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  1. Trqfreak350

    Aberration Drops SUCK!

    sounds like bad luck, i've gotten loads of great stuff on the surface at least. I'll agree that inside of the caverns the loot is horrendous.
  2. Trqfreak350

    Rock Drake Controls

    I have been noticing more frequently that when i dive using the left click towards the ground on my drakes now and again i will get an endless walk bug even while on it, jumping rectifies it, but it's terrible when you're trying to avoid 2-3 reapers and snag a drop really quick and you have to jump all over trying to rid the drake of the bug.
  3. Trqfreak350

    Your top 5 mods

    Structures plus, super spyglass, and death recovery are my top 3, I've fiddled with others, but nothing that i feel like i would want on my servers. there is one that is interesting me lately and it's the "immersive taming mod" it looks like it could add a lot to this game tame wise.
  4. do you see 1's popping up, might need to have that enabled though, i do enter areas where spores are active like on the way to the surface just tested it and it was making noises.
  5. it's not the high level animal near sound?
  6. Trqfreak350

    Ravager bite vs. swipe attack

    Damage is the same on our server for both, also Gnash doesn't exist for tamed animals.
  7. Trqfreak350

    Red gem farming roll rat

    honestly get bit by a lamprey, use flak or chitin and go down to get some of the red gems, the lamprey negates all radiation while it's on you for 600 seconds.
  8. Trqfreak350

    Karkinos Usage

    2 Doeds works really well, BUUUUUT they onl;y fill 1/2 way up weight wise and i've noticed they don't have to be on wander either.
  9. i really want to tame a Basilisk over a reaper to be honest, the reapers are cool but i kinda knew they wouldn't let it be too amazing.
  10. Trqfreak350

    Dear Wildcard...

    i always hold shift whenever i take off and i haven't had any problems with the falling straight down unless i aim up too far, then it's all over. with the divebomb or dive latch thing it does hit everything around it, our first two tames were 180 and they do about 250 damage on divebombs, 1250 stam seems like a good number too to glide for a long while .
  11. Trqfreak350

    Dear Wildcard...

    my fav is snapping the reticle to things above me for quick shooting in elevation it's amazing.. i love these drakes i didn't like them at first but now i;ve figured out just how to handle them and i love it.. i love this game
  12. Trqfreak350

    Baby Rock Drake wants to go on an endless walk!

    just happened to us on our 180 unnoficial altered rates, but logged out, experienced a weird error and relogged and wanted to cuddle.
  13. Trqfreak350

    Wingsuit Too OP/Unbalanced

    Quit crying about things that aren't even out yet, everything you've got is videos, and speculation... Go play some NES Robocop then come back and complain about something.
  14. Got mine today everything is awesome, love the book! thanks guys!
  15. Trqfreak350

    Bee Defense Method

    im just curious why bees when there are dozens of other things you could do to defend.