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  1. What is the most usless item in Genesis? The grinder !!!! Why? Because some idiot decided to disable the grinding of items that we EARN by completing missions. Way to go moron, 10/10 game design.
  2. Exactly, BULLLpoop. YOU ARE staff for sure. FIX your potato servers. Go check genesis servers, they are trash.
  3. Both of you give me a screen shot of your ingame ping, else I am calling bullpoop
  4. All official servers are currently running like a dumpster, stop lying.
  5. Sick and tired of these events, I seriously want to use every single curse word I know... If your servers can't handle events then DONT MAKE THEM and focus on optimizing / fixing the game. Stop making content that will break the main content. Bunch of ......
  6. what? are you even on official ? Dont tell me to play on unofficial please... I get really mad when someone asks me to play single player or unofficial. I did not buy this game to do that.
  7. The last evolution event Dear wildcard... Amazing team, amazing game but... straight to the point 255 ping during events / Evo events is not playable especially when it's occurring on your own official servers... that is really sad tbh. For the love of God, stop it. No more Evo events. Not until you can set up your " OWN servers ". Stop relying on money grab companies, they are ruining the experience for everybody. What is the point of these events if I can't even open my door in the base due to the massive lag and rubberbanding... The only thing people do is hatch and breed and let me tell you, even that is a trash experience during the events. The servers can't handle it for reasons that honestly are mind-blowing, 2020 and your servers can't handle 70 players ????!! seriously ?????????? You keep going after the looks of the game, oh this is cute, etc. but hello. What is the point of the game being cute if you can't even move, you can't experience the world itself. Have you tried fishing during Evo events ??? it is IMPOSSIBLE! Stop destroying your own game. Thank you.
  8. FIRST FIX THE God DAMN SERVERS ON GENESIS FIRST :@ I am ANGRY! Yes I am going to collect eggs, wait for them to rotten and throw them at you :@ P.s I still love but fix the servers.
  9. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5753822 We have 90/70 why? tell me why The server cant handle this amount of players online. Either invest in better hosting companies or refund.
  10. Agree, just make taming x3 to be a normal thing and no need for retarded events.
  11. I already tried that @mogrot... I got ignored. I don't know why they don't tell us whats going on.
  12. I dont know whats going on myself... I am extremly pissed. I am even more pissed because they are not telling us anything. Are you getting Ddosed ? Hello wildcard What is going on..........
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