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  1. At least you can start the damn game On ps4 it completely freezes in the menu or when loading so its basically unplayable unless you find joy out of the menu screen
  2. If you mean freezing in the menu to where the game is unplayable then yea they've been fantastic Guess I'll have to wait till fear evolved 4 to actually try the raptoring event
  3. So theres a problem where I can't even get on the game when I play ps4 because it freezes
  4. So theres abit of a problem on ps4 where sometimes the game freezes on the menu And by sometimes I mean anytime I try starting the game Also completely off topic but you guys should work on the procedurally generated maps mode, it would create massive variety that would let everyone have the ability to make their own maps and would keep alot of people around which in turn would only be good for both your team and us as players in the long run. It would keep ALOT of people around if they could: 1.Choose which creatures they wanted or didn't want in the map. (Ex. everyone hates pegos so the option to remove them from our maps would be very nice) 2.Set up their own custom boss fights by choosing which arena and which boss to use (megapithecus broodmother and dragon with their arenas and the manticore but without the arena and maybe the mod arenas as well) and obviously instead of artifacts we could just use trophies used from killing certain creatures such as argentavis claws and etc. 3.And finally if there was a mini map in the generation options menu to show what were changing would help alot since most of the time its guess work. I think we should have access to DLC creatures used in mods such as wyverns and karkinos however I think if players have bought a expansion pack with exclusive creatures (titans or reapers for example) then it should be locked to single player so it doesn't interfere with the expansion packs sales.
  5. And obviously they probably would have struggled to even get a ps4/xbox 1
  6. Honestly all I want is the DodoTitan The day it gets added to ark is the day everyone dies.
  7. I'm personally excited for genesis It's what atlas was supposed to be at least part 1 anyways.
  8. They aren't official so no they won't work
  9. 1.Your acting entitled and immature and the proof is with how your trash talking console players Guess what, I bet PC players would "whine" too if it got delayed for them so don't act like their the problem. As a matter of fact they are as proof by you. Anyone would be upset so don't act like the entire situation revolves around you. 2.Some people are poor and don't have the money and struggle on a daily basis just to get by. So saying "they should stop whining and buy a PC" is pretty damn rude considering you don't know their life and they don't know yours. 3.Even if they did release it early guess what? People would still complain because of bugs so either way there would have been upset people. 4.Guess what they postpone every expansion pack so I don't exactly know why your surprised. And I can understand your son would be reasonably upset but no need to take out your frustration on people who did nothing, whining about it won't fix it.
  10. Honestly I'm not surprised genesis is delayed because every expansion pack always is. Although even if they did decide to release it early people would complain about bugs so either way I guess theres no winning.
  11. Used the gcm stat gun to check the stats for the titans so I could help adjust the ark wiki. Other than that nothing really but I'll probably go on later to craft more shotgun ammo and farm some artifacts on the island for the bosses.
  12. TLC Lists I'm making this to see what everyone thinks are the most needed TLC's for creatures and hopefully this gets big enough for the devs to see what everyone really wants. I'd go for a list of 5 Personally the ones I want are below in order and my reasons why for the top 3 are in old posts I made 1.Megapithecus 2.megalodon 3.araneo 4.megalania (despite how badass this creature was in real life it kind of feels wimpy in game as of right now, I think it should get a alpha variant so we can have a alpha that lives in the caves other than the yeti and the megalania feels tiny, it should be abit larger in my opinion and have maybe a tail attack) 5.arthropleura (it's face just looks absolutely ridiculous and the fact it has tiny stubs for fangs and its eyes are sticking out just make it look ridiculous and honestly makes me laugh when I see it's face)
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