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Request: Tameable Worker Bees (ASA: Crystal Isles)



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10 hours ago, Qwertymine said:

Feels like they'd only serve as slightly better Lymantria, especially on a map loaded with 4 unique fliers already. 

If I had to propose a 'use': make them the opposite of a lymantria. Make it so that Worker Bees can release a cloud of pheromones or intoxicating pollen that charms nearby creatures - compelling them to non-violently follow you. The game has a few taunts and a few fears, but I can't think of any 'charms' off the top of my head. 

But I'm not asking for new content to be produced - they already exist and can already be force-tamed/ridden bareback with console commands. I'm just asking that they be tameable without the use of console commands on public/private servers. I don't have any particular desire for them to be competitive/viable versus other options - I just like giant bees (and lymantria). Plus we can already domesticate the smaller bees found on other maps - a queen bee could even be involved in the taming method.

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