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  1. True It's definitely something that would shift the meta of the game though
  2. Yea but if he doesn't care about it anymore then I don't really see the problem with wildcard using it for themselves.
  3. Personally if I had to guess my list is going to be 1.Genesis Part 1 2.Extinction 3.Aberration 4.Scorched Earth Genesis Part 1 has enough stuff to overcome my bias for Extinction and Extinction is still number 2 because motherraptoring meks and kaiju, Aberration is 3 because it's very nice and very pretty but like I said the bias hits hard for me, and finally Scorched Earth since if were being honest it's kind of worthless right now and the only things still exclusive for it are the Map and the Phoenix. If Scorched Earth gets new things then possibly but as it stands it's worthless rn.
  4. Yea genesis seems to be the best so far imo. Everything looks fantastic from the creatures to the items and structures and the map itself looks gorgeous.
  5. I see quite alot of people including big youtubers not really being fans of the center like syntac for example Plus like I said while it's easily the most beautiful map out of the maps we currently have it definitely doesn't have much unique things going for it unlike valguero with its unique creatures and the broodmother mini boss Or ragnarok with the loads of new creatures, 3 new mini boss fights, unique dungeons, and new items. Just imagine if the center had some unique creatures or items to spice things up I've actually made a topic involving creatures that I think would be fantastic on the map that I'll link below Imagine how fantastic the map would be with those creatures.
  6. Will Genesis Part 1 help improve The Center? With all the water based things coming into genesis do you think it'll help improve the center? It seems the center is the most hated of the 3 mod maps and I can understand why considering: 1.You can't build a waterproof underwater mobile base on the plesiosaur or mosa platform saddles due to them not allowing vacuum compartments which they SHOULD be allowed to be built on since it wouldn't take much away from the third genesis bullet point since you can build with anything on that. 2.The map has no unique creatures or items to entice players to move more into the water unlike valguero and ragnarok with their own custom creatures and items. 3.The ocean on The Center is DEEP like 3x deeper than the ocean on The Island (and that's not much of a exaggeration) and considering you cant build a water proof underwater base most of the time people cant even get down there and explore which is a shame because I've went down to the bottom and it's very unique and nice but as of right now there not much to help people survive down there. 4.alot of the map is covered in water so its definitely a large part of the map and considering the map has nothing unique to it other than very pretty looks it definitely suffers. With genesis however were getting: 1.Fishing Nets to help catch fish. 2.There are 2 kinds of Ocean Platforms to build bases on which will help players expand more into the water to build sea bases. 3.There is the new giant turtle which makes a air bubble around it allowing players to make water proof underwater bases finally with any building materials. 4.There is probably more that will pop up involving the water like more items and creatures since not everything is revealed and I doubt were just getting 2 new water creatures (the giant turtle and the Moeder water boss) which would be anticlimactic considering how much they've been talking about the water if we just get 2 new creatures and only 1 is tamable. Hopefully after Genesis Part 1 releases it'll help improve The Center and make it a better map because its definitely the weakest link of the 3 (personally I think it's the most beautiful of the 3 maps but there's such a lack of content compared to Valguero and Ragnarok that it drags behind them).
  7. Teleporting to different maps? So I've been wondering how large genesis is because theres quite afew biomes that look MASSIVE and I got to thinking what if it's not all one big map but smaller maps conjoined into one if that makes sense This also goes hand in hand with another topic I made awhile back which I'll link below If this is true then it'll probably be like this Megapithecus=Snow biome boss Broodmother=Swamp biome boss Manticore (maybe or something new)=Desert biome boss Dragon=Lava biome boss Moeder=Water biome boss Lunar biome boss=??? (Hopefully a second new mini boss so we can have 3 new bosses in total)
  8. I can't wait to see the other water creatures because I doubt it's just the new boss, the new variants and the turtle, hopefully 3 more at least is what I would personally find perfect I'm also excited to see more of the map in general because it feels massive.
  9. What was your favorite Genesis Reveal Item and Creature My favorite item is probably the ocean platforms and my favorite creature is basically all of them because their all beautiful and fantastic
  10. What's your favorite Expansion Pack? Since genesis part 1 is coming out early next year I'm curious to see what everyone's favorite Expansion Pack was and why and if your excited about genesis Personally for me my favorite is Extinction because I grew up on Godzilla movies so there was no better way to end Ark than with a Kaiju Expansion Pack and the fact you can tame the titans and make Meks only made me want it more Unfortunately because of Atlas it's not all it could have been but we got Genesis out of it so it makes up for it As for Genesis part 1 I think it's probably going to be my second favorite Expansion Pack only behind Extinction (unless part 2 is somehow even more impressive looking) If I had to put them in order (disincluding genesis part 2) it would be: 1.Extinction (giant epic kaijus, massive map, zombie like creatures in the form of corrupted, meks, cool robots, decent creatures and probably mixed in with personal bias). 2.Genesis part 1 (water focused gameplay, beautiful and massive looking environments, some of the best creatures I've seen in any expansion pack, and etc). 3.Aberration (it's very cool but just not as cool as Genesis Part 1 and Extinction in my opinion). 4.Scorched Earth (ruined by ragnarok and is in major need of a remake giving it new items, creatures, mini bosses, and locations plus that ending everyone is wanting but until it gets that it's the worst Expansion Pack because wildcard don't care about it). I've made a Scorched Earth Remake suggestion page if anyone is interested in how they could do it btw and I'll link it below
  11. At least you can start the damn game On ps4 it completely freezes in the menu or when loading so its basically unplayable unless you find joy out of the menu screen
  12. If you mean freezing in the menu to where the game is unplayable then yea they've been fantastic Guess I'll have to wait till fear evolved 4 to actually try the raptoring event
  13. So theres a problem where I can't even get on the game when I play ps4 because it freezes
  14. So theres abit of a problem on ps4 where sometimes the game freezes on the menu And by sometimes I mean anytime I try starting the game Also completely off topic but you guys should work on the procedurally generated maps mode, it would create massive variety that would let everyone have the ability to make their own maps and would keep alot of people around which in turn would only be good for both your team and us as players in the long run. It would keep ALOT of people around if they could: 1.Choose which creatures they wanted or didn't want in the map. (Ex. everyone hates pegos so the option to remove them from our maps would be very nice) 2.Set up their own custom boss fights by choosing which arena and which boss to use (megapithecus broodmother and dragon with their arenas and the manticore but without the arena and maybe the mod arenas as well) and obviously instead of artifacts we could just use trophies used from killing certain creatures such as argentavis claws and etc. 3.And finally if there was a mini map in the generation options menu to show what were changing would help alot since most of the time its guess work. I think we should have access to DLC creatures used in mods such as wyverns and karkinos however I think if players have bought a expansion pack with exclusive creatures (titans or reapers for example) then it should be locked to single player so it doesn't interfere with the expansion packs sales.
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