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Ark Fear Evolved 4 ideas

Side note I saved the DodoTitan for the end since it has the most detail


1.New Creatures 

  1.The Blood Root Forest Titan would be a Forest Titan variant with a more burnt wood appearance and instead of a green glow it glows blood red, ontop of that its attacks could drain your health slightly replenishing its own and it would spawn in Zombie Wyverns instead of Forest Wyverns.

   2.Shadow Titan would be a variant for the Desert Titan that instead of normal lightning would have red lightning and its flock could be turned into shadows that kill things that get inside of it, ontop of that being on it should drain your oxygen.

  3.Demon Titan would be the new variant for the Ice Titan, it should be a crimson red with black eyes, black claws, and Tailtip, it would have stalagmites on it's back instead of the ice Crystal's and instead of ice it's attacks would use fire attacks so a fire breath attack and a fire ball attack.

  4.Werewolves would be a variant of the Shapeshifter in Genesis, they would be permanently in the enraged state and they wouldn't have the extra limbs like the shapeshifter and different colors with slight appearance changes maybe, also they could inflict the Gnashed effect to make up for the lack of a second form and they should be tamable even after the event they should be permanently kept forever.


New Items

1.The Dodo Destroyer would be a variant of the Mega Mek and it should roam the map however it can't damage players or player structures, it can however damage all the normal/variant Titans and the DodoTitan.

   2.D.D.U also known as Dodo Defense Units would be a new variation of the Mek with appearance changes.

   3.H.L.N.A Ghost skin.


DodoTitan would be the new Dodo creature alongside the DodoRex and DodoWyvern, appearance wise it should have a very long tail (think Shin Godzilla levels of long but maybe abit smaller) ending with a blade, it would be bipedal like the King titan except more upright with shorter limbs.

Its attacks consist of the following:

1.Stomp attack.

2.bite attack.

3.Tail Impale attack.

4.A Charred Burning Root attack (taken from the Charred Forest Titan Variant).

5.Shadow Mist attack (taken from the Shadow Titan Variant).

6.Tainted Blood Breath (taken from the Ghoul Titan Variant).

7.Passive Meteor storm attack that damages everything but the DodoTitan (taken from the King Titan).

8.Astroid Attack that summons a massive meteor that deals massive damage when it roars.



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