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I think the discord mod Imperial has a personal agenda against ORP servers. Every hour or so I drop in a simple respectful msg asking for orp servers.

"@dollie @complexminded Could you please add some PvP ORP servers to the official network."

I got muted for 2 hours the first time and now 6hours this time by the same mod when none of the other discord mods have warned me for "spam" in the 4-5 days i've been asking for them. Meanwhile for the past 5 days its being spammed with console news requests and now the newest for the past 8 hours its been nothing but different styles of writing "soon" yet i'm flagged for spam when its every hour or so, way past the chat timer.



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1 hour ago, Tylanater said:

ORP (maybe disbable cave building on ORP clusters so artifacts can't be blocked so easy

Please bring our PvP ORP servers back to the official network and redo/re-add these tweaks that never worked when you applied them.  v245.0 * Offline Raid Protection mode now disables PIN Locking, and Structures in Caves no longer get ORP

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