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  1. I still have the problem of not seeing the dimetrodons
  2. I have plans of it when I get more into the story
  3. The Bullet Saga This is the story of the Tribe of Bullet. They started off eight strong in the end they were only four. Their Captain and commander Geroge, who led them from the first island to the simulation. The one remaining female Astrid, who has been his constant companion from the first day. Brothers Bill and Mike who were willing to work hard for the tribe. They all worked as a team to evolve to the best survivors they could be. This is our story shall we begin? They woke up on the beach with nothing but this strange implant in their arms. Their first objective was to find one wh
  4. Glad I found this thread we thought that was how missions were being ran at least the gauntlets had a tribe member lose all his gear and what have you. We're a privet server with just the 4 of us so there wasn't anyone to steal the items.
  5. Recently we've taken 3 gigas and one yuty against most of the alpha missions only one we really had trouble with was Allo and goodbye we lost 2 gigas almost the third all alpha mission in artic were done this way
  6. We have the same issue on our server where we never did in our 2 + years
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