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Improving Free and Paid maps with a small tweak


Improving Free and Paid maps with a small tweak

Modders spend countless hours making their awesome free to play maps creating zones with dinos that Ark deem as " Map specific " and when the time comes for these maps to launch they just scrap all that hard work out.....I did not even download Valguero or Crystal isles for this only reason :)

What Ark needs to understand is that there are players that hate jumping from map to map/ server to server and maintaining bases on multiple different maps in order to acquire certain tames.

The change that needs to happen is:

If the player owns the DLC then he/she should be able to tame/use the dino on any map.

If the player ex: " Doesn't own Aberration then they can't use the dinos that were released with that map even on a free to play map "

Simple..... stop destroying these awesome maps, you can just lock dino usage to map ownership.

You can even influence players to buy the maps when you do this change because " I will be seeing a dino on another map that is exclusive for abb and I can use it unless i buy that map :) "

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If I am reading this correctly, it seems you are wanting to essentially lock the use of the creatures to the map they started on. Kinda like the Chibi's. You can only wear the chibi's if you own the map they are from. With creatures it would simply be that you cannot tame, ride, or un-cryo creatures from maps you do not own. 

if that is what you are going for... I don't know. 

Some thoughts on this...

  • Mod maps that utilize specific dinos in their conception would be able to keep said dino's on their maps if made official. They dino's would still exist, but would be tameable by only those who owned the map of origin for the creatures. I am pretty sure the below notes somewhat break it down.
    • The Center - no restriction. Carries no creatures specific to any map. If you own The Island you own the right to use anything found on The Center. 
    • Ragnarok - Restrictions to Scorched Earth Dinos, Poison Wyvern, Fire Wyvern, and Lightning Wyvern. The Ice Wyvern came with the map so it would still be tameable. 
    • Valguero - Restrictions to Aberration Dinos. 
    • Crystal Isles - Restrictions to Scorched Earth and Aberration Dinos. 
  • Locking the access to creatures to the ownership of a map would further push the need to purchase said maps and possibly increase game funds - that is a clear positive as their revenue options are slim at best. 
  • Some love the creatures, but hate the maps. So why spend the money on a map you will never play on just to gain access to a few creatures? 
  • How do you suggest lock it down now, after having that option open for so long without loosing mass amounts of players? 
  • Would you apply this to just the creatures or also the recipes, items, and engrams? 
  • What about the creatures that came with the free maps? Are they just "free" creatures? 

And as a separate note, is it better to make every map purchasable so you have to pay for it to play for it, which means you are technically paying for all the creatures on that specific map regardless of their origin or is it better to lock the creatures to the maps?

In the long run... which would be more feasible? Giving every map going forward a price tag or rewinding and changing everything that has been thus far requiring everyone who has traded for creatures from other maps to loose all their possible work and efforts, and completely changing the unofficial server building process? 

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