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    the devs are now realizing what makes their game fun is the exploits ppl find cause without things like building on rafts and admin commands or xp and taming multipliers lets be honest half of the time your grinding insane amounts of resources for such a lil pay off (looking at you ammo) or your just glaring into a screen waiting for a sleeping dino to wake up. FUN yes its a rant ..got a problem go sit on a pinecone. idc it needed to be said
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    Hey Survivors! We have now launched our awesome new ARK Tribes system on our SurviveTheArk.com Community Hub. Check out the video below to learn all about it! View full article
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    KyleM is just bitter The host does not abuse commands host helps out and also does drops with great loot Behemoth gates cause problems so it helps to keep those to a minimum. You can get big and be competitive but when you bitch the whole time it gets annoying really quick. I recommend join and try it out for yourself. The dino spawns are currently being worked out and figuring out a fix for it. It sucks when some players just don't have patients and blast peoples servers on forums.
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    Bad host abuses commands to build a good base and goes round destroying peoples bases in godmode with unlimeted rockets and kills people whilst in godmode wouldnt recommend doesnt like competition if you want to get big this server isnt for you they arnt very responsive to feedback and wont help you if you need it
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    you should always backup your CustomCommands.xlsx file which is in your documents in a folder called Ark CommanderMX Data. Whenever I add new commands to the prog I back that file up just in case
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    There are hardly any wild dinos in this server. Host needs to log out and set sliders to default to get dinos spawned in. After that log out, readjust sliders, and then bring the server back online. If that happens the server will be great.
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    Of September. 2019. At the absolute earliest. Seriously though, there seems to be a lot of heated debate in the community whenever a patch is a few days late, with one side saying "It's unprofessional of Wildcard to constantly miss deadlines that they themselves set" and the other (more aggressive as far as I can tell) side saying "Just leave them alone! Making a game is haaaaard!!" The only thing I can really contribute is this: While I totally get that developing a game is not a quick and easy process, at the same time perhaps it would be a good idea for Wildcard to either drop the ETA dates completely, or only announce the ETA when everything in the patch is absolutely 100% done. If there's even one itsy bitsy teeny weeny swidgy pidgy mini dini thing that still needs work, then don't announce an ETA date. I know that the ETA's are only an estimate of when a patch will drop, but I'd argue that "April" instead of "April 14th" would suffice and probably get people excited more. But that's just my take on it, I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes or start a flame war.
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    For a small little known company your doing more for your community then arseholes like bungie, ea, activision when we report a problem you fix it an if that fix causes another problem you fix that. With those if you report a problem your poop outta luck please never become like them.
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    Maturity of a comment comes with age,not by a lesson plan.
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    Awesome way to bring communities closer to this website! Thank you for your hard work!! <3
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    I'm really sorry to be the fly in the soup, but I think some things are not right with the mod contest. it's true that I'm disapointed my mod was not selected, but I have comments to do about the way the contest occurs. - I never have answers from admins on forums to my questions concerning the contest. - I never received confirmation about my submission (like everyone, i suppose). - We had the information that the submission period was prolongated, just before the deadline. Too bad for people that planned things... - finally, I think the selected mods don't all fit in the criterias (Originality/creativity, Overall graphical or functional quality/polish, Entertainment value). It would be fine if the less scoring mods (< 5%) were removed to give a chance to others. Please be sure I really enjoy with the Ark game and the community, some people are really nice and helpful, I had good time and learned many things, but things are too hazardous and arbitrary for me...
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    Homo Erectus - Neanderthal Wildling can create small tribes, craft simple tools and weapons, (clubs, slingshots, with use of tranqs) run around and knock you out for your baubles and shinies. They can also tame and ride wild dinosaurs without the need for saddles if you rile them up. They don't like structures and builders all about their island. You should fear them.
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