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Creature Ideas


Creature Ideas

A light beam creature(Prism something)


-has prisms on its body that can focus light into projectiles similar to velo

-Stronger during day, weak at night due to lack of light

-Flashbang effect that it can charge up at varying ranges(similar to magmasaur attacks)

-Has a large charge radius like light pets


An anti stun land creature


-Does not get stunned or dismounts player similar to basilo

-Has spikes/plates that surround the player similar to stego but even moreso

-Defensive creature(maybe a carnivore since nearly all tanks have been herbivores)

-Passenger seats with rider weaponry that take no outside damage like the rider themselves


A creature that can drift


-Back legs would float or something similar to reduce friction

-Front legs would have claws to allow for quick turning and maneuverability

-Maybe a boost mechanic similar to the mana


Just listing things that would be cool to see in the game, feel free to add more suggestions below

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