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Community Crunch 236: New Sponsored Mod, and More!


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People asking for Evo events after the base rate has already been increased, my guess is they don't want the Evo harvest/XP/Taming rates.  They are hoping that breeding is increased during the Evo weekends.


Yes most people will still only play at weekends because they are not interested in any other rates other than breeding, the harvest/XP/Taming rates were already ok as they were before WC boosted them.

Breeder addicts didn't get any love from the recent changes apart from a few dinos, think about those poor souls hanging around for the next event while stock piling babies and eggs.  Who wants to spend their entire ark days babysitting until 10%

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45 minutes ago, Sarassasa said:

Witam :)

Czy w przyszłości będzie możliwość sadzenia drzew ? Przyznam że zwiększona ilość nasion czy możliwości sadzenia roślin w celach ozdobnych niezwykle poprawiłaby możliwość upiększenia bazy i okolicy.

Pozdrawiam ?

Nie sądzę, WC kiedykolwiek się tak stanie, to będzie lepiej na forum sugestie

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