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  1. To be honest I'm massively disappointed Not only are we only getting 2 but one of them didn't even really need it as badly as some of the other creatures Why couldn't we have gotten the Megalodon for example? Or Araneo? I feel extremely disappointed about this TLC to say the least.
  2. I think it would be cooler as a chibi It looks awesome
  3. They haven't said yet, hopefully we know soon but what we do know is that carno likely isn't getting one since it got a big update with stuff like bleed recently
  4. I completely forgot about boas but very true, Honestly nobody goes into caves to tame so their generally forgotten about but a Cave TLC could fix alot of them up, I really hate the arthropleuras face personally, it just looks derpy with the bizzare stalk eyes and extremely stubby fangs
  5. Honestly they could do a whole TLC just for cave creatures and it would work since so many need updates. Araneo is the number 1 for certain and that's the second creature I hope is actually getting a TLC The others would be Onyc which definitely needs a new model abilities and resize, Megalania which needs the same as the Onyc, Arthropleura needs a new redesign badly and Pulmonoscorpius could get a grab attack
  6. I think the regular megalodon should be buffed to Alpha Megalodon size, that would make them feel more impressive while also letting them still be numerous And if its buffed to that then stuff like the Alpha would be buffed to the Brute megalodons current size and the Brutes would be on par with the larger sea creatures, maybe bigger for all of them but I think that's a good size buff that works all around still.
  7. Really? If it was then maybe they delayed it to add more creatures after seeing people talk about it I don't think they would delay it for 2 creatures but I could be wrong
  8. It's not the end of the world Do I think its going to be the weakest of the 3 TLC patches? Undeniably Yes, there's only so far you can go with updating 2 creatures and it really doesn't add up to what the other TLCs have done when you compare it to TLC 2 with stuff like the Argentavis and Spinosaurus for example and TLC 1 with the Procoptodon and the Direbear. although that being said I think it could be good if they add in the megalodon, the megalodon has always been a popular candidate for TLC and I honestly can't think of anyone who would be opposed to it, its model
  9. Yea, I actually made a topic awhile back about a scorched earth remake and my personal take on what I think could make scorched earth great again And I imagine it probably would
  10. Although I feel like the carno should have gotten a TLC still, it would buff up the count to 3 and it's already getting new skills so why not just go full out and make a updated model for it, I feel like the skill side of things for the carno are already done basically with the upcoming creature patches they have planned
  11. Honestly I think scorched earth needs a remake, ragnarok really messed it up so it would be cool to see stuff like new creatures, a actual ending and afew new places plus maybe afew changes to old places and creatures
  12. Honestly doing TLC's after Genesis would be a great way to extend the game life, theres still so many creatures that need a TLC, honestly a majority of the ocean and cave creatures could use one
  13. True, honestly this one is definitely the weak link of the 3 TLC's we've gotten though that's for certain since I don't think any amount of changes to the 2 creatures could surpass the variety of the other 2 TLC passes we got, especially when we got things like spinosaurus from TLC 2 for example it would be hard just to top that but theres also more than just 2 creatures from that pass, same with TLC 1
  14. I think I'd even accept 3, sure it's just 1 higher but so long as they are all fantastic and well designed then I think it excuses it but that is a big if Like I said I think 4 could have been a good number but oh well, it seems like they scrapped the carno TLC though since we got the patch coming out
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