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Hello you fellow scrub lords! 

I know there are commands you can use, but what are the best ones that reduce lag?

I hate the lag, everytime on abb or even rag, I'll lag and risk dcing, as much as possible to the list what do you guys use to make the lag as little as possible?


My xbox is a s sadly, so there's that, the light shafts plus the whatever are in xbox settings

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If you are online, there isn't much that can be done about the lag. Iv noticed when I was online, there was constant rubber banding, and if I flew my argy near a BIG base, there was a bit of waiting for the game to load everything in......big bases cause a LOT of lag. To help this, you can do the following:

First, turn on framerate priority, and then dumb down as many of the graphics as you can. Light shafts and bloom can be turned off to help.
Secound, if your offline or have the ability to use admin commands, you can type in a admin command to help reduce the graphics even more.
Lastly, if you either have some extra money or the parts, you can hook up a SSD to your xbox S using a external SSD enclosure that can connect to the xbox via USB 3.0.

Format it for gaming, NOT for captures. And then transfer the games files from your hard drive to the SSD, and then simply play the game from the SSD......The loading times will be much faster, and the game will load data from the SSD to the CPU much faster as well. This will not make the lag go away, but it should make it happen less often and usually for less time than it normally does.

Sadly the only full blown cure for this lag however, will probably be with the new X series of consoles. =/

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