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  1. I actually recently came up with the idea of a Cthulhu mythos inspired expansion pack that I think would be really cool
  2. I mean they could just theme them to be similar like how the Reapers are basically Aliens or the Titans based around stuff like Godzilla
  3. Cthulhu mythos inspired Expansion Pack So we recently got Crystal isles (ish) and it has a area called eldtrich isles so it got me to thinking what if we got a Lovecraft inspired expansion pack The expansion packs for the most part are already themed anyways, scorched earth is fantasy based, aberration is alien based, extinction is kaiju based and Genesis Part 1 is somewhat superhero based So why not a cthulhu based expansion pack, that would be amazing at least imo and we could get all sorts of creatures based around the cthulhu mythos including creatures based on the great dreamer himself and maybe other creatures like Nyarlathotep and Dagon could fit very well into Ark as Sub bosses, tell me what you think of it Creatures that could take inspiration from could be 1. Cthulhu (boss) 2. Nyarlathotep (boss) 3. Dagon (boss) 4. Zoth Ommog (new creatures, the giga/titanosaur equivalent of the expansion pack) 5. Yugg/Ubb (new creatures/alpha creatures) 6. Deep Ones (minions for dagon/new creatures) 7. Yith (new Creatures) 8. The Elder Things (new Creatures) And stuff like seekers are obvious picks that could also be great. Maybe that's what Genesis Part 2 will be, Rockwell would feel in place but I'd also personally love if we got a separate expansion pack just for it so we can get a cthulhu inspired boss battle
  4. Crystal Isles Wyvern remodels? I know it's just come out but it makes me curious to see if we get a updated model of the Tropical Crystal Wyvern and Blood Crystal wyverns, we have a pretty huge focus on them for the map and even have a new custom wyvern boss We've gotten a remodel for the Ice Wyvern on Ragnarok so it makes me curious especially since they've updated the wyverns ability wise, I think it would be fitting to give the Tropical Crystal Wyvern a deep sea aquatic remodel update and maybe allow it to swim Blood wyvern could maybe look more bat like alongside its health drain ability but that's just what I think
  5. When do you think they'll release info on TLC phase 3? The wait is honestly killing me and they haven't released ANYTHING on it as far as I'm aware When do you think they'll start talking about it finally?
  6. I never said the map I said the creatures. I never talked about the desert area of ragnarok because this isn't a review about ragnarok however I'm going to bring up the fact that it stole alot of things from scorched and as such scorched is worse off in it's current state For example Godzilla's revenge is a god awful movie because it has a load of stock footage but I'm not going to go off making a mini review about son of Godzilla just because it's used in stock footage Its unavoidable to not talk about something like that because in general it will bring down the score, I will be honest I was tethering between a 1/5 and a 2/5 but it definitely is not higher than that
  7. Once again It has nice stuff however what's the point when you can literally get everything for free It's a 1/5 because at best it would average to a $5 "expansion" since all it adds is a new map so no matter how nice it is it's at the end of the day useless. Scorched earth could be alot more if the devs actually did something about it like everyone wants them to but the devs raptored it up and the only thing it has going for it is the map and Phoenix which definitely aren't worth the current price tag
  8. It does have nice stuff but I'm not going to mislead people into buying it when you can literally get EVERYTHING for free in the base game Also I never brought up ragnaroks desert so don't try throwing that in there, this was about what SCORCHED EARTH has to offer and it has very little, I referenced ragnarok because of all the things it took from scorched however never once did I talk about ragnaroks desert So yea no matter how nice everything turned out to be it's a 1/5
  9. This is my take on ways they can improve scorched earth and make it feel brand new and alive again and actually complete.
  10. Scorched Earth Review Scorched earth was a great expansion pack for it's time however new people are introduced to ark all the time and times have changed so is it still worth your money? 1. Items - the items introduced into scorched earth are numerous for example the Adobe building tools are a very nice addition however everything within this topic can be used within Ragnarok making the expansion pack falter in this category. 2. Creatures - This expansion pack does have quite nice creatures ranging from the jerboa to the 3 Wyverns and they are nice additions into the game however that being said this topic does not hold up due to ragnarok. Ragnarok when on release took many of the creatures including the manticore and the only exception is the Phoenix, the Phoenix is a very nice creature as it looks decent and has pretty useful mechanics and abilities however it's extremely rare and it's not enough to hold up this category similarly to the equipment and even it could use some touching up on. 3. Music - this is actually one of the high points for the expansion pack as the music is very nice and fitting, the music helps better immerse the feel of the expansion and doesn't take away too much. 4. Map - the map is the only thing that's truly been left alone and in this aspect is probably its highest point as the map does have very nice looking caves and locations for example the world scar and the manticore city are probably the maps most notable areas however at the end of the day you are just in one big desert and it can start to feel the same as time goes on as there isn't too much variety in the biomes. 5. Story - the story while often sidelined specifically with scorched does have significance as it shows what happens when people aren't doing what the ark is intended for and just goes genocidal by creating the wyverns and mantis to push the humans to the brink. However this is another thing that hurts scorched earth as it lacks a proper ending and not showing our transition between scorched earth to aberration which is a massive slide against the expansion pack. 6. Ways to Improve - they need to do a complete overhaul of scorched instead of focusing on mod maps they should focus on fixing scorched earth in a remake of sorts, I've discussed this before and will leave a link to the discussion in the comments below on my own take for what they could do. Overall Score - this expansion pack was a fantastic product for it's time however as it stands now it had aged horribly due to the lack of care for the map from the devs. There is barely anything unique that it has to offer other than some nice music, a unique map and 1 creature and it does not help that wildcard flat out REFUSE to go back and support the expansion pack by adding new creatures, items, and areas. It also shows the lack of care from the devs as they knew ragnarok had all the expansion creatures and items in it yet they still let ragnarok kill scorched earth, this topped off with the fact they refuse to fix a product that is clearly incomplete to everyone but them as shown with ragnarok and as shown with the lack of a true ending. Final Rating - 1/5 avoid at all cost it is definitely not worth your money as it has very little to offer and I'd suggest staying away from this at all costs and I'd literally recommend any of the other expansion packs over this INCOMPLETE train wreck. I promise the other reviews will be more positive than this and it can only go up from here as this is easily the worst expansion pack they've ever released if you can even call it a expansion pack anymore.
  11. Expansion Reviews I've had this idea In the back of my head for a really long time and i want to try it out here. Honestly I don't see reviews for the expansion packs often and I wanted to make afew reviews because there's such a lack of them. I'll be trying out scorched earth first as abit of a test run and discussing all the things that it adds such as the creatures and items and their quality/usefulness and etc and I'll eventually come up with a rating from 1 to 5 combining all the aspects I've reviewed and ways I think they could have been improved and discuss whether it's worth your money or not.
  12. This post had been getting alot of attention so I feel like this other post will probably be something people like There's 2 other posts attached to it in the comments
  13. I don't think a resize but what would be better is if instead of dismounting on it's back it automatically teleports you to the ground when dismounting Unless that creature has a platform saddle equipped in which case we could just build a way down
  14. The arthropleura looks the most stupid to me Like it looks so incredibly good until you see its face
  15. I personally like the giant size Makes me think of the giga from dino crisis 2 plus it's not too bad compared to the mountain sized titanosaur but nobody really brings that up
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