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  1. Whistling! Does whistling move to supercede all other previous whistles? For instance, if I whistled them to attack my target or neutral and they start fighting. Can I whistle them move to to break them off, or do I have to first whistle passive and then whistle move to? Or does it just not function that way at all? The reason I ask is I noticed that often when they attack something I don't want them to and try to make them break off by whistling follow me or move to they don't listen and just continue fighting.
  2. Stacking metal water tanks Is this possible? I mean I stacked the tanks, put the pipes up first and then the tanks neat and tidy on top of eachother. But only the top one fills up as far as I can see (I fill them when it's raining). The tanks snap to the pipes right? Or are they snapping to eachother? Do I have to use a lot of extra pipes to be sure to connect everyone? I hope not, that would really look awful. Anyone who knows and can give a helping hand?
  3. I have meat in one trough, fish in one and berries in one and it's sitting right next to the dinos.
  4. So I can continue to divide up the fish, meat and berries in three troughs and if someone die's, I'll just call it Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and give praise to the devs for being realistic.
  5. Max limit? Whats that limit then? (Geez the documentation on this game is hilarious)
  6. So what's up with troughs? I have three feeding troughs beside eachother. One with meat, one with fish and one with berries. Still dinos die for me all the time. starving to death. A friend of mine said that I can't have more than one trough because the dinos "latch" on to just one trough sometimes and if that is the wrong one, they'll starve to death. Is this true? And if it is true why haven't that been fixed, surely it must be considered a bug? And how can I make sure it doesn't happen again?
  7. Actually the S+ Nanny doesn't feed them. Killed quite a few otters trying it out in different way's. Moved her for the 4:th time and then she suddenly started feeding them.
  8. Nice, thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated ?
  9. Breeding otters! So, I decided to breed some otters, but there is no information at all about this. At least not that I've found. I have a couple of questions and hope I can get some answers from you guys. 1, Does otters eat from the through? 2, Pregnant otters eat more? If so, how much more? 3, I have S+, does the Nanny feed the baby otters? 4, Is it true that otters eat only fish? And if so, do they eat cooked fish meat? And do they eat prime fish meat? Hope you can help me with these easy questions. :)
  10. Really? Didn't know that. Thanks a lot for the help.
  11. Yea I know that, and do it now for that matter. But when you, like me, aren't sure what the blueprint is named, you kind of want them to be in alphabetical order. At least for me it's easier to find what I'm looking for then. But thanks for the swift reply.
  12. New sorting in inventory please! I love the sorting possibilities in this game. Using Folders are a nifty thing. But, and I mean this in the best way, why the h..l didn't you make sure that it automatically sorted the blueprints at the top? Having thousands of blueprints, recources, weapons, ammo, and what not, jumbled up in there makes it so frustrating to find the blueprint you want. And yea, I could search for it, if I could remember the blueprints name. Unfortunately I'm both new to this game and don't know what everything is named yet, and also, I have a bad memory, I'm entitled too, do
  13. Food question! I'm trying to learn this feeding thingie for breeding. But I'm wondering, is there a formula for calculating (roughly) how long a stack will keep them fed before I have to feed them again? Just so I don't have to babysit them for several days :)
  14. Kytampe


    Sap! Since Sap is key ingredience in amber and amber is a resin that can be used to produce organic polymer. (IRL) Why not make it in ARK too? So lets use a stack of sap in the preserving bin. Let it cook in there for 1 hour and it can be turned into amber. The amber, in turn, can be used in the fabricator to be turned in to organic polymer. Or something like that anyway. :)
  15. It can? Nice, thanks for the quick answer. ? Yea, it's quite annoying that it takes the whole container everytime. Couldn't be that hard to code? Right?
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