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We had a base on official server 605 we went to refresh it before our timer was up this past Sunday September  26th 2021. the server was down when we were finally able to get on the server today every thing except 3 foundations was gone and the log only says a few items were auto decayed. We came to officials so things like this would not happen we knew we had a week on our timers and were able to refresh the timers on all the servers but that once because it was down and now we've lost all our boss dinos and and a base that we should have been able to save. 

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Lesson learned :  Don't leave all your stuff to the last minute to refresh.   Refresh every 3-4days, not every 12.    THe logs probably didnt show much because people were there picking apart your base for all your stuff.  No log would show broken by PLayer:soandso, it will only log if someone in tribe breaks or the system decays it.


If you were at tek tier, you could also have put the tek generator straight on the ground w/ your cryofridges on the ground and their timers would have lassted much longer, like almost 40days i think.   Much better insurance policy for this sort of situation than hoping WC will reimburse you.

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