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  1. Download Download Download............ >.<
  2. Tek Tok you are on the clock Where is Genesis download 12:06...
  3. Mate, I said allow download ( New content locked )...
  4. I am honestly upset, to be educated, highly intelegent and working with WILDCARD. Yet, you decide, noooooo they can't download until we launch.. I am using everything that is in my power to not go ham on this guy with serious insults. Biggest mmo out there is world of warcraft, guess what? YOU CAN DOWNLOAD Pre-launch and most importantly, near all of the new features are always shown. I am not buying a kinder surprise from your company, you are obligated to show me what I am paying for " Just an FYI " and you should let me download pre-launch. If there is steam issues, then you should announce it, if there is other issues then you should also announce it. PLAIN STUPID
  6. Best game, yet they have some retard making the stupidest decisions.
  7. Look, pillars are good and bad... I for example always pillar around my base.. why ? because I dont wan't to render other peoples bases ... I dont have a high end pc and I can't afford one. Do they need to adress the pillaring system, ofc! They must and I dont even mind a 1 week delay of geneses to adress pillaring and how it works. instead of pillars.... Good way is to place a structure in an area " Like the leach structure " and that allows you to claim the land around it.
  8. @Razen majority of the communty have similar internet speed, so rip everyone and guess what? by the time we finish downloading and enter the servers, they will be alll pillard
  9. Seriously the guy making desisions should be thrown out of a window, what a complete douch.. Thinking everyone can download 50 gigs of data in 10 seconds... What the hell is wrong with you? I forgot I live in a google data center.....
  10. @Cedric 50 gigabytes lunch is in 3 hours. I dont have Fiber optic tek internet speed.. can you please pass this info to the guy behind decision making on wildcard team ? Step out of your caves, allow people to download.
  11. I really hate when they communicate info via twitter ... it is a social media website not your work website.. ffs
  12. Dont get extra hyped... you are not downloading the full dlc
  13. ya.. i wont be even awake to activate the download and insure its going well..
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