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Is the Scorched Earth worth living?

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I've lived on Scorched Earth since it came out, I took a break from ark then came back to official. I personally find SE to be an amazing map to play on.

Once you get used to not running (Running drains your water faster), the spoil timers being less than other maps (it used to spoil a lot faster till they updated it), the weather events (Sandstorms and thunderstorms in particular as sandstorms affect your movement, not the weather to be fighting in. And Thunderstorms turn your power off, unless using a tek generator, if its near your base and if you have eggs down they will lose health rapidly. I'd suggest getting a starter pack to take over with you. By starter pack I mean a few gathering dinos, maybe some water tanks to store up water when it rains ( it doesn't rain often there.) and mats to make a house with a bed. Once you have that set up you shouldn't have a problem staying alive and growing on Scorched Earth. 


Also Jerboas and Morrelatops are your best friends. Jerboas are your weather forecasters and Morrelatops store water so you don't need to set up tanks or pipes. Just don't fill up more than 1 canteen at a time as they drain over time, imagine a water skin on the Island and that's how canteens work on SE. 

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