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  1. Closed Beta for Genesis Can we have a closed beta for Genisis, at least for people that prebought the expansion. Good companies always put closed betas pre lunch. For community feedback which yields in a smoother lunch
  2. Thank you for your comment, yep underwater fog is a joke for a game in 2020...
  3. I will pretty much not buy Genisis if they don't show me that they fixed visibility BEFORE lunch.
  4. Yep, I was pretty much turned off by the water on the Island. The game disconnects from time to time = your dino is lost and or dead. The game still has stupid jelly fish that will stun you to death. The game still has jelly fish and the big ocrupus stuck in mesh and comes at you out of no where.. Water needs some balancing and tweaking.
  5. Thank you for stating this, to sum things up the water visibility SHOULD not be the same for allllll the levels of water and or / all the areas. Since Genisis is pretty much a water map ( as stated by wildcard ). setting visibility to be in a crappy level like the island kills the map completly for me. I dived in the Arabian gulf, around its tiny islands, the dead sea and Aqaba sea. I totally agree with you on the visibility part. Tons of variables play a part in it.
  6. I do not know where you guys are from, but I am an actual diver... I do not know who told you that you actually needed scuba to see underwater...... OCEANS /SEAS used to be CLEAN, trained eyes can whitstaned the saltyness and can see clearly underwater. There is no polution in ARK.. adding this amount of gutter as if it was tiny sea creatures is funny and it makes zero sense. Can't enjoy underwater vissuals if the visibility is set to that crap.
  7. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2808692 EU-PVE-Official-Extinction467 - (v301.1) DOWN
  8. Please FIX WATER VISIBILITY Please Do NOT use the same water crap like on island in Genisis, the visibility of it is POOP. Destroys the water gameplay IMO
  9. Thank you for your reply, you miss a big point here brother. As i stated things need to be different for PVE and PVP Survival has nothing to do with DC to be honest and no the player should still be pickable even with these leeches/seatbelts in pvp. Professions are needed and balance can be coded into them for both PVE and PVP, I am not looking for OP stuff. It is not additional coding, its necessary coding, this is a Global game, it is a disgrace that there is no cap on levels and your dino gets deleted if it passes the internal cap... Mindwipe for PVE does matter Like I said, PVE Doesn't Equal PVP Different game, Different Audiance, Different needs.
  10. Bump, sooo many changes and things needs to be adressed wildcard.. Amazing game, yet you just keep going for dlcs without adressing these issues.... Take a look here
  11. please spend sometime and read the changes i proposed need be added to the game to make it better
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