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  1. Personally I don't think TLC's for Aberration, Extinction, or both Genesis should ever happen. Improvements sure but I think saying they need a full on TLC is abit much. Although Scorched Earth desperately needs one and like I said they created a loophole for the TLC list since scorched was released before the base game and I've actually made a whole page dedicated to a Scorched Earth remake that I'll link below.
  2. I think maybe abit more streamlined and it would be perfect at least for me. Currently it feels like a very obese great white and I think the depiction in the dossier is pretty fantastic. Also a nice touch would be if it rolled its eyes into the back of its head while it attacked similarly to modern day sharks
  3. Technically the scorched earth creatures released BEFORE the base game was actually finished so they could maybe be considered
  4. What do you think the new crystal isles creature is? While they did say dinosaur they could have also meant just a prehistoric creature in general, personally I would love to see helicoprion added into the game or maybe deinosuchus. If it is a dinosaur though then maybe amargasaurus I guess.
  5. Crystal Isles Wyvern Remodels I feel like the crystal isles wyverns could be redesigned similarly to the Ice Wyvern on Ragnarok and I think these could be nice design ideas for them. Tropical Wyverns should look more aquatic almost like they came from the ocean I think with the blue crystals sticking out of their body and a fluke like tail similarly to mosas. Ember wyvern could look volcanic similarly to the new Rock Golems in genesis with lava flowing throughout cracks in their body and wings and have a more volcanic rock kind of appearance with the red crystals in its head taking the shape of a crown maybe. Finally Blood Wyverns should look ghoulish my opinion looking like their almost undead and grotesque with the blood red crystals sticking out of their body or maybe even like the Darkness Wyverns from Pixark where their bat like in appearance.
  6. Agree on all those suggestions. I hate the quetzals broom hair, it just really irritates me. As for the megalodon I feel pretty confident in saying it'll probably be getting a TLC since it's basically at the top of a majority of people's lists for creatures who should get a TLC. The carno was listed awhile back so I definitely think it has a good chance of getting a TLC
  7. What would you want to see added into a Megalodon TLC? Honestly while it was never confirmed like the Carno, Megaloceros, and Plesiosaur I honestly feel like it's extremely likely and I have a extremely strong feeling we'll be seeing it getting a TLC and I would be shocked if it isn't one of the creatures getting a TLC. After all it's at the top of most peoples Lists, it doesn't really have any unique abilities, its model is outdated, and it's too small and definitely needs to be resized. So I decided why not just make a topic on it like I did them. Personally for me I think a resize and remodel is a requirement so it can be a actual megalodon, I mean in explorer notes they state it can hunt Plesiosaurs but in game it's so much weaker and smaller so I want it to actually feel like the explorer notes and actually be large and fierce looking, I think the normal Megalodons should at the very least be the size of the current Alpha Megalodons. For abilities I think a bleed bite attack, a grab attack, and a ramming attack where it builds up speed and hits harder the longer it's charging and stuns prey for a short time similarly to the Direbear and Trike since megalodons in real life rammed creatures from underneath to disorient and kill prey, also a blood scent vision Similarly to the Direwolf where it can sense weakened creatures. Also it should have partial immunity to the jellyfish stings as should every water creature that gets a TLC. Tell me what you would like to be added to the Megalodon if it gets a TLC
  8. I suppose and yea Personally I think carno needs new abilities and passive abilities and a brand new model. Plesiosaur definitely needs a new model with in specific its face and it could use some brand new skills. And the female Megaloceros is probably going to get new abilities and I imagine the male will get a new model if the female does also.
  9. What do you think has been the best and the worst TLC? Also I don't think any of the TLC'S are truly bad because overall they are improvements but I do think some are weaker than others and felt like it could have gone to more deserving creatures like the megalodon. Personally for me I think the worse is the Rex, I mean it literally just got a new model and a poop roar and it could have gone to a more deserving creature. The best is the spinosaurus since it got a brand new model, actually useful abilities, the water buff, and the stance change ability is fantastic.
  10. And yet all those creatures were in fact added. Don't act like they aren't going to get added because we all know they are.
  11. You say that but every creature from within the TLC list has been added so don't act like they aren't going to be.
  12. Completely agree on all of those I always did think the mosas face looked outdated
  13. I could go find the official post but I'm eating and I don't want my food getting cold so your going to have to settle with that for now
  14. TLC 3 announcement and what you want for it So they confirmed there's going to be a new TLC and I want to see what everyone would want, also don't add stuff like carno, plesiosaur and megaloceros since their already confirmed I feel like it would be beating a dead horse. Personally for me I'm hoping they include the Megalodon because it badly needs a new model, a Resize, and new abilities like maybe a bleed to its attack and a blood scent attack where it can sense creatures who are bleeding. Plus if any creatures are considered for TLCs I bet the megalodons near the top of the list.
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