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  1. Cabel decay timer and cryopod design Hi, I am on vacation " Waiting for Genisis", I come back and forth to the game to reset my timers, yesterday I loged and found all my dinos dead in cryopods because apperantly the cabels which are atached to the generator decayed and that rendered my cryofridges unpowered... Please make the cabel decay timer as long as metal structures.. I lost all my lines and favourite creatures because of this issue. Yes its my fault but, in my openion its a bad design on your behalf, the generator lost 1 stack and a half of gas, it would of ran for ages.... Please increase the decay timer on electric cabels so this doesn't happen to other people. A small change can be made to cryopods, dinos don't die inside of them" Thats a really sausage design on your behalf". Just make the cryopod unuseable until its recharged again? ....
  2. Ah Glad to hear that... hope that I will be able to participate.
  3. To make things clear, go visit any island irl, you will be able to see the bottom of the ocean from above, why? THERE IS NO POLUTION and ofc many other aspects do play a part.. Water visibility should not be the same on all the levels, yes, the light should be darker and darker tell you reach the bottom.
  4. Restore System, must be implemented before Genisis release Most of the popular MMO games have implemented a system where it restores players items if they are lost due to a bug/system failure such as " Uploading and server goes down, using a teleporter, your character recieves instant death no green beam and no body or bag on both A and B of the teleporters. This is a very critical issue and ark has been showing us many many surprises of this happening, there is no " Survival mode " in facing coding issues.. Players losing tames, inventories on teleporting/uploading/using ladders/using picks while climbing and many other things. The system can simply make a copy of what the player has in his inventory " and it can detect if the player died in a wrong way or somthing happened to it that is not intended " Everything has an ID, this is not impossible to implement and it will make a huge change in the game.
  5. Item restore system Because of you, today I lost a friend... Since when do we have tek teleporters? Lets say a year.. Full tek suit, my wyvern, xmas gift and my friends dino which i borrowed. I used teleporter, boom dead, my dino got ported i went back no beam and no body. Thanks alot for debugging like a propper company. Now, hard feelings aside, world of warcraft is over 10 years old. They have implemented a system were it detects screwups if its on there end, it restores deleted items ( such as my case ). Why can't you implement a similar system? How can I convince my friend that I didn't lose this dino now?? Doesn't show in my logs and ofc your usless ticket system will answer my ticket after maybe 1 year. Since you don't want to hire an admin per server, simply automate it, all items/dinos have IDS in the Database, simple programming can allow you to restore items and record a characters inventory BEFORE and AFTER teleport. #Ops our tek teleporter failed, restore option #Ops our upload failed, restore option HARD?
  6. Closed Beta for Genesis Can we have a closed beta for Genisis, at least for people that prebought the expansion. Good companies always put closed betas pre lunch. For community feedback which yields in a smoother lunch # A beta test will help you stress test, your team will never be able to fully test what the community randomly experience ingame. # A debugger should be online monitoring what the players are going through " detecting and generating dump files as needed " per crash/ exploite or whatever you call it. # This way you won't have a fail lunch like on extinsion ... " Remember the kiting of corrupted dinos? Remember osds crashing the server? Remember veins crashing the server? ... -Such stupid bugs can be negated via beta tests, where you reduce the hate you recieve on release day.
  7. Thank you for your comment, yep underwater fog is a joke for a game in 2020...
  8. I will pretty much not buy Genisis if they don't show me that they fixed visibility BEFORE lunch.
  9. Yep, I was pretty much turned off by the water on the Island. The game disconnects from time to time = your dino is lost and or dead. The game still has stupid jelly fish that will stun you to death. The game still has jelly fish and the big ocrupus stuck in mesh and comes at you out of no where.. Water needs some balancing and tweaking.
  10. Thank you for stating this, to sum things up the water visibility SHOULD not be the same for allllll the levels of water and or / all the areas. Since Genisis is pretty much a water map ( as stated by wildcard ). setting visibility to be in a crappy level like the island kills the map completly for me. I dived in the Arabian gulf, around its tiny islands, the dead sea and Aqaba sea. I totally agree with you on the visibility part. Tons of variables play a part in it.
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