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What is up with the Enforcers in Extinction?


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I would like to know what happened to the Enforcers when it comes to the damage reduction they are "supposed" to have. I recently started playing Extinction again, and I saw that in a previous patch note, that the Enforcers had gained a 60% damage reduction against all corrupted creatures. I just recently tested it, and no. The enforcer still takes full damage, and it has severely low health stats to begin with. Making this creature completely obsolete in the later stages of the game. I just want a straight answer as to why this has come to pass. I feel as if the enforcer is just basically useless all the way through extinction. And yes, while in the early stages of the game, the enforcer could be crafted to help with OSDs and Veins, for the cost they require, I don't see them being viable in late game. Which is a damn shame since I truly love the enforcers. Many people do. I just personally wish that Wildcard would possibly do some of the following to help our robotic companion.

1. Giving them the damage reduction they so require. It would make them semi-viable in late game, and would become massively worth the cost in early game if the survivor put time and resources into getting it early. The damage reduction would make them absolutely vital in OSDs and Element veins. Especially higher levels. Making them as effective as Rex's, but only against the corrupted dinos. Also making them reliable assets for solo players looking for some serious damage. But not having to worry about it dying in a couple of bites from a corrupted rex.

2. Giving the Enforcers increased Health. HP on enforcers has always been on the lower spectrum of Ark's roster. But, their health is bit too low for what they are required to do. This ties into the damage reduction. Without increased resilience against the onslaught of corrupted dinos, the Enforcer can quickly be destroyed. Putting 1000's of resources into a level 180 enforcer that will die in a matter of seconds if met with the wrong challenge, such as red and purple OSDs, is not something people take lightly most of the time. This added health would further increase it's combat capabilities. Making it tougher to kill against regular dinos, and making the enforcer more reliable when tackling beasts such as corrupted Gigas, Wyverns, and the Enraged variants. The damage reduction would massively benefit them in battle against the Enraged Triceratops, and Rexes. Leading to more people utilizing them in their endeavors with OSDs and Element veins.

3. Maybe an armor module or built in armor like the Shadowmane. I imagine that Wildcard did want to make the enforcers worth the materials. But maybe that's just me being optimistic. But I believe that WC could make something like built in armor, such as what they did for the Shadowmane. They could make it so lower levels have less armor, and higher level enforcers such as 150's or 180's can have a maximum limit. Such as 120 armor or something like that for an example. Or, maybe they could make something like what they did for the Meks, and give a saddle like function to enforcers. Maybe there could be two types of saddles. Offensive saddles, which increase the damage Enforcers do to corrupted even more, or just do the original idea by adding a saddle or module that increases the defense they gain against corrupted. Or hell, maybe increase the reduction for everything they fight. Including regualar dinos. 

I just feel bad for the Enforcer getting such a short end of the stick when it comes to it's purpose as "The corrupted killer." I think that these changes will not make it overpowered unless it is used against the Corrupted. These changes would also help it to better fare against the massive roster of mounts and adversaries in Ark. I also really do believe that they should give it the damage reduction it should have had in the first place. Tweak it to your hearts content WC, but I just want something for the Enforcer to be a bit more effective in doing the one thing it was designed for. 


Sincerely: Jade. A solo Ark player.

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Have to agree. In my run, they are just flat out worthless. I even found a super rare 145 ascendant.....after spending the insane amount of resources to make one, I found that my lvl 50 argy was much more useful in surviving a blue drop run. Even after I cryo podded and after a few days hitting a note and lvling it up, the enforcer was still just as worthless as the day I built it......only thing they are good for in my opinion is a traveling mount. >.>

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2 hours ago, KingOfTheFort said:

They're extremely cheap to make, so I don't know what brought you to think they should be extremely powerful. Good for early game for getting around and some light travel but there's no reason they should be good for OSDs at their price point. Have a couple people on good gigas if you're doing OSDs.
If you want to craft a tame that's powerful, an upgraded mek will do the trick. But with enforcers costing 500 element dust, 60 ingots, 30 polymer, 50 crystal and 20 oil, I don't think that they have any right to be a powerful tame. 

That's the primitive version, no one really expects much from that. The higher level ascendant ones are significantly more expensive.

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