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  1. Got mine today everything is awesome, love the book! thanks guys!
  2. Bee Defense Method

    im just curious why bees when there are dozens of other things you could do to defend.
  3. is there anybody in the states you could ship it to a family member or a friend and they could then ship it to you via Fedex?
  4. Ground shipping ftw, got mine for 80$ shipped... thanks for putting these out there guys! can't wait to get it in the mail!
  5. 2-3 person water dino or add saddle with 2-3 seats.

    It's always struck me as silly that you have a mosa and you can have a plaform, with a massive base attached to it, but a saddle that will fit 2-3 people... nope.
  6. PC shut down only when playing ark

    That error is typically related to a power issue, either losing power, bad connection, faulty power supply. My old PC would do that very same event-log entry, swapped out the power supply and checked all my cables and things were better. Good luck.
  7. Quality of Life additions

    I was thinking of a few little QOL things that maybe we could make a compendium of, i did a search and didn't come up with a lot so i'll start with a few of mine. As much as i love the addition of having the torches on the saddles, isn't there a way that it could be less cumbersome? When a torch breaks it goes to the dinos inventory but then you need to dismount, remove the saddle replace it and then replace the saddle, would there be a way in the future to add another slot similar to the costume slot for things like that? maybe just under the saddle square in the inventory. This is about the only QOL thing i could think of for night we play full nights on our servers and it does make a bit of a difference at low levels. Another thing thing is keybindings, while we have the ability to bind a lot of things, or re-bind them, we don't have the ability to bind say, Split item stack, that would be fantastic instead of navigating a drop down menue with the mouse, having that defaulted to unbound would be find and we could then bind it to whatever we want for the farmers that are farming rotten meat for our tribes.
  8. i remember playing this the day it launched.. blows me away it's been 2 years.