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    Hosts internet speed: 100mbps download 11mbps upload ADD: JURASSICWORLD11 to join or post GT and i will add you This is a public server that will be 24/7 so you will see randoms join here and there. The server starts today so theres no big tribes yet. Get in and start building while you can!!!! Also made it x6 so its not that easy and you can still enjoy the game New PvE mode added!! From 9pm to 6am the server will switch to pvp the rest of the time. This is to prevent offline raiding player downloads: No, its not working for some reason but xp is set to x9 to makeup for this Dino downloads: No Difficulty level - 1.0 (high lvl dino's spawn) Disable friendly fire : No Show Player Map Location: Yes Havesting: 6.0 (6x more havesting) XP Multiplier: 6.0 (the highest setting) Taming Speed: 6.0 (the highest tamming) Player character water drain: .4 Player character food drain: .15 Dino Character food drain: 1.0 Player character stamina: 1.0 Dino character stamina drain: .3 Day cycle: .7 Day Time speed: .4 Night Time speed: 4.0 Resources Respawn period: 6.0
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    Hi yall! I play on a EU server and recently there has been a big invasion of China/ Eastern Asia players. I don't get why they play on EU since there now is Asian Region servers. The problems that is occuring right now is not only extremely bad ping on this official server, but also the fact that they're so extremely racist and toxic vs. EU players. They even put low levels in cages, tranq them and ruin the game experience for lots of said, noob-players. Not very fun to join a server and get rekt, and put in a cage directly at start. The said invasion-group of asians all share one goal, to conquer the server. They're online 24/7 and they play when EU region players would normally sleep, offline-raiding, killing ALL your dinos, there's no stop for em. They've come far using glitches, ESP and other things that the BattlEye-crap-anticheat doesn't detect. I don't get why ARK uses BattlEye. DayZ got lots of hackers and scriptkiddies, and it also uses the same crap-anti-cheat. Just put a region lock, I bet all the chinese would be better off on a asian server where they can cheat all they want with their counterparts in the cheater world. AND yes, I'm pissed off. It's the second time in my ARK history that chinese players put me down using unfair glitches and hacks without the Anti-Cheat noticing a single damn cheat. All of our 200+ Quetzals died yesterday when they glitched into our base and our Giga lvl 131 that apparently didn't even do any damage to them, oh did I mention they put autoturrets on their quetzal, and built a metal box around the actual quetzal. Are you really able to build a box around the quetz so it's almost unkillable? Well I guess that's how it is aye.
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    the devs are now realizing what makes their game fun is the exploits ppl find cause without things like building on rafts and admin commands or xp and taming multipliers lets be honest half of the time your grinding insane amounts of resources for such a lil pay off (looking at you ammo) or your just glaring into a screen waiting for a sleeping dino to wake up. FUN yes its a rant ..got a problem go sit on a pinecone. idc it needed to be said
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    why would i make someone admin on my server that just got on and I do not know them you need to earn it if you do not like the way my server is setup go play on another server there is nothing stopping you plus we take in to consideration input from other players on settings and adjust accordingly .
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    I added Shadow Lady and sent you a message so you can add me just message me back on Xbox when you've added me back.
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    So far today 4/17 ive had 7 people join. Server is still fresh and new with lots of room guys
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    You need plant turrets, any battle quetz that has plant turrets when you don't will dictate the movement of the battle. You will be CCed and they will not. They will be able to run away if things go bad you will not. I have made a lot of battle quetzes, I am part of a tribe considered the alpha tribe on my server, we enjoy pvp fights rather than offline raiding. We are currently recruiting, if anyone is interested in joining please add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197961403981
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    Always label them, then fill them all with rex bone helms.
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    nope. vaults just fall down when the foundation is destroyed. Highest health structure in the game, totally worth it.
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    I honestly forgot to add into that post that it was PC patch notes.. lol I would imagine it will hit xbox later on but having the "Further out" notes added to xbox would certainly help let the xbox exclusive players know what is coming (I know I for one never look at xbox updates since I am pc only).
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    Since there are new boimes coming, i wonder if you could show us what is going to be chanced? or where. So that people have time to move or relocate before the update, otherwise people will lose dinos and entire bases.
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    Thanks! I did miss that. Should check the pc updates more often. Dunno why they don't just put it on the xbox patch notes as well as "further out" Unless there may be cause for it potentially not to make it onto xbox.
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    I can't use it om my phone so i know the feeling lol.
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    So I think that we need a hot key for first person riding. I think it is a handy tool, obviously for under water but also for looking at your gps or your map. However since the only way to get to first person riding (that I know of) is in the menu, it's a pain in the ass. If we could work first person riding into the radial menu then that would make it much less annoying to use.
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    This has been asked for hope it comes in aswell.
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    KyleM is just bitter The host does not abuse commands host helps out and also does drops with great loot Behemoth gates cause problems so it helps to keep those to a minimum. You can get big and be competitive but when you bitch the whole time it gets annoying really quick. I recommend join and try it out for yourself. The dino spawns are currently being worked out and figuring out a fix for it. It sucks when some players just don't have patients and blast peoples servers on forums.
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    ooooh, or a rare giant, White one as a boss
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    P.s. Just logged into the music again, hopped on dino, music stopped, I love you
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    When it get's knocked down, it'll get back up again You are never gonna keep it down.
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    DaddyGamin posted this review of the game at 1:39am this morning: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198126525090/recommended/407530/ Note to self: Never post at 1:39am in the morning.
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    you should always backup your CustomCommands.xlsx file which is in your documents in a folder called Ark CommanderMX Data. Whenever I add new commands to the prog I back that file up just in case
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    You should still be able to click join game even if the controller icon isn't there.
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    I hope they do to the megalodons what they did with the coels. Have rare giant ones.
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    Many times I have died and been unable to find my bag/body due to all of the bushes and crap. It should be highlighted in some way, at least for the first few mins before decomposing. Say 5?
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    And for the people that are curious: it should only take you 1.745.076 level 1 dodos to get to level 94
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    Dino gate. Hope it still works for you.
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    How about Angler Gel + Dye = Glowing Dye = Colored Glowing Light on things you dye and cool Tron style tattoos on you
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    Thanks all for the input We set up two small "test" servers for both maps this past week, hosted by our server admin, just to spawn in some of our flyers via beacon and explore/experience things together with our settings/mods. ...Definitely a lot more fun than doing it alone in single player. Our community is on the smaller side - we're PvE, with maybe 12-14 players on at most. It's worth mentioning we have Small dragons installed, which does affect travel by a fair bit, but aside from that, an increased level cap and excellerated rates we don't have any other major changes from vanilla on our server. We ended up trying Valhalla first. It really is a gorgeous map - I love how many caves there are purely for building, the desert island, the large snow biome and the giant mountain ranges... and overall it does feel a bit more polished than the Center. But I think we've come to the consensus that it's just too big and too spread out for us; the dinosaurs, the players, the different areas. The map currently just feels very... empty. I'm sure If we had more players or were a pvp server that wouldn't be as big of an issue, and I'm sure as new Dinos are released and the map is further worked this will be improved as well, but as it stands I feel like we'd rarely see one another. That's a problem as we're more of a tight knit group that actually enjoys doing things together, whether it be breeding, taming, farming etc. Then we tried the Center. It is quite a bit smaller than Valhalla, naturally, but for us that's a good thing... and I have to admit it didn't take long for me and the others to fall in love. It does have its flaws (the oddly placed glacier while minor bugs me a little) but I just feel like the Center, while lacking the polish Valhalla has, makes up for it in character. It's so much more diverse and exciting as far as biomes are concerned, and the resources & dinosaurs are more evenly distributed so that it doesn't feel so empty and barren. And despite the smaller map size, even after hours of exploring on the back of a dragon, I was still finding new caves or neat areas to potentially build in. Giant lava, swamp and ice caves large enough to fly dragons through, underwater air pockets, jungle ruins, pine forests, the floating island, the Underworld... But one of the biggest things was that it ran much better than both Valhalla and the Island. While that may not be a concern for everyone it is a concern for us, as some of our members do have weaker PCs and the Center is much kinder where that's concerned, especially when it comes to Ram usage. That's no surprise of course, since Valhalla is so large, but it is pretty nice being able to actually turn on shadows as well as increase everything else and still get the fps I was getting on the base map... Both maps are amazing, with their own pros and cons, otherwise we wouldn't have had such a hard time choosing in the first place. But I think at this point, for our server and our community, the Center is definitely winning our vote. I also uploaded some screenshots when we were exploring both maps, for anyone interested. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198077705831/screenshots/?appid=346110
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    What's this scared talk? Do you guys realize that the ocean is virtually empty? I swim it without scuba gear all the time, see nothing, can outswim anything anyway...and the safest place is just above the bottom. You dont' usually aggro anything near the bottom and Eurys can't swim so don't ride the bottom but just above it. Also there are undersea navigation tricks...if you invert your camera view the reflection on the surface of the water reveals the deep coast line which gives you a great triangulation.
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    Nonsense! Get yourself a decent leveled megalodon, with that you can take on most of the plesies (or rise above them). Grab a SCUBA suit, maybe two tanks, and a GPS. Change your view to first person riding so that you get the better sight with your SCUBA mask while riding. If you are swimming right beside your mega, switch to your GPS quickly right before you press Y to ride, and you will have your GPS in hand while riding. This will make your trip significantly safer. Also, take plenty of food and some fria curry for the frigid NW. Search, and profit! You won't regret the effort put in, the rewards can be great.
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    Of September. 2019. At the absolute earliest. Seriously though, there seems to be a lot of heated debate in the community whenever a patch is a few days late, with one side saying "It's unprofessional of Wildcard to constantly miss deadlines that they themselves set" and the other (more aggressive as far as I can tell) side saying "Just leave them alone! Making a game is haaaaard!!" The only thing I can really contribute is this: While I totally get that developing a game is not a quick and easy process, at the same time perhaps it would be a good idea for Wildcard to either drop the ETA dates completely, or only announce the ETA when everything in the patch is absolutely 100% done. If there's even one itsy bitsy teeny weeny swidgy pidgy mini dini thing that still needs work, then don't announce an ETA date. I know that the ETA's are only an estimate of when a patch will drop, but I'd argue that "April" instead of "April 14th" would suffice and probably get people excited more. But that's just my take on it, I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes or start a flame war.
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    We've got two servers running in our little community, one running each of these maps. Personally I'm a huge fan of the Valhalla map, but it's gigantic. Possibly too big depending on your needs. For us this is great as we aren't heavily focused on PvP so people can find the place they want to do stuff and… well… get to doing it. But the distance makes doing stuff with people a bit trickier. I also find the quality of the Valhalla map to be really high quality, with very few issues having ever being encountered. The downside with the map is that it's not finished yet, and some of their latest changes have had a huge impact on the map, which isn't so great for stability with things. The Center… I'm of two minds with it. It's smaller than Valhalla, but bigger than The Island. On the whole I've really enjoyed playing on it (and I've not been playing for long), but there are lots of little details that have been irking us since we got started with things. The main issue I've had with it is lack of polish. I'm based on the northern tropical island on the map, but every time I go to get metal around the island it feels like I'm walking on nothing… because I'm walking around underneath the texture for the area. We've had this happen in lots of places, and it really takes away a lot from the map. The second is that we had a lot of weird teleporting issues for people. Fortunately this has been fixed as of last night. One thing that I do like about both maps is that they're both being actively updated and maintained. The Center is updated weekly, with emergency patches as needed. Valhalla is updated pretty regularly as well. And both maps seem to have Developers that listen to feedback and address issues.
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    Well, ideally loot drops should drop in random locations anyway, not in fixed positions. Im guessing its just easier to code them to be fixed spots though
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    Maybe if they didn't break the law, this wouldn't have happened. Moral of story: Breaking laws is wrong.
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    Maturity of a comment comes with age,not by a lesson plan.
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    Awesome way to bring communities closer to this website! Thank you for your hard work!! <3
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    I'm really sorry to be the fly in the soup, but I think some things are not right with the mod contest. it's true that I'm disapointed my mod was not selected, but I have comments to do about the way the contest occurs. - I never have answers from admins on forums to my questions concerning the contest. - I never received confirmation about my submission (like everyone, i suppose). - We had the information that the submission period was prolongated, just before the deadline. Too bad for people that planned things... - finally, I think the selected mods don't all fit in the criterias (Originality/creativity, Overall graphical or functional quality/polish, Entertainment value). It would be fine if the less scoring mods (< 5%) were removed to give a chance to others. Please be sure I really enjoy with the Ark game and the community, some people are really nice and helpful, I had good time and learned many things, but things are too hazardous and arbitrary for me...
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    I <3 Dinotopia! Dinosaur (2000) is a very good movie as well.
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    Just make them highlighted to you and you alone (or your tribe) because you have slight knowledge of its whereabouts and a stranger would just walk by unknowlingly. Just don't make it a beacon from a mile away.
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    the bags are really small though and hard to see if they are in a forest or long grass. Just making them bigger would probably solve the problem. Would make them easier for other players to see too though.
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    To be fair, I don't think he needs help getting to the location of the bag, he wants it to be easier to see once you're within an acceptable range that's good enough to be considered that he found it (maybe that distance is like ten feet). In real life we have extra and better senses we can use to find something that was dropped in vegetation right near us, but a game is inferior in that way and sometimes needs to give us some visual assistance to make up for its weaknesses. That's why we have a HUD.
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    Regular streaming of ranked SOTF ...Survivor League Ambitions. https://www.twitch.tv/adairia/ Will also be uploading matches to youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYplPxS5NXI_jw1p9VyZ0YA Thanks for watching!
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    Homo Erectus - Neanderthal Wildling can create small tribes, craft simple tools and weapons, (clubs, slingshots, with use of tranqs) run around and knock you out for your baubles and shinies. They can also tame and ride wild dinosaurs without the need for saddles if you rile them up. They don't like structures and builders all about their island. You should fear them.
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