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  1. You should not be able to K-mode period in pvp Birds eye view/ looking behind you having insane vission while chasing someone, looking behind stone/trees etc etc. K-mode through mesh to see entire base setup, destryoing hundreds of hours of pvp players planing to setup deffence system for their bases. UNFAIR IS UNFAIR. Its meshing/ its bad design / its poop PVP NICE SURVIVAL GAME
  2. The fact that K-moding allows you to view through the mesh IS MESHING, yes its bad design on wildcards behalf and it needs to be patched asap. Not to mention being able to change your camera to birds eye view " Thats also retarded " oh look my eyes are now 10 meters above the ground ........ i see 360 around me NICE SURVIVAL GAME
  3. @Jatheish Can you please communicate this to the team..
  4. get out of my thread abuser
  5. Change how pipes work, k-mod through the mesh needs to be disabled asap. Ark K-moding evolved
  6. It is meshing, meshing is cheating, blame wildcard for being retarded, period.
  7. I've seen hundreds of youtubers abuse this and " ITS OKAY " somehow !!!!! You know where the generators are, how many turrets, types of turrets, dinos they have etc It is retarded af
  8. K-mod gives you an upper advantage that you should not have, especially when the players are offline. View entire base defenses, find weak spots and offline them, etc there are thousands of scenarios........ Meshing is meshing and this issue needs to be addressed asap.
  9. Typical abuser response ^ I don't want to build around youtube metas, I can be creative using blind spots that enemies are not supposed to be able to K-mode around and see....... DILO is wrong with yalls mentality seriously ?? K-moding is cheating, period and wildcard is retarded for keeping it in the game.
  10. Thing is guys I am both pve/pvp player, I've seen literally thousands of pvp videos and how have no idea... every single raid that has been done on youtube included K-moding spam I dont understand why ark can't fix the k mode to not be able to enter the mesh ? ?? Every single game out there already has a similar feature to k-mode and it doesnt go through the mesh.. Holy moly PFFF
  11. Exactly its a pve thing that is being abused in pvp since the the begining of its introduction as a broken feature....
  12. https://imgur.com/jjgD4IQ Very fair gaming Wildcard Not sure how k moding through the mesh is not cheating in your bright minds Disable K moding already, wake up
  13. Ark PVP is unfair K mode How is it fair when you allow players to K mode through the mesh to view entire base deffences ? I seriously do not understand, after 5 years you still haven't realized that K mode breakes pvp and allows players to get an upper advantage while raiding. You are supposed to go in blind not knowing whats behind a rock or a tree HENCE SURVIVAL GAME You are not supposed to be able to K mode through the mesh and oh look ok ok generator is there, 3 towers, ok we hit them with the bla bla strategy... its disgusting
  14. Improving Free and Paid maps with a small tweak Modders spend countless hours making their awesome free to play maps creating zones with dinos that Ark deem as " Map specific " and when the time comes for these maps to launch they just scrap all that hard work out.....I did not even download Valguero or Crystal isles for this only reason :) What Ark needs to understand is that there are players that hate jumping from map to map/ server to server and maintaining bases on multiple different maps in order to acquire certain tames. The change that needs to happen is: If the player
  15. What is the most usless item in Genesis? The grinder !!!! Why? Because some idiot decided to disable the grinding of items that we EARN by completing missions. Way to go moron, 10/10 game design.
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