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Bugs I opened here disappeared

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I opened a couple of bugs regarding invert Y not working in a mission on Gen 2 and with the RTS mode of the exo mek, and they return errors now when I go to their page.

Sorry, there is a problem
To continue please login using the button below

Error code: 2T187/3

I already am logged in. When I go to my profile to look at my activity the bugs no longer show there either.

I noticed they updated the bug reporting a bit on July 21. Did the update remove all previously submitted bug reports? Do I need to resubmit?

Do they delete bug reports if it's determined to be a duplicate or if it was already addressed, even if just internally, without updating tickets / deleting tickets?

I've been holding off on playing Gen 2 as it kind of stinks that I can't complete one of the missions. I do keep an eye on patch notes and haven't see any mention of invert Y issues being resolved.

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Posted (edited)

I made that post before I decided these were actually bugs. 

I dont know if other people can or should be able to see the bug reports, but here are the links as I bookmarked them, which used to work.




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