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Xbox bugs for just one server

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So ASA is my first ark experience. And I've been playing on a friend's server.

I realized recently that the passive tame popup doesn't show up for me. In addition there are a variety of bugs like all my buttons display as white when I hover over an item, so I can't see what any of them do. The game has been like this for most of the time I've played.

Then I tried making my own server and playing on a random server, and all my bugs aren't happening there. I figured maybe it was the mods so I enabled them on my own server, but it still worked and displays fine.

So at this point I've tried to create a new character on my friends server, and clear the cache and reinstall the game, but for some reason this is the only place I still get all these bugs.

Does anyone know how I can fix these things? I can't understand why they only happen on the main server I play and nowhere else.



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