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ASA with the Roadmap are Boring


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WC you can't be serious about delaying the release of our well-known, beloved maps over the next 2 years?!
The Island is boring af, SE has been postponed, The Center is the next uhh ok with 1 new Gigantoraptor...same Bosses or at least 1 less.
The same dinosaurs, the same content as the last 8 years!
Aberration (Roadmap Date) July 24 with the typical WC delay Sep 24, Ragnarok (Roadmap Date) Sept 24 with the typical delay Dec 24.
We pay AGAIN 40€ for the same 8-year-old-sucked-dry-content but now in “pretty design” and now seriously have to wait 2 years to be able to enjoy 
variety in the maps again? must be a joke!

It's not worth it for old hands to play ASA now, from October you can see whether Aberration is already out and myb Ragnarock has already been released
or rather December with the standard delays.

And the Adventure Pack for again 20€ is not rly content! so again 20€ for nothing... ok another OP Dino uiii, and treasure hunt

Shoot out a map every 2 months, every 4 months with delays 6mon is too long and let the modders do their work and develop new content and release new 
maps in the meantime like they already did at ASE.

To be honest, I'm not happy about playing and paying 40€ for the SAME 8-year-old ARK content but now in "pretty" and now I have to wait another 2-3 
years until all known maps are accessible, including their specific DLC content like the egg incubator GEN II.

and that's why you postponed ARK II..... I would have gladly paid 60€ for that! fresh, new, a lot to discover, new story, new dinosaurs, 
new bosses...not for old worn-out stuff
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