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Artifacts in pvp are a huge problem



It's way too easy to block artifacts, especially with caves being the only good base locations. Building in caves on PvP needs to be removed and land bases need to be buffed or artifacts need to be removed from caves. Prim locking every other tribe on the server is not good gameplay.

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This has been a serious problem for a very long time. Its hard to really point to any one thing as the reason why above ground non rathole bases are so weak but some contributing factors would be

1: the 100 turret cap

2: 3 generators within 60 foundations.

3: it is just really hard to defend large above ground bases adaquately in general because of just how powerful some tames and soakers are.

4: When titans come out you can kiss the entire notion of building above ground out in the open goodbye. Meks as well. Extinction in general will sound the death knell of building outside of caves and rat holes.

5:  metal structures are way too weak. We need a new tier between metal and tek that is far more resistant to explosives. example. 1 wall = 20 rockets or 16 c4 instead of the 4 rockets it takes to blow open metal.



Ultimately I think that turrets that are placed in above ground bases should get a buff and or possibly do additional damage to armor durability as well as a small amount of true damage.  Titans also need to be an extinction only thing when they come out, and meks can not be overpowered this time around.  If we can get that, and a new structure tier between metal and tek then I think Wildcard could very easily just go ahead and make caves just not buildable at all.  

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