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  1. These I think would be fantastic remodels for the Arthro, Araneo, Onyc, and Megalania
  2. Yea that would be nice, occasionally a cave includes a creature that's not normal like a sarco or megalosaurus but for the most part it's similar I also like the idea of a alpha cave creature (something like a alpha megalania or araneo I think would fit perfectly as mini bosses in a cave)
  3. Honestly the way I view it: Araneo = new model to make it look more like a actual spider, abilities and resize Megalania = new model and resize (not too large but a buff in size would be quite nice) Arthropleura = fix it's incredibly stupid looking face, like seriously it looks so good up until it's face Pulmonoscorpius = grab ability Titanoboa = Remodel, new abilities, slight size buff, rideable Onyc = remodel, new abilities, resize, rideable
  4. Nobody really cares about it though and that's the point especially if its tamable I can get them being weak at certain points but I think theres alot of ways it can be improved without making it too much like the Bloodstalker
  5. Which of these 6 Cave Creatures do you want to get a TLC in TLC phase 3 Which of these would you want to get a TLC? Personally I think they could all have new things added to them and my pick is personally the Araneo
  6. Yea I agree on the color of the body it could be abit darker. I think the web bola ability would be so incredibly useful though and is probably my favorite because it would make it one of if not the best creatures to use to tame other creatures and would probably even become as valuable as something like a anky in my opinion. Like why struggle trying to tame a raptor and wasting resources on bolas and tranqs when you can web it to the ground making your life far easier or by preventing a rex from attacking giving you a brief period of time to retreat to a safer distance
  7. What would you want to see added into a Araneo TLC? I wasn't originally planning on making one for the Araneo especially so far apart from the other discussions I made but recently I saw a very well designed fan art for the Araneo and I honestly thought it was perfect and what I honestly had in mind for a Araneo TLC from design to abilities so I decided why not just make a discussion about it and see what people thought could work for it. This image has the perfect design I had in my head and it has alot of stuff that I think could work for the Araneo, the resize looks fantast
  8. I hate when people call it a "failure" Yet we have extinction and scorched earth which are honestly worse, ESPECIALLY scorched earth considering there basically is no point to buying the damn thing other than a new map, at least genesis offers stuff to make it worth buying. The one thing I don't like at all however is the fact we can't buy them separately, like they knew it was experimental for gameplay experience yet they made it required to have to buy the season pass instead of letting us be able to buy them separately.
  9. What would you want to see added into a Megaloceros TLC? This is the last of the confirmed TLC 3 creatures and I figured might as well do the last one. I honestly think the TLC will mostly focus on the Female Megaloceros but they'll probably give the Male a new model of course if the female gets one.
  10. At least you can start the damn game On ps4 it completely freezes in the menu or when loading so its basically unplayable unless you find joy out of the menu screen
  11. If you mean freezing in the menu to where the game is unplayable then yea they've been fantastic Guess I'll have to wait till fear evolved 4 to actually try the raptoring event
  12. So theres a problem where I can't even get on the game when I play ps4 because it freezes
  13. So theres abit of a problem on ps4 where sometimes the game freezes on the menu And by sometimes I mean anytime I try starting the game Also completely off topic but you guys should work on the procedurally generated maps mode, it would create massive variety that would let everyone have the ability to make their own maps and would keep alot of people around which in turn would only be good for both your team and us as players in the long run. It would keep ALOT of people around if they could: 1.Choose which creatures they wanted or didn't want in the
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