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  1. Hello Been around the forums for a while thought I'd introduce myself. I've been playing ark for going on 3 years. Started off an 8 man tribe down to 4. Love this game so much each new map just renews my love for this game.
  2. We've had a problem as well with this my tribe captain tried it 4 times and it crashed every time on him
  3. Glad I found this thread we thought that was how missions were being ran at least the gauntlets had a tribe member lose all his gear and what have you. We're a privet server with just the 4 of us so there wasn't anyone to steal the items.
  4. Recently we've taken 3 gigas and one yuty against most of the alpha missions only one we really had trouble with was Allo and goodbye we lost 2 gigas almost the third all alpha mission in artic were done this way
  5. Going to the final boss Genesis Was wondering all the tribe had to have the missions completed to go or if one could and the rest go as well.
  6. Love Your art my favorite being the yuty one though I may be bios as I'm the yty rider of my tribe
  7. We have the same issue on our server where we never did in our 2 + years
  8. That seems to be the issue we are having as well.
  9. Alpha Ice fishing is not working correctly my tribe mate has tried fro three days to beat it and has 4 minutes with one fish left to catch. Has even went down and looked for the fish there are not enough coles spawned in or the game is bugged. Please look into this
  10. Looks like it's broken it was saying 35,000 hex for the teir 3 when it was 45.000 still need to fix it where people know the proper things
  11. Hexagon Shop not working I don't know if it is an update issue or what. I have tried restarting my game and everything I can think of still unable to make purchases in the shop.
  12. Our tibe was wondering the same thing we've bought at least 5 tier 2 and three and got replicators. We don't need hat many
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