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  1. FIRST FIX THE God DAMN SERVERS ON GENESIS FIRST :@ I am ANGRY! Yes I am going to collect eggs, wait for them to rotten and throw them at you :@ P.s I still love but fix the servers.
  2. EU-PVE-Official-genOne654- 255 ping constant Please do something... at least tell us what is going on
  3. what are thoes, never heard of them
  4. 654 255 crash dc kickout rubberbanding ........
  5. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5753822 We have 90/70 why? tell me why The server cant handle this amount of players online. Either invest in better hosting companies or refund.
  6. Agree, just make taming x3 to be a normal thing and no need for retarded events.
  7. I already tried that @mogrot... I got ignored. I don't know why they don't tell us whats going on.
  8. I dont know whats going on myself... I am extremly pissed. I am even more pissed because they are not telling us anything. Are you getting Ddosed ? Hello wildcard What is going on..........
  9. Milions of Coel fish and milions of Amonite, Don't forget the Amonite too!! Not only that fish instant respawn
  10. Up... @Cedric I honestly do not understand why you guys ignore your comunity, we have been asking for region lock since beta Ark. I am not being raciest here but the majority of the Asian community love to dupe, crash the server etc... Why can't we have Eu-only servers? I do not understand. I know that they can still use vpns etc but I doubt that beacuse it will affect their ping. You do realise that eu players lag just because there is Asian players on the server... This is one of many reasons why players quit ark, GIVE us region lock for the love of God. I go into genesis map, to find everything pillard, I ask to remove pillars they link me paypal accounts.... like for real guys? At least make region lock in PvE
  11. Do we even have ark admins ? I have been supporting this game since it was in beta access not once I have recieved response from admins regarding cheaters and server ddosers... Ark has become completly unplayable, I am not enjoying mytime anymore playing this game, Constant rubber band, server crash, due to dupers... EU-PVE-Official-GenOne654 Can you please show some love to your comunity and send an admin ? it will literally take him 10 minutes to spot whats wrong and ban hammer the bastards, this has been going on since genesis released and I am seriously sick and tired. How can I even recommend ark to my friends ??? Constant 255 ping, even dinos are not spawning in entire Artic biome and lunar
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