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Breeding otters!

So, I decided to breed some otters, but there is no information at all about this. At least not that I've found. I have a couple of questions and hope I can get some answers from you guys.

1, Does otters eat from the through?
2, Pregnant otters eat more? If so, how much more?
3, I have S+, does the Nanny feed the baby otters?
4, Is it true that otters eat only fish? And if so, do they eat cooked fish meat? And do they eat prime fish meat?

Hope you can help me with these easy questions. :)

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S+/SS tip.  

set up a feeding trough for JUST fish eaters.   set it to only feed the ones you want such as otters.  and there is a setting for Each of the otter types.  Otters, Abb otters and X-otters.

All your meat eaters will eat fish first before eating meat.  this will drain the trough faster then you think.  baby otters will die fast if there is no food. 

I would also set the amount the nanny feeds to 50 as it will put 50 into a baby even if it can only hold 5.  

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