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  1. they never answer tickets anyway rip your tribe
  2. MightyBanana

    Ark as big as Atlas

    My vision for ark is that they stitch it together ( they have to thing of the " How " ) a for dlcs, new zones ( The new zones are basically an entire map ) Much like world of warcraft if any of you played it
  3. MightyBanana

    Ark as big as Atlas

    It does work man... you don't simplt walk from Island to Ragna ( example ). You need to go through a portal of some sort. They are connected yet disconnected 1) eliminates the need to upload/transfer. 2) Less leave game and rejoin.... 3) ability to properly go between the arks without a major hassle 4) encourage ppl to explore other maps ( buy them as well )
  4. MightyBanana

    Ark as big as Atlas

  5. MightyBanana

    Ark as big as Atlas

    I would love to see the next big thing for ark to be the following :- 1) Come up with a solution for under mapping and under meshing. 2) Balances and tweaks to everything in the game to please both your pve and pvp community. 3) It is time to grow, we don't want tiny maps anymore. Stitch everything all together, give us what you gave Atlas players. 4) Dynamic Ui, where we can move things around. 5) Dynamic chat box... common guys for the love of god please... 6) Ingame trading system, an auction house. Note: S+ is cool, fun and all, TLCs as well.. However the above is far far faaaaaaaaar more important.
  6. Hello there ! I believe it is about time that they unlock the User Interface and allow some sort of Addons to be added to the game to improve it, just like " World of Warcraft ". May I ask what language is being used to address arks user interface ?
  7. MightyBanana

    Screen goes black.

    Hi, its pumba. Also playing on 467, I went there to test for myself as well. not getting black I am getting same weird graphics like the print screens.
  8. MightyBanana

    Babies killed by non-existent corrupted

    I can confirm this bug, here is what I found. When baby is inside the kangaroo pouch and it hits 10-11% juve stage. The babies are getting flushed UNDER the kangaro which pushes them through structure. I tested on normal ground, They also gets pushed through texture into the mesh or even worse they keep going and going down and down through layers. Thats when I stopped using kangaroos all together, not worth it for me to lose my hard work this way...
  9. Yes this is a perfect idea and easy to implement.
  10. That is why I do not play pvp. Mangarmars:- 1) Range 2) freeze player and dino in less than 2 seconds Titans:- 1) Titans 2) Titans 3) Titans... ( The requirements to summon and tame a Titan is childish at best ). There is zero difficulty/ tactic involved. It is so easy. " What I would love to see is, basically stop them from being upload/xfr-able. Undermesshing :- 1) Players can simply under mesh your base while you are offline ( and you cant find out ). 2) You are considered a cheater if you place any counter measures to counter or defend against meshers.. 3) The map is full of ridiculous amount of holes... Ark in my opinion is not ready for pvp, not until they fix mesh. It will never be a fair game.
  11. How exactly do you want an eta for console when it is still beta on pc ??
  12. Console patches arrive after the pc patches are implemented and fixed, because you can not have a patch that is ( beta ) or buggy on console. Sony Rules/Microsoft rules.
  13. MightyBanana

    I hope this will be implemented

    @Jen I am in love with this game however, I do not understand why we have so many different maps separated from each other. I do understand that from a business point of view, you guys need to release a map every once in a while to get income out of it, that is totally understandable. Hear me out, please. If we look at other major MMos, they have implemented a system where if you purchase the game, you can play for example on the island, if you purchase Se/abb/ext then you can play on those as well. How does it work? Everything is simply stitched together, if I don't have access to a certain map and I try to access that part of the world I get teleported to the nearest obelisk ( example ). I am pretty sure this implementation is whiten your grasp... This will eliminate ( lost character due to transfer crashes the least ).. This will give you guys endless expansion possibilities... Please consider this, thank you for the amazing game.
  14. There is no challenge in taming whatsoever, trap knock feed done. ( I would really love to see a new challenging system added on top of what we already have regarding taming ). As for the new kibble system, it is good. " yes it should reduce the amount of kibble dinos that we have ".
  15. Yes ! that is exactly my point, you can use it un-powered to store stuff such as metal, powered to store berries or meat if you wanted to... Just imagine your breeding area man, how tidy is it going to be with two tek fridges instead of 100..... I do breed in masses and that is why I am forced to have a lot of fridges.... The thing is, you have no clue how disgusting it is when you don't know anymore where your empty fridges are and which ones are left with meat then you start hovering over them to look oh ya this is where i left of and what is even more disgusting is opening them 1 by 1 to refill............ GOSH Just imagine the amount of hassle that this tek storage is going to eliminate not to mention IT WILL reduce strain on the server.