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  1. They dont want add because this cost a bit money i think, but they are going to lose more money if they dont add, and after they are going to cry "Oh no we are in bankrupt, please make donation for ark2 please we dont understand why"
  2. Ok so what is the utility of this "suggestions" forum ? What the utility of this if the most popular topic in this section, by far, was ignore ? Can you explain me ? And its not difficult to put ORP server, they already exist in ASE, they just have to add a cluster of this. We want it NOW, we want play it with the actual meta (no cryo, only island) and not in 2 years when all map are here, and cryo back. Thanks
  3. Its the most popular topic in suggestions by far, a lot of people asking on the official discord too ... Please WC ? Come on !!!
  4. ORP server was popular on ASE, i dont know why they dont add, people with life play probably more this game, they just lose so much money to dont add them.
  5. Yes i saw that, so now they just have to add this on some pvp server ... And remove pin code and all its good please WC
  6. Yes, remove pin code and all will be good please ADD orp
  7. Yes they are mad because its more work for them, i just go refund my game and tell to my friend to dont buy it, they dont add feature existing in ase, nice scam.
  8. any news from dev about orp server plz ???
  9. ARK SE have this, Why not ASA ???
  10. 10 hours on steam, 1 hour in game, 9 in menu try to connect (and of course when i connect server roll back so im on the beach since the start) They dont want use money for other server.
  11. To much difficult for wildcard in 2023, maybe for ark2
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