to it. -They don't attack each other and don't attack the preys of others (if a Rex attacks a Para, Raptors will not come to attack the same Para). -The Roar of predators make other predators that "respect" it go away walking. But Rexes don't care about Raptor's roar for example... -The Fear/respect dynamic determine also if a creature will flee or fight when attacked. Raptors and Carnos will flee from a Rex attack but Spino and Allosaurus will fight back. Para will flee from a Rex attack but Stego and Trike will fight back. ----------------------------------------------------------- Hunger and hunting dynamic: The hunger of creatures determines their behavior. HERBIVOROUS: -They will collect food (berries, wood...) or take it from their nest/inventory when they NEED to eat (less than half the hunger stats satisfied or something like that...) -When the hunger stat is higher than the half they are making a nest (if not already made), making and taking care of babies/eggs, collecting food for their nest, sleeping. -When there is not enough food in the area, they go to an other place with more food, making some migrations for food (not migration through the whole map but smaller migration from one part of the forest to an other... They take as much resources from their nests as they can, destroy the nest and go away, making a new nest at the end of their migration. CARNIVOROUS: -When the hunger stats is less than the half, predators eats from their inventory or nest's storage or go hunting for their "natural" preys -When the hunger is less than a quarter(just an example...) , they are "starving" and will hunt EVERYTHING, creatures not considered as "natural prey" and that wouldn't "worth it" (too small to give enough meat, too "hard" to fight, too big...), some "unsocial" species will be even cannibal... -When they have more than half of their hunger satisfied, they aren't hunting and they will attack only if: 1) They are attacked 2) Somebody is too close to their nest 3) Somebody come too close to them (very close) When they are hunger-satisfied, they make a nest (if not already done), put feces to mark their hunting territory, make and take care of babies, sleep... ----------------------------------------------------------- Sleep: Every creatures need to sleep like the Megalosaurus. Some creatures sleep at night, other at day... some are just taking little nap too. Stamina would depend of sleep: The stamina "max" is going down little by little when awake. If a dino stay awake too long, it has less stamina and is tired faster. When a Dino sleep, his "max" stamina go higher, making a Dino that just wake up more "athletic" ----------------------------------------------------------- Animation and attack system: More animations would be great, like the animation of "level up": -animations for eating (from corpse on the floor, when the player give food...) -animation for death (instead of the flying corpses) -sleeping animations -different animation for moving (normal moveset / "hiding" moveset / "hunting" moveset / "guard" moveset) and you can change it via whistle or a command. They move & attack different with each moveset. Allow predators to be more "furtive" when approaching a prey for example. -More "grabbing" capacity for dinosaurs (Rex, Spino, megalodon, mosa, sarco ...) with always a way of escaping or a delay. They should be able to "attack" when grabbing, like "bite" attack. LOOK AT THEIR JAWS. Give a setting to make this grabbing ability available or not in servers settings because will complain that it's too "hard" to fight predators with this ability. A predator grabbing his prey and eating it is way more logical than standing near a prey and biting it. Of course they can't grab everything but smaller creatures are ok. -An abilty for Raptors, Sabertooth, Troodon and other "small" predator to jump and "attach" themselves to "large enough" prey. It would make their jumps more useful for fight than just standing near a prey and biting it. So much unused claws. -Titanoboas should work like bolas on middle-sized creatures with a way for escaping it or a delay. -Trike, mammuth and Stego should have an ability like the kentrosaurus. Ankylo and Doedicurus should be able to knock down other creatures. -Carbonemys, Ankylo and Spikey Lizard (maybe others ?) should be able to have a "defense form", the Carbo going back in his shell for example. -"Final attack" could be awesome. For example, when a Spino one-shot a fish instead of the classic animation he could have a "catch & blow" animation, same for Rex and Dodo. Most of this "Fatality" attacks would be "catch & blow" from carnivorous with smaller creatures. But you could also make a "Final neck bite" (like the Spino of JP 3 that kill the Rex) for same size creatures. It's a common strategy of predators. This would make fight and hunt just so awesome ! --------------------------------------------- Footprints: Footprints that stay for a moment would be awesome to hunt Dinos and be a visual effect very awesome. Take a look at "The Isle", they have made a very nice job with Dino's animations, footprints and way of moving. Thanks for reading, I hope it's interesting. It would be hard to put everything in the game and would take time to find the good way to set everything right but it would be awesome !
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    It's pretty damn simple... they don't make "future money" if the game isn't fun. Ya dig? So, maybe YOU and some others will not pay, cuz you don't have the fun I and many others are having. Cool. You can list your reason for not enjoying the game all day... I've read them elsewhere... and seen how the toxic forum people bob their heads and say "See! See!". But I'm telling you I don't really give a flying raptor about those things. The core game is FUN right NOW!. And every patch and every expansion is adding to that fun for me. So, yes... they have my MONEY. And they earned it by giving me and my kids hundreds of hours of gaming fun. Lemme give you all some advice... as an old dog who has seen and done more than most here... Let the game go. You are done. You obviously are not happy. Let it go and move on. It's only a video game. You are supposed to quit them after awhile, dude. Why stay and piss on cornflakes? If you are more mad about 'missed potential" than happy to play the game 'as is'... dude... it's time.
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    4000$ a month is split among all modders people. Jesus Mother Christ get your facts straight. And stop jumping on every new wagon hype train they feed you. We have zero raptoring idea what S+ things are making a transition to officials. It's clear its not all of them. Everyone knew it was going to happen, but because Aberration was delayed they had to feed you a candy and like a kid, you instantly forgot you got tricked.
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    my only hopes is that orionsun includes the platforms plus into the mod as well with structures plus
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    I don't even think they know themselves yet based on the stream and modders own comments on structures+ (ill paste that below), Hopefully the people talking about what they think might happen will influence wildcard into a positive direction, or at least influence them into adding something that would not of happened before based on our thoughts about it. Personally I hope they add stuff in sections, not all at once, gradual feedback for testing (the sooner the better so other modders can fix issues before aberration hits, which probably wont happen )...
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    Your argument is pathetically weak. Look, I get it, you're angry and pissed off. Go back through my previous posts, I was there too. Especially when it came to the flier nerf. I'm still angry about that. But you know what? I learned in the past few months that, WildCard is gonna do what wildcard wants. They're the ones holding all the *snrk* cards, in this whole thing. We paid for the game, they have our money. The transaction is complete, no take backs, yada yada. At this point, all they can do is entice you into paying them more. They're not forcing you into anything. Also, I don't see it evil that they want to make money. I presume you have a job, you have that job to make money right? Does that make you evil? If so then consider me evil too, cause guess what: I have a job too. I go out to make that sweet green poop, just so I can *gasp* give it to someone else so they can make money. Holy poop, what a concept. This is an industry, not a charity. No one is forcing you to buy poop, and unless they start putting loot boxes and poop into it the way EA and Activision and basically anything else resembling E-Sports and P2W, they're not evil imo. But that's what it boils down to, a matter of opinions. Yea, WildCard's made a lot of mistakes the past few years. Know what else they've done? Created a studio. built not one, but two expansive games, several expansions, debugging, con appearances, dealing with law suits and putting up with a bunch of brats on the forums the entire damn time while some how not hanging themselves.
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    Of anything that you and O.P are saying. If they didn't care, they wouldn't be working on the game in any capacity. If they didn't care, there wouldn't be a Dino TLC pass. If they didn't care, they wouldn't have a forum here, where they get constantly verbally shat on day in and day out on a daily basis by people who have the patience of a humming bird.
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    How is it theft when you willingly gave them your money? In what way have the deceived you? Seriously, tell me how they put a gun to your head and took your money. If your story is sad enough, I'll give you the beach front property on the sun that I own. Anything prior to Ark's launch day was subject to drastic change and would not reflect the game post-launch. No matter how little or dramatic that change may be. You got what you paid for, nothing more, nothing less. Like it, love it, hate it, leave it, those are your options, but don't for one damn second start accusing anyone of theft.
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    maybe were getting too old and we realize they are just trowing bones at us. Sometime i wish i was young and naive again so i would not see the bigger picture. Dont worry there plenty of young one that will jump on shiny luminescent skin like they were the light of a giant angler fish. Someone gotta feed the beast .
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    I gave up on the new cluster because I can't tame or breed the dino's I need to survive, The constant rubber banding on the server was pissing me of as well. If I can't tame a raptor for a cave run for fun I am not sure why the Dev's think I can do a boss fight under these playing conditions. I have lost interest in the game atm due to the dc's, rubber banding and decay times on some of the structures. I have lost many hard earned dino's and expensive item's due to technical issues instead of by making mistakes in the game. it would be nice if this game had some sort of insurance broker in game where you could pay 100 ingots for your MC sword or 10,000 ingots for your whole base/tribe to cover your items or dino's in case of loss. I would pay for a subscription fee but there would have to be some changes to the decay rates, dino and player population limits for it to be worth it. That means there would have to be 2 versions of the game, Would the Dev's be able to cope with that? Something needs to be done about all of the issues because some players are not enjoying this game atm. My biggest disappointment with my Ark experience is the communication between the Dev's and player's. I see the players screaming out for it but getting a reply from a Dev is like finding the Unicorn
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    I agree that more prehistoric creatures are needed. There are few that have mentioned several times on this topic that need to be in eventually (ex. Maiasaura, Inostrancevia, Brachiosaurus, etc.)
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    Does any of it really matter anymore? Once again the team that has been a shining example of what not to do when making a game has dropped the ball... the DLC release has been pushed back. I am mildly ashamed to admit that I laughed when I heard the news, then I started laughing even harder after remembering that a friend bet me $50 that it would release on time. Now, the truly sad part of this latest disappointment is when you stop and think about all of the wasted time and resources that the Devs could have used to fix their game. I know that some people are going to jump up and try to defend the Devs and to those people I would like to ask one simple question.... Why do you constantly defend them? Their feelings towards everyone has been made perfectly clear through their actions. They don't care about any of us.... unless of course, we're holding out money for them to slip into their pockets. Then they pretend to actually care about what we think.
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    Totaly Agree with JOnopeo! Something must be done. We bought the game, we should be able to play without rubberbanding and dc's of servers. Aswell as tame or breed what we want... I am sure there are recodes possible to make this work, aswell as better server solutions. The current servers are pathetic if you compare it with Legacy/prelaunch. It is after the server swaps all servers were crap. And they weren't even the best before.... So show some responsability Wildcard.... It is time to stop filling pockets and to do something for your costumers. Good servers, server cap solutions, ... I DON'T MIND ABERATION COMING MUCH LATER THEN
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    Many parts of a surprising number of games are farmed out to other entities for development, SE is a good example of this within ARK. However they have chosen to implement a program that funnels that opportunity (and associated funds) towards it's own modding community. This presents those folks with an amazing opportunity, and allows the player base to interact with developing features to a degree unmatched by other gaming companies, helping to ensure that the game is fine tuned over time in a direction that is proving popular and useful... freeing the development team to work on sorting out a multitude of other issues. You are perfectly within your rights to call it lazy development, but I think a strong case can be made to call it an example of working smarter by sharing the development load with people who are delighted to take it on.
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    stay on topic and stop with the personal remarks....or else
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    Consolidating all my posts in this thread, with a couple new ones: Rattus caniniformus "Wolf Rats" Wild: The ever adaptable common rat has always faired well in harsh environments, and this truly shines through in Aberration. Lacking larger competition, they evolved into cunning, ferocious, and alarmingly agile predators, utilizing their powerful jaws to swiftly bring down their prey. Tamed: When tamed, these slinking monsters are excellent companions. Their powerful incisors bypass most armors, and while it rapidly tires them to do so they are capable of climbing most walls. Agile, fast, and ferocious fighters, few animals to strike with the shocking swiftness of the wolf rats. However, their comparatively frail build leaves them considerably more delicate than their surface world analogues. The wolf rats would be a new, small rideable predator in the caverns. They would be acquired at roughly the same point as a raptor, however their climbing ability allows them to prove somewhat more useful in the more vertically oriented world. However, unlike other climbers, it rapidly exhausts their stamina. Their bites ignore most armor, and their attack speed is extremely fast. They have poor carry weight, and fairly low health. They're fast, they're scrappy, and they can breed like, well, rats. ------------------------------------------ Gigantophis garstini "Mega Pythons" Wild: Far more conventional serpents than the unusual Titanoboa of other regions, Gigantophis is very similar to modern pythons albeit on a massive scale. Gigantophis is fairly slow, yet relentless and incredibly physically powerful, easily crushing most available prey. Tamed: Lacking the poison immunity of Titanoboa, Gigantophis can be tamed more conventionally. When tamed, it can restrain many animals within it's incredibly powerful coils. While physically far stronger than it's cousin, it's sluggishness limits it's utility. The Gigantophis can function as a sort of living chain bola on larger animals while functioning more similarly to the Tuso on smaller ones. It is immensely physically powerful, but is unrideable and extremely slow. ---------------------------------------- Inostrancevia alexandri "Gorgons" Wild: One of the apex predators of the underground, their resiliency during the end of the Permian has well adapted them to this new hardship. Nearly identical to their fossil counterparts, Gorgons are short tempered, fast, and incredibly powerful. Solitary animals, they subdue their prey by brutally charging into them. Tamed: Gorgons gain a buff when in solitude, unlike most other animals. While they are somewhat cumbersome animals, a lone gorgon in full charge is an extremely formidable animal. As stated, Gorgons solitary nature gives them a buff only when alone (not counting their rider), and they are the only gendered animals to lack a mate boost. Instead, they get the "Loner" status when sufficiently seperated from other tames. "Loner" provides an incredible buff nearly entirely across the board at the expense of requiring you to go into combat without support. The Gorgon is capable of tackling into prey and pinning it once it has a full charge meter, similarly to the Thyla yet including larger animals like Stegos. ---------------------------------------------- Blattella gigax "Giant Roaches" Wild: Cockroaches the size of a cow, these animals are actually remarkably docile and flee from predators when given the chance. Immune to radiation, poison, fire, electricity, etc, these insects are totally immune to any debilitating status effects and are capable of climbing most walls, eating anything remotely edible, and even flight. Extremely slow, poorly coordinated flight, but just enough for these giants to escape more earthbound dangers. Tamed: Their resiliency, comparative agility, and respectable weight capacity makes them extremely useful in any early to mid game caravan or small exploration party. However, their incredibly weak attacks necessitates an escort to ensure truly safe passage. The game definitely needs roaches in some capacity, and this map is perfect for such a notoriously radiation resistant animal. When I say that it is capable of flight, I do want to emphasize that compared to the roaches, the Lymantria is a fighter jet. ----------------------------------- Chlamydosaurus velodromeus "Frillies" Wild: These extremely skittish massive lizards are one of the fastest ways to travel through these regions. Swift, powerful runners and jumpers easily capable of carrying a rider and three passengers, they are physically resilient but combatively nearly useless. However, utilizing their frill in combination with an ear splitting shriek, they can frighten off most threats. Tamed: An excellent means for a crew of people to traverse this environment in relative safety and speed, or for a single rider to take advantage of it's respectable carrying capacity. It possesses the same intimidation ability as the Yuti, however it lacks the complimentary buff roar and is also drastically less capable in a physical conflict, relying far more on bark than bite. I thought it would be really interesting to give another animal the intimidation ability, but to be far more reliant on it. Frillies can be used in PvP but in a far more support oriented role. Their multi person saddle with a well equipped crew can make them quite dangerous, but the animal itself has very low damage despite being roughly the size of a Carno. -------------------------------- Dsungaripterus necrovorax Moderately fast on the ground and in the air, Dsungaripterus is a surly scavenger common to the grasslands and rocky regions. Capable of either galloping away into the underbrush or flying onto higher terrain, Dsungas are able to avoid most larger predators to gain access to fresh kills. Though they are able to fly, they do not excel at it and primarily utilize flight only in a dire emergency as it rapidly drains their stamina. When confronted by smaller rivals a Dsunga is capable of defending itself with alarmingly strong jaws and is also capable of vomiting its rancid stomach contents to blind attackers. The idea here is to introduce a lower tier flier at the Pteranodon's current level, and bump the Ptera up to level 40 or 45. The Dsunga is more capable of defending itself on the ground, serves as an introduction to flight, while also being one of the very small number of ranged creatures. In terms of health, melee, and weight it would be roughly comparable to a Raptor, with much lower ground speed and more diverse utility. ---------------------------------------------------- Ornithocheirus venatorus An extremely fast, extremely aggressive flying carnivore that, while significantly smaller that the gentle Quetzalcoatlus, frequently preys upon them. Ornithocheirus's razor sharp teeth and shocking speed make it a devastating aerial hunter, though its lower health compared to bulkier, terrestrial carnivores tends to limit its interactions with them to a mutual avoidance. The Ornithocheirus's slender hindlimbs and delicate feet prevent it from carrying other animals, and its specialization for speed comes at the cost of its carry capacity. This would come alongside an alteration to the Quetz, emphasizing its utility as a support creature. Nerfing the Quetzal's melee and health would limit its usage as a war bird, while keeping or upping the weight, allowing players to pump movement speed, and carrying larger animals would still allow it to remain incredibly *useful*. The Ornithocheirus would take over as a more specialized type of war bird, doing much more damage per attack but also being significantly more delicate. Wild Ornithocheirus would also make the skies far more dangerous, and prevent fliers from being the 100% safe route that they've always been to this point. In addition, this would replace the Quetzal's place at level 60, bumping the basic Quetzal saddle to 65 or 70. --------------------------------- Ceratosaurus pugnax One part honey badger, one part kingsnake Wild: Neither common nor particularly rare, the Ceratosaurus is a savagely specialized inhabitant of the swamps and redwoods. While significantly smaller than many of the other carnivores, the Ceratosaur's comparatively robust build, thick hide, and massive dentition allow it to prey nearly exclusively on its rival predators. The Ceratosaur's nearly saber-length teeth enable it to inflict devastating injuries for its size, while it's own, armored back makes it alarmingly resilient. Similar to the Giganotosaurus, the Ceratosaur will also become enraged if seriously injured, or suitably provoked. However, it shows little reaction to smaller animals or herbivores beyond a moderate sense of territoriality. Domesticated: As a mount, the Ceratosaur's comparatively low stamina, sluggish speed, and mediocre weight capacity make it of little use outside of combat. However, as a combative mount the Ceratosaur's ferocity allows it to slug it out with many tribes more common war beasts, easily capable to fit well above it's weight class. It should be noted however that the Ceratosaur's long teeth are too fragile to damage most structures, and it gains no advantages fighting creatures outside of its distinctive specialty. There are rumors that some tribes have controlled the Ceratosaur's rage into a kamikaze-style berserker frenzy. ------------- The idea here is that, by default, the Ceratosaur would have a slight damage multiplier against other large carnivores (say, Megalosaur and up) which could be improved selectively per level up similarly to the Moschop's harvesting ability. Also, Ceratosaurus is a classic, visually distinctive dinosaur that I can definitely imagine angrily sulking around Ark's maps ;). ------------------------- Dinopithecus saboteurus Wild: Wild Dinopithecus live as fairly ordinary baboons, if larger than their modern relatives. They primarily keep themselves safe from the more dangerous predators of the island by living in large, watchful social groups, either retreating to the trees or mounting a more violent defense depending on the threat. Highly loyal to each other, attacking any one member will bring the entire troop to the individual's aid. Attacking them is strongly not recommended, though fortunately they usually keep to themselves. Domesticated: Not terribly strong, poor gatherers, and a limited carrying capacity all seem like damning traits for the Dinopithecus, if it weren't for their unique ability. With their remarkable climbing skills, they are capable of clinging to the saddles of a rival and tearing it to shreds with their massive canine teeth. They do not attack the rider or the mount directly, and do poorly in direct combat, but a troop of Dinopithecus on your side can very easily turn the tide of a battle by destroying the opponent's saddles right from under them. --------------------------------------- Ophiophagus imperator (Snake Eating Emperor or Imperial Cobra) Wild: An incredibly rare apex predator, the Imperial Cobra is primarily limited range due to its extremely specific wild diet: Titanoboas. A strict ophidiophage, the Imperial Cobra is actually less aggressive to humans than its smaller relative/food source, however when provoked it proves to be a far deadlier opponent. Unlike the Titanoboa's torpor inducing venom, that of the Imperial Cobra is incredibly lethal to even the largest animals, rapidly inflicting crippling tissue damage unless countered with a difficult to produce antivenin. Their distinctive coloration and territorial display intimidates most potential threats, and if that doesn't, their venom does. When approached, they will rear up, display their hood, and hiss, which will inflict a similar fear effect to the Yutyrannus. When actually attacked, they strike. Taming: As the Troodon, however you must sacrifice only Titanoboas. Higher level ones yield higher effectiveness. Due to the potency of the venom, taming them is deliberately tougher. While they can be picked up by a Quetz, they can also *bite* your Quetz. Come prepared. Similar to the Megatherium, Imperial Cobra's get a buff from killing Titanoboas or other cobras called "Snake King", where their melee is dramatically buffed. As a tame, they can be ridden and have pretty good melee damage in addition to their venom, but suffer from poor stats nearly everywhere else. They have much lower health than other end game tames, poor weight, and are pretty slow. They have a sprint, but it consumes stamina very quickly. All that said, their venom makes them *extremely* dangerous when they are able to enter battle, but they must be used strategically. --------------------------------------- Palaeophis narcodontos (Torpor inducing Sea Serpent) Wild: A fairly docile snake species, Palaeophis is roughly the same length as a Plesiosaur, though with obviously a far more slender build. Palaeophis is closely related to the terrestrial Titanoboa and must also be tamed with fertilized eggs, however it can be done as a more standard passive tame. Palaeophis only attacks when directly provoked, but when it does so it's venom inflicts a devastating amount of torpor, though comparatively little damage. Like the Basilosaur, it's a shallow water animal and takes damage in the deeper parts of the ocean. Tamed: When ridden, the Palaeophis is the hands down best animal to use as a taming aid. Inflicting tremendous amounts of torpor, nearly all knock out tames go down fast with this animal's physically weak bite and potent venom. While fast in a sprint, the sea serpent's stamina drains rapidly, and it's far more frail than other oceanic predators. In a direct fight, Palaeophis dies quickly. Hit and run tactics are the modus operandi for utilizing Palaeophis successfully.
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    As... dramatic, as your experience sounds, a therizinosaurus is pretty much the herbivore equivalent to a rex. It's territorial, yes, but has a lower aggro range than a carnivore and thus relatively easier to avoid. Trikes and dilos and even bigger birds like argents and even griffins don't stand a chance against its claws. Anyways this is all part of the 'survival' aspect of the game, especially in the beginning. You die all the time in the most bizarre ways imaginable, and probably will lose your stuff multiple times. Get used to it, and welcome to Ark.
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    Welcome to the SurviveTheArk forums Dino tier list! Before we get into the rankings, here are some ground rules and information on the process of rankings! Rankings go from S tier down to F tier. S tier being the best in that environment and F tier being the worst. PvE rankings do NOT take kibble charts into consideration at all. PvE rankings are determined by: Resource gathering, hunting/boss encounters, farming utility, breeding utility, item/resource production, and protection from the environment. PvP rankings are determined by: Utility in raiding, base protection, warring, and sabotage potential. Posts questioning a creature's ranking or proposing a rise or drop in ranking must have reasoning or they'll be ignored. Creatures with very similar uses and utility will rarely ever be in the same tier. The better one will be ranked higher and the weaker one will be ranked lower. Exceptions are when their strengths and weaknesses are near identical.(Ex: Direwolf + Sabertooth) Creatures will be ranked based on their home map.(Argent, Bronto, Rex, etc... on The Island. Morellatops, Phoenix, Wyverns, etc... on Scorched Earth. Griffin on Ragnarok. Ravager, Reaper, Basilisk, etc... on Aberration.) Goes along with 7, HOWEVER if a creature's viability or utility is NOTICEABLY different on another map it can be found in, there will be a note next to it stating this. Balance changes will not affect a creature's placement until ~1-2 weeks after their release to avoid dropping them too low or raising them too high. Respect the opinions of others and try to see things from their perspective before debating a creature's ranking or viability. Be positive! Without further ado let's get to the rankings!~ PvE Tiering S Tier(Top Tier): (Creatures in this tier are the best of the best in a PvE environment. Many tribes seek to tame these creatures for their amazing utility and near perfect strength) S+ Ankylosaurus (Their unique ability to collect metal and decrease the weight of it makes them a must tame for PvE activities) Doedicurus (Collect stone and obsidian en masse with reduced weight on stone making it your go to stone/obsidian gatherer.) Rex (The best meat collector in the game. Has great power, bulk, carry weight, and speed with no repercussions.) Rock Drake (High mobility, stealth, great damage and the ability to sense nearby Reapers makes it a wonderful tame all around in PvE.) Therizinosaurus (A jack of all trades tame, the Therizino has insane damage and gathering potential paired with great speed and weight.) S Basilisk (The Basilisk has insane power, mobility, weight, and to add onto that it has torpor damage.) Dung Beetle (Dung Beetles provide easy Fertilizer and Oil for a tribe which are two vital materials in the game right now.) Mammoth (While the Beaver has more perks than a Mammoth, the Mammoth collects wood better and reduces the weight even more, making it the best of the two.) Mantis (The Mantis is a must-tame in Scorched Earth PvE due to it being a jack of all trades tame. It can collect any resource better than most creatures and can deal lots of damage.) Oviraptor (Boosts the rate at which your creatures lay eggs which is extremely useful in PvE.) S- Griffin (Very fast with high damage output and great resource collecting around the board, the Griffin can make for a very great hunting tame.) Megatherium (Has the best Chitin gathering in the game along with great gathering rates for other materials making it an amazing tame for farming cementing paste.) Paracer (The Paracer's speed and stamina allows it to perform the roles of a Bronto much more effectively in PvE making it a must tame.) Quetzal (Despite the nerfs, the Quetzal is still an amazing flying mount solely due to it's bulkiness, platform saddle, and carry weight making it a wonderful cargo transporter.) Tusoteuthis (The best sea tame, the Tusoteuthis doesn't lack much and due to it's large range, torpor inducing grab attacks, and passive oil creation, the Tusoteuthis is a must tame for any sea exploration.) Wyverns (All the Wyverns have loads of utility for PvE tribes as they have great damage output paired with high mobility.) A Tier(Strong): (Creatures in this tier have few flaws or are barely outclassed by another creature, they also have great utility to very strong, advanced tribes) A+ Achatina (Despite having a somewhat bothersome upkeep, a few tamed Achatina can mass produce cementing paste for a tribe.) Basilosaurus (Obscene bulk/Natural Healing ability/Immunity to stuns makes it an invaluable tame for collecting Biotoxins among many other resources.) Castoroides (Smithy saddle + reduced weight for wood and other materials makes it a great gatherer and support in crafting.) Direbear (Direbears are jack of all trades tames as they can collect fiber, berries, and meat and they are quite strong and fast.) Dunkleosteus (Collects Oil, Metal, and Stone and can defend itself, but is unbearably slow.) Karkinos (It's ability to pick up many creatures gives it a valuable niche that fliers have in other maps, as well as being a useful water exploring tame.) Ravager (The Ravager's ability to use ziplines paired with it's pack bonus AND reduced weight for many materials makes it an excellent jack of all trades tame in PvE.) Reaper (The Reaper's overall stats are among the strongest in the game and it can effectively be utilized in multiple ways making it a great tame in general.) A Allosaurus (The Allosaurus's pack bonus and bleed damage make it an excellent hunting tame in PvE.) Argentavis (While somewhat slow, Argents are one of the few fliers that can defend themselves and it has great carry weight as well.) Baryonyx (The Baryonyx has insane all terrain mobility with a valuable stun attack in the sea making it an excellent all terrain hunting tame.) Giant Bee (The bee queen can turn into a hive and produce honey over time which is a vital resource for any PvE tribe.) Rock Elemental (Can collect stone, obsidian, crystal, sand, sulfur, and many other valuable resources very efficiently, but is held back due to it's sluggishness.) Yutyrannus (The Yutyrannus is very powerful in hunting trips due to it's roars and has an invaluable spot in boss fights because of them.) A- Chargelight Pets (Each one of these are valuable in Aberration due to their anti-Nameless and Reaper perks + their production of charged light.) Daeodon (Has the very useful niche of healing your tames in boss battles and healing tames while out on hunts/gathering trips.) Equus (Equus are rather fast and have a portable mortar and pestle which is extremely useful for crafting items like Narcotics on the go.) Morellatops (The Morellatops is a vital tame in Scorched Earth due to it being a mobile water tank and it's respectable speed and carry weight making it the ideal long distance transport tame.) Mosasaurus (The ideal meat harvesting mount in the ocean for PvE. Very powerful, fast, and tanky.) Tapejara (The Tapejara's aerial mobility is near unrivaled by the rest of the flying mounts however it's low carry weight and health hold it back from being an amazing PvE mount.) B Tier(Above Average): (Creatures in this tier have great utility for flourishing tribes or have a unique gimmick that comes in handy in many situations, but have noticeable flaws) B+ Angler (It's new ability of gathering Silica Pearls makes it a very useful tame in PvE, but unfortunately lacks self defense and speed.) Beelzebufo (The Beelzebufo provides a very valuable resource in Cementing Paste, pair it with high mobility and torpor damage and it does it's job well.) Brontosaurus (While it is bulky and has good damage and gathering potential, it's sluggishness really brings it's usefulness down.) Giganotosaurus (Despite it's raw power and bulk, the Giga's upkeep is too much for what it can provide, and carnivores in higher tiers perform it's job just as well.) Megaloceros (It's high thatch gather rate makes it very useful for tribes, however, only male Megaloceros have utility as females can't gather or defend themselves.) Ovis (Provides wool for a tribe which is a replacement for Pelt in recipes, and can be slaughtered for loads of Raw Mutton.) Phoenix (Despite having the unique ability to cook meat and smelt metal, the Phoenix's weight doesn't allow it to do it efficiently, but it's raw power keeps it a viable option.) B Diplodocus (Due to their quick speed, bulkiness, and weight they make excellent cargo tames for transferring large quantities of resources.) Direwolf (Very useful in cave trips due to their strength and their ability to collect large amounts of Chitin.) Moschops (Being able to choose what a Moschops gathers the most efficiently is very useful for PvE players in any situation.) Pelagornis (Flying mount that can land on water + collects lots of organic polymer.) Pteranodon (Very fast flying mount that can get you from point A to B faster than many other tames, but it's very frail and lacks carry weight.) Roll Rat (Collects wood extremely efficiently with 80% reduced weight on wood, as well as mushrooms, and berries very well, just held back by it's detrimental saddle.) Sabertooth (Very similar uses to the Direwolf, just without the pack bonus + has a saddle.) Spinosaurus (Has great all-terrain mobility and damage with good carry weight, it can be a useful transport tame or hunting tame.) Stegosaurus (Very good carry weight, self-defense, and material harvesting rates, the Stego is overall a good tame.) Thylacoleo (Designed to be a very effective hunting tame, the Thylacoleo does just that with high mobility and a deadly pounce attack.) B- Gigantopithecus (The Gigantopithecus has a very useful niche in collecting fiber and berries very quickly, and can launch you away from danger.) Hyaenodon (Their meatpacks are very useful for keeping raw meats from spoiling quickly making them useful to bring along in hunting trips.) Kaprosuchus (All-terrain mobility with the ability to pick up small creatures makes it good for taming smaller creatures and it's very effective in cave trips.) Otter (Portable insulator and pearl collector makes the Otter a great tame for PvE, but it's frailty makes taking it out somewhat risky.) Plesiosaur (Strong and fast sea mount with a platform, just outclassed by the Mosasaur.) Triceratops (Collects many resources very well and has good carry weight and decent self-defense.) C Tier(Average): (Creatures in this tier have great uses for early players or have certain gimmicks that can prove useful in certain situations) C+ Arthropleura (With it's ranged attacks and it's ability to damage enemies that attack it with melee, the Arthropleura makes for a good hunting mount.) Carnotaurus (Decent damage and speed, but lack of unique abilities gives no real reason to use over the better carnivorous tames.) Ichthyosaurus (Very fast tames that can safely get you through the deadly seas for ocean drops and other rare materials, but are very weak and frail.) Iguanodon (No Stamina drain while on all fours makes it a great pack mule and it has decent berry collecting and can seed the berries automatically.) Pachyrhino (It's calm essence allows for you to transport and gather valuables without being ambushed by medium-sized or smaller aggressive creatures making it a great transport tame.) Titanoboa (It's very useful torpor damage allows it to knock things out very quickly, making it good at tame assisting.) Thorny Dragon (Reduced weight for many materials along with a smithy saddle keeps the Thorny Dragon from being any lower on the tier list.) C Chalicotherium (Can collect berries en masse and defend itself very well, but little use outside of that in PvE.) Dimetrodon (Is a natural Air Conditioner which is very valuable for hatching eggs. Outside of that it isn't particularly useful.) Diplocaulus (They provide Oxygen for diving trips and collect a lot of Chitin, but are very frail and weak.) Electrophorus (Electrophorus have a great niche in being fast KO tames in the ocean. Groups can easily knockout many sea dwellers quickly.) Megalania (It's ability to climb any surface makes it a great cave diver, but the Megalania has no useful ability in PvE nor does it have use in meat/chitin/hide gathering.) Megalodon (Essentially the Carnotaurus of the ocean, the Megalodon is extremely lackluster but has it's uses early on.) Sarcosuchus (Great all-terrain mobility, but has similar issues that the Carno has.) Woolly Rhino (The Woolly Rhino has a niche in dealing large amounts of damage in one bout for hunting, and it can travel long distances quickly, but outside of that it has nothing much of value to PvE tribes.) C- Ichthyornis (Enables collection of prime meat from easy to kill targets like Coelacanths and Dodos.) Kentrosaurus (Kentros have a small niche in hunting parties due to it's damage output, but rather useless outside of that.) Phiomia (Surprisingly has a gimmick in PvE which is mass producing poop via feeding it Stimberries. Useful for farming.) Purlovia (The Purlovia has a niche in being a portable storage unit that you can hide at any time, but outside of that it's not a very useful tame.) Troodon (The Troodon has a very effective kit for hunting, but lacks the overall damage and health to do it effectively.) Vulture (The Vulture's inventory quadruples the spoil time of meat making it ideal for meat collecting. Outside of that it has little use.) D Tier(Below Average): (Creatures in this tier have certain gimmicks that can prove useful in PvE but nothing much else worth using, or are vastly outclassed by other creatures) D+ Araneo (Their web ability and torpor damage are useful, but their frailty, weight, and lack of escape makes them risky hunting mounts) Carbonemys (Slow and weak, only useful for being a mini storage unit until you get storage boxes/refrigerators.) Lystrosaurus (Lystros provide the small perk of bonus EXP to players and tames in a radius.) Pachy (Useful for knocking out creatures, decent bulk and melee, but overall sluggish and mediocre.) Pulmonoscorpius (Has a niche in taming due to it's torpor attacks.) Raptor (Weaker and frailer than most carnivorous tames with no unique abilities or passives.) D Kairuku (They have the small niche in giving insulation to players and eggs, but doesn't do so as efficiently as other creatures.) Lymantria (It's spores will slow wild creatures down making it slightly easier to knock them out for taming, outside of that it's just a decent flying mount.) Mesopithecus (They have the small niche of gathering berries autonomously, but outside of that it has no use.) Procoptodon (Weak and somewhat frail, the Procoptodon is saved by having decent carry weight and great mobility.) Terror Bird (It has a small niche in cave diving due to it's glide ability, but it's low health and mediocre damage output hold it back severely.) D- Archaeopteryx (Their parachute niche is mediocre at best in PvE, and their tree sap gathering is extremely faulty and can result in losing the tame.) Dilophosaur (They have a small niche for slowing down prey to make them easier to hunt down and kill) Dimorphodon (In groups, Dimos can tear apart wild dinos rather quickly, but are very frail and die easily.) Hesperornis (Despite having very useful golden eggs, it's much simpler to just farm them off of wild Hesperornis than to endure the painful taming method.) Manta (Has similar uses to the Ichthyosaur, but it's unique ability is a major cripple to it's usability.) Parasaur (Small niche in transportation, but has lacking stats and utility outside of that.) Pegomastax (Can turn berries into seeds which is somewhat useful for farming, but other than that it's got no use.) F Tier(Terrible): (Creatures in this tier have very little or next to no utility for players in a PvE environment) F+ Dodo (Produce eggs the fastest which can result in cheap and easy food, but useless outside of that.) Jerboa (Can sense a shift in weather on Scorched Earth which can be useful, but outside of that it's nothing special.) Liopleurodon (Despite having a boon of granting slightly better loot quality, it's a very limited time tame that is sluggish and weak.) Megalosaurus (A creatures useful for only half the time you play is useless compared to everything else that does similar things in PvE.) (Due to the Megalosaurus's hindering ability being ineffective on Aberration, it is considered S tier on that map) F Compy (Minimal damage, but groups can be somewhat useful. But hey they make cute shoulder pets.) Onyc (Too risky to tame, but have respectable damage, otherwise not worth the tame.) Piranha (Very weak and frail even in groups and outclassed by many other sea tames.) Sabertooth Salmon (Despite having bleeding attacks, it's outclassed by many other sea tames.) F- Coelacanth (While they can now be tamed, they have no uses to a tribe whatsoever.) Gallimimus (Weak and frail, they provide next to nothing for PvE tribes.) Titanosaur (Limited tame, slow, and takes too many materials to tame than it's worth for PvE activities.) PvP Tiering S Tier(Top Tier): (Creatures in this tier are the best to use when it comes to PvP, their sheer power or utility make them extremely valuable in many situations) S+ Basilisk (Similar to PvE, the Basilisk is easily the best tame in Aberration for PvP due to mobility, torpor damage, and high damage output.) Daeodon (Due to it's passive healing ability, it is an invaluable asset in raiding and warring in PvP.) Griffin (Very fast and can strafe in midair. Plus, it has really great damage output with little to no drawbacks.) Rex (A very, very strong tame with great bulk, power, and speed with no drawbacks.) Rock Drake (The Rock Drake has the best mobility in Aberration combined with having stealth and very powerful damage, making it a top tier tame in PvP.) Yutyrannus (The Yutyrannus has one of the most powerful PvP abilities in the game, which turns many tames useless for some time while it can also empower your own tames. Pair that with it's very good damage output and speed and you have an invaluable PvP tame.) S Giganotosaurus (Due to it's obscene damage output and stone destroying capabilities, the Giga can prove to be a vital tame in warring and raiding.) Paracer (The Paracer's speed and stamina cause it to outclass the Bronto in PvP utility.) Rock Elemental (Despite being sluggish, the Rock Elemental has very high damage, bulk, can damage stone structures, and has a ranged attack making it a solid siege tame.) Titanosaur (Despite being a limited tame, if tamed the Titanosaur can end a Tribe in minutes. Only reason for being S tier.) S- Phoenix (Very strong flying mount with the ability to burn targets and deal lots of damage.) Stegosaurus (An excellent bullet sponge due to it's plates having large damage resistance to it, the Stego is a must have for raiding for that sole purpose.) Tapejara (The Tapejara's aerial mobility is by far one of the best and it's triple seater saddle makes it great for any PvP encounters.) Tusoteuthis (Despite being a sea tame, the Tusoteuthis is an excellent sabotage tame, it's torpor grab attack allows you to render many sea tames useless, and it can even reach on land and drag players and creatures down to drown them effortlessly.) A Tier(Strong): (Creatures in this tier are very useful in PvP and have more benefits than they do flaws) A+ Allosaurus (They are very dangerous in groups of 3+ and their speed/power and bleeding effect make them great PvP tames.) Doedicurus (A very strong bullet sponge due to it's ability to hide in it's shell and take lots of reduced damage.) Kentrosaurus (The Kentrosaurus is a very valuable base defender due to it's high damage through bleeding effects, damage upon physical contact, armor piercing damage, and picking up smaller creatures and players with it's tail dealing continuous damage.) A Arthropleura (With the ability to be a turret and armor melting attacks, they are invaluable tames in base defenses.) Karkinos (Ability to grab and throw many creatures/jump high and even go underwater without the need for oxygen makes the Karkinos a great sabotage tame.) Microraptor (Despite being squishy, the Microraptor's intense speed and ability to dismount and stun enemy players makes it very valuable in defensive and offensive roles.) Pteranodon (Very fast flying mount that can easily harass and pluck players off of mounts making it a deadly tame for PvP.) Reaper (The Reaper is very bulky, has great damage, and mobility making it an excellent PvP tame.) A- Brontosaurus (Brontos have a useful role in PvP as they are very bulky and can deal great damage in an AoE, but they are very slow.) Mantis (The Mantis's ability to wield melee weapons makes it a jack of all trades in PvP for example; it can be a straight up damage dealer with swords or it can be a base defender with clubs.) Therizinosaurus (Despite seemingly being made solely for PvE, the Therizinosaurus has a damage output akin to the Rex, but less bulk and overall effectiveness.) B Tier(Above Average): (Creatures in this tier can prove useful in many situations but have some notable flaws when it comes to PvP) B+ Basilosaurus (The tankiest sea tame in the game, the Basilosaurus can nearly be unstoppable when near the surface and can deal good damage in return.) Carbonemys (Very bulky tames which are utilized for draining enemy turrets to allow your tribe to raid more safely.) Kaprosuchus (Has all-terrain mobility with good melee damage and the ability to pluck enemy's off their mounts.) Purlovia (The Purlovia has a very useful niche in being a 'hidden vault' to store your valuables in when raided + it can be a great base defender due to it's hidden stun ambushes.) Thylacoleo (The Thylacoleo's ability to scale walls allows it to drop into any enemy base making it an effective ambush tame both offensively and defensively.) Troodon (One of the best base defenders as it has torpor dealing + stamina draining. It's scout ability can help in many PvP activities as well.) B Baryonyx (Despite having a stun attack and crazy mobility, the Baryonyx is quite frail compared to other carnivorous tames and can die quickly in PvP activities.) Diplodocus (Useful in getting tribemates in and out of fights and due to their extreme bulky they are excellent bullet sponges.) Direbear (Powerful and fast, the Direbear only lacks in practicality in PvP.) Megalania (Megalania are very useful in base defense due to their ability hang on ceilings/walls and infect survivors with megarabies.) Megalosaurus (While it is only useful at night, during that time it is a monster during raids and other PvP activities.) (Due to the Megalosaurus's hindering ability being ineffective in Aberration, it is considered S tier on that map) Ravager (The Ravager's ability to use ziplines and it's base damage + pack bonus make it an excellent PvP tame in Aberration.) Woolly Rhino (The Woolly Rhino has large damage potential due to it's gore attack and it has great mobility making it a very useful war mount.) B- Equus (Due to the Equus's KO ability and the lasso, it can be very efficient at ambushing enemy players and trapping them.) Mosasaurus (The Mosasaurus's platform makes it a good coastal base ambusher and it is great for catching enemy players off guard in the deep and shredding them very quickly.) Quetzal (The Quetzal has utility in being the tankiest flying mount, but that's much less effective than being a speedy flying mount. It can still be very disruptive due to it's platform, however.) Spinosaurus (Great all-terrain mobility with great damage, not much else to say about it though.) Wyverns (Wyverns aren't as glorious in PvP as one might think, but their unique attacks can make them very deadly in ambushes and base defense.) C Tier(Average): (Creatures in this tier have their uses and are decent to use in PvP but have very noticeable flaws or are simply outclassed by other things) C+ Araneo (Araneo, despite having below mediocre stats, have a niche in base defense due to their useful web ability.) Beelzebufo (Despite being made solely for PvE purposes, the Beelzebufo has high mobility paired with torpor damage making it a decent base defender.) Chalicotherium (Useful as a low-end base raid tame and as a base defending turret tame.) Direwolf (Somewhat strong in packs and fast, however they aren't very practical to use in PvP.) Onyc (Armor breaking damage combined with a 10% chance of inflicting megarabies per attack makes the Onyc great at base defending.) Pachyrhino (Due to it's ability to instantly drain the stamina of foes, the Pachyrhino can make it very easy to cripple and kill enemies in PvP.) C Ankylosaurus (Ankylos are bulky tames that can be used to deplete turret ammunition, but they are far more valuable alive than they are dead for PvE purposes.) Argentavis (Despite having good melee, their sluggishness and susceptibility to ranged weaponry make them risky to use in PvP compared to other fliers.) Carnotaurus (Decent damage and speed, but no unique abilities that makes it worth using over any other better carnivorous tame in PvP) Castoroides (Similar damage output to the Carno with better mobility.) Mammoth (While it has no particularly useful abilities in PvP, it has respectable damage, bulk, and speed.) Megatherium (Decent damage output and quite bulky and fast. Has a small gimmick in countering insect base defenses.) Sabertooth (Very similar to the Direwolf in usability except it doesn't have a pack bonus but has a saddle instead.) Sarcosuchus (Great all-terrain mobility, but has similar issues that the Carno has.) C- Archaeopteryx (They have a niche in being a natural parachute to save you from falling to your death if your flying mount dies.) Dunkleosteus (Very bulky and strong, the only thing holding the Dunkleosteus back from being any better is it being super slow and seabound.) Hyaenodon (Their pack buff makes their damage output respectable and they're quite agile as well making them decent in base defense.) Plesiosaur (Strong and fast sea tame with a platform, but not particularly useful due to it being seabound.) Procoptodon (Fast with a large jump, the Procoptodon can be a decent raid tool, but it's rather frail with no self-defense.) Thorny Dragon (The Thorny Dragon can be effective in base defense due to it's decent damage output combined with it's ranged torpor attack.) Triceratops (It can make a very effective turret soaker due to it's damage resistance to bullets.) D Tier(Below Average): (Creatures in this tier have certain gimmicks that can prove somewhat useful, but very risky in PvP activities) D+ Dilophosaur (Dilos have a small niche by being a blinding/slowing turret in bases, but aren't too effective.) Gigantopithecus (It has a small niche in throwing players into enemy bases, but that's not very practical and outside of that it's rather useless in PvP.) Iguanodon (Below decent melee, but it's no stamina drain while on all fours makes it a decent scouting tame.) Megalodon (Weaker and slower than many sea tames, which aren't particularly useful in PvP, but has decent enough damage.) Pachy (Can be decent in base defense due to it's torpor attacks and can destroy thatch and greenhouse buildings quickly.) Pulmonoscorpius (Has a niche in base defense due to it's torpor attacks.) Raptor (Weaker and frailer than most carnivorous tames with no unique abilities or passives.) D Electrophorus (Despite having extreme power in groups due to their torpor damage, Electrophorus are very frail and can be taken out very quickly.) Ichthyosaurus (Very fast swimmers that can get you in and out of fights in a pinch, but are very weak and frail.) Lymantria (It's spore attack has a chance to give swamp fever and slows enemies down making a decent base defender, but it's very frail and has no actual damaging attacks.) Manta (It's ability to jump out of water is a double-edged sword. It can swiftly backfire and kill it, or you can ambush rafts with ease and kill enemies swiftly with it's armor piercing damage.) Megaloceros (Has a small niche in scouting, but has below average melee and dies very quickly to many common PvP tames.) Vulture (It can harass flying mounts well, but outside of that it's not useful in PvP.) D- Angler (Anglers can deal some decent damage but due to their sluggishness and bioluminescence, they're easy targets to kill in the sea for other tribes.) Compy (Can be terrifying in groups for unprepared players, but overall very squishy and weak.) Dimorphodon (In groups Dimorphodons can be terrifying, but similar to Compys they are very squishy and quite weak.) Gallimimus (It's speed and triple saddle gives it a niche in scouting, but it's extremely frail and lacks the weight to do it's own job.) Morellatops (It's base damage and speed are respectable enough in PvP encounters, but it was clearly not made for PvP encounters.) Pelagornis (Frail, weak, and somewhat sluggish, the Pelagornis's saving grave is it's unique water mobility compared to other fliers.) Roll Rat (Decent melee and mobility due to roll, but it's saddle is more detrimental than it is beneficial in PvP due to it having durability.) Sabertooth Salmon (Actually has somewhat of a niche in being a sea tame pen defender due to it's bleeding attacks.) Terror Bird (It's low health and mediocre damage output make it almost useless in PvP.) F Tier(Terrible): (Creatures in this tier prove useless to tribes engaging in PvP activities) F+ Dimetrodon (Very slow with a large turn radius makes it too easy to deal with in any scenario, has mediocre damage.) Mesopithecus (Can throw poop from your shoulder as a decent defense, but no usability otherwise.) Parasaur (Very small niche in scouting but largely outclassed by anything that runs faster. Overall, useless.) Pegomastax (Weak and frail, but have a extremely small niche in harassment due to pickpocketing.) Piranha (Very small niche in guarding water pens, but is greatly outclassed by many other sea tames.) F Achatina (Has absolutely no use in PvP activities outside of being a low budget damage sponge.) Giant Bee (These creatures were made solely for PvE purposes, but the drones can prove to be pests to enemies.) Ichthyornis (The Ichthyornis can be somewhat of a pest due to it being a somewhat fast flying tame, but rather useless overall.) Kairuku (They are very fast in water which can make groups somewhat troublesome, but that is a very specific and very mediocre niche.) Phiomia (Weak and slow, but somewhat bulky.) F- Chargelight Pets (All of them are very frail and weak and should not be used in combat.) Coelacanth (They die near instantaneously, don't fight back, and do nothing for any tribe.) Diplocaulus (Extremely frail and weak. Solely made for PvE purposes.) Dodo (Raid a base successfully with JUST Dodos and I'll make them S tier.) Dung Beetle (Slow, deals little damage, and weak.) Hesperornis (Basically Dodos with water mobility.) Jerboa (No utility in PvP) Liopleurodon (Provides absolutely no use in PvP.) Moschops (Like the Dossier suggests, it's cowardly and runs from fights. Not something useful in any case in PvP.) Otter (Like most creatures in this tier, they have no utility for PvP and die super quickly.) Oviraptor (Made purely for PvE purposes.) Ovis (Similar to the Oviraptor.) PROSPECTED CHANGES: (These creatures either have upcoming changes that will impact them, or their viability in a certain area has gone up or down and must be discussed for rank changes.) Gigantopithecus [PvE] B > A [PvP] D > C Direwolf [PvE] B > A [PvP] C > A Procoptodon [PvE] D > B [PvP] C- > C+ Direbear [PvE] A+ > S Argentavis [PvE] A > S+ [PvP] C > B Spinosaurus [PvE] B > A- [PvP] B- > A- Stegosaurus [PvP] S- > A Sarcosuchus [PvE] C > B [PvP] C > B REMEMBER: Be thoughtful when constructing your reasoning behind which tier you think a creature belongs in. No flaming. Kibble is not taken into consideration. With that being said, let's create a community tier list everyone! (: Credit to @PuffyPony for the idea of mininotes for tier variation of certain creatures based on maps.
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    I honestly think they need to make a separate team one to fix bugs and other to do DLC because we will always need new content to keep us playing
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    Hi, I think the game needs public chat on server selection screen, Where players can search for recruiting tribes and tribes can search for players to join them. I think there are many players who wish they could find a friendly tribes, And many tribes who wants more players, but it's really hard going from one server to another and asking if anyone recruiting.
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    i am also interested... i was planing on going in with 15 theris last night but instead took rexs... are the dreaded tickle chickens bosskillers?
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    And it's in general discussion because it's a general discussion about where ark/wild card is heading. And you're dead right, everything seems to be on hold until aberration. The stupid part about all of this is that i do really like the game, i just think they should priorities differently.
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    When the Devs make things like the Baryonyx, give them certain attacks, like stun, do they actually even test them AT ALL? Like...Ive made stun attack via coding, so I'll drop one in to game and actually see what it does? It's the most unbelievable thing that I have ever witnessed on any game ever. It is actually impossible that anyone tested it before they got put in the game which is just so insane. The stun lock is exactly the same as the Eels had until it got patched. Scenario: Full JM flak and 2k hp frog locked underwater for 2 mins in an infinite loop of death from a lvl 50 Bary. No escape. 5 second stun countdown and repeat. I don't really care but I just find it incredible that these things aren't tested even once before they get put in game. If they were this would not of happened. /over
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    Crap, I've been found out.
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    It's never too late to ask for feedback During the very first stream with someone other than Jat and Jen, the streamer asked Jat a question and that was great feedback because it was about the Rock Drake's camo, how the agro should drop if the Drake went invisible after attacking something and it made perfect sense. Because in the demo the creatures went in a straight line for the invisible Drake. Something Wildcard hadn't considered and now got feedback on and they might end up implementing it into the game. "The devs don't seem to care" Evidence, please? Where is your proof that they aren't looking through bug reports and fixing what they can? "Where's your proof they are?" I don't have any but I'm not posting ridiculously stupid opinions on what I think the devs may or may not be doing.
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    Dont know whether to laugh or cry at this comment, I post well over a year ago about an issue with harvested resources not spawning back, which IS a game breaking bug as the only fix is to start over, yet we still have that bug even after official release, plus many many other bugs that have being around for a long time, So how can you sit there and say they take on board and listen us, stop defending them when clearly you are wrong about what you say about them!
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    Not giving WC another dime...
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    Maiasaura: This creature can be found almost everywhere except in deserts and near mountains. They live in herds of 3-6, and are normally skittish, running away from any possible threats. One or two maiasaura in each herd guard a nest of eggs and are very protective of them and are aggressive, and also can't be tamed. The eggs don't hatch but can be stolen, and the adults are tamed in the standard way. After being tamed, female maiasaura help with breeding and raising the babies. They can be given food to auto-feed the babies, including meat, halve incubation and pregnancy times, and incubate eggs.
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    Love S+... there are definitely things that should be held off, but the pull system is a great QoL feature. I would not consider it overpowered.
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    I already can see troll-walls completely invisible everywhere on the map. You thought pillars were annoying? Hah!
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    What probably will be included: structures and their snap points - triangles, maybe transforming ramps to ladders, halfwalls, double doors etc. hitching posts for dinos What is unlikely to be included or will be modified and/or reduced in range: resource pull demo/mod guns What most likely wont make it into official game: everything that automates gameplay - gardeners, hatchery, nanny etc.
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    Comprehensive post. I agree with every single point you raise here.... During EA its perfectly acceptable to have placeholder stuff in place of the final version but wildcard seem to have forgotten that much of the game is just a rough sketch and pushed out a launch that was seriously premature. This isnt the end of the world and happens even with big studios, however its worth noteing that games that are launched well before they are ready because of production/financial etc pressures generally tank really hard. Really quickly. When you are charging 20 bucks and still in EA people will bear with you. When your chargeing full price and the game is "live" they are much less forgiving. I have money to spend on Ark. Core Ark. Would love to help fund the continued development of what could still be a worthy title. I do NOT have money for more bells and whistles. I dont care about another map if people are still getting under the mesh in the ones we have already. I dont care about new dinos when the ones we already have still randomly fall through the ground never to be seen again. I dont care about new servers for abberation when the ones we have chug along like they are hosted on a multi-threaded toaster. The way forward? I honestly dont know. If you watch the devcon video you get an insight into how WC gauges customer sentiment: you can see that people online (i think that call it CCU?) is the ONLY metric they listen to... maybe they will notice the decline and take action? Heres hoping.
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    - Are automatic defenses going to be updated in order to have more types included with distinct functionality (ie, anti-air, anti-ground, mortar...) more examples in this post: - Is there any plan to make some kind of very low rate of fire, very high Damage TEK sniper rifle, regarding this some kind of "Teak Weapons lineup" would make more appealing to jump from metal to TEK. - Could you give us any examples of distinct functions of TEK saddles apart of saddles shooting beams? Thanks in advance.
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    When I started in ark I had a thatch house on the beach, nothing wrong on my tiny mind. I was getting bored and thinking about uninstalling the game, but then, out of a sudden someone said "hey? Anyone there?" And my story in ark started. Yep, I played with them for 2 months till the day an Alpha tribe came in a big quetzal. Jesus! We all were screaming and running in circles, so I had the idea of getting a gas grenade we took in the drop. So I did it, the quetzal rider fell asleep and his quetzal was in passive. Some of my friends sacrificed themselves to make the turrets run out of bullets and we killed them. We could not believe it, we started to think we were going to make Through it. 20 min later they came in 4 quetzal. Yep, wiped out. But as our base was falling down, my love for this game was starting to grow.
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    I dunno about the pick up mechanic. I'm sure its a cool Jurassic Park moment but it'll get real old real fast if Rexes were doing it constantly. Without some way to block predators from picking you up it'll just turn the land game into what the sea game is: Basilo or bust. Fighting a high level Megalosaurus on a wolf/saber/bary is already challenging.
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    You can do this. At least on xbox. Uncheck menu option "Default Survivor Items".
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