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The Weigh In article got me thinking - maybe better for this forum


The Weigh In article got me thinking - maybe better for this forum

The Weigh In article got me thinking; posted in General but maybe better here.

This is for standard PVE server types, as I haven't played regularly on a PVP server type in years and can not comment on how those run and whether or not changes like these would hurt or help those server types.

Here's a couple of quality of life thoughts for you guys:

1. I think that the 2X Harvesting Rates, Taming Rates and XP Rates that happen during the Evolution Event Weekends should be base level now and have the Evolution Event rates on the Weekends 2X those rates; except on any new map servers types for the beginning few months (Like is done now). The reason why I say this is because since ARK has now been out for more then 4 years and I believe that majority of the player base (PVE) that is still playing the game regularly has majority of their bases completed, majority of their characters to max levels or close to it, and are more into breeding/trading for better dinos then taming new ones, thus IMO making those multipliers more beneficial for newer players to try the game out and maybe stay and help to boost low active population servers. Plus, these increased rates will also be a benefit to the current active veteran players as they would be able to spend less time grinding their materials and this, in my opinion, could potentially assist with burn out.

2. I would also like to see the timer that your character gets after you use a Cryopod to summon a dino that was previously stored within it reduced, if not completely removed. Since a lot of player these days store their dinos in cryopods to help with server caps, I personally find it annoying when I want to pull out a few dinos for some reason or another and have to sit and wait on the timer each and every time or wait till they all wake from cryosleep; plus in some situations you cant let the dinos sit in cryosleep safely. 

Example. you find a vein on Extinction and you want to pull out your 3 Rexs to do this vein, you definitely do not want them laying on the ground sleeping during the fight. I think this would be a nice quality of life change and would help with server Caps more if you could just pull out your dinos when needed and not worry about having to wait for a timer each time.

3. Give back the ability for the Tek Transmitter to teleport your Boss fighting dinos to the Boss fights or give the Tek Teleporter the ability to access the Boss fights. Saves me having to lug my dinos all over to the Obys every time I want to do a Boss fight.  This could clear up the areas surrounding the Obys that are scattered with dino holding pens and pillar place holders. Also, saves the server players from bringing their dinos over to an Oby just to find that someone has left half a dozen dinos sitting on the Oby Teleporter for days.

4. Increase egg laying rates for Dinos. That way egg farms would not require as many dinos; could help with the server caps and player burn out looking after so many dinos.

5. Decrease the length of time it takes to breed dinos or create items that players can farm mats for and create(recipe) or dropped by the smaller Bosses (see smaller boss fights) that decrease the breeding time/ imprint timers. We are 4 years into ARK and 15 days for a Giga is getting a bit old IMO.

6. More Boss fights with dino and weapon restrictions: No regular Boss fighting dinos such as Rex, Spinos, Carnos, Velos, etc.

Medium Boss fights. These would be Boss fights that can only be done by medium dinos. These Bosses would only be for 1-4 players and you could only take in say max 10 dinos and those dinos could only be only small - medium sized dinos such as raptors, thylos, trikes, etc

1-2 player Boss fight: These would be max 2 players and max say 5 dinos and could only be done by the smaller dinos such as Dilos, Dodos, Parasaurs, Shinehorns etc. With players not being allowed any modern weapons, that way players just don't go in with their Asc. shot guns or rocket launchers and blow up the Solo Boss.

This gives players more stuff to do and new dinos lines to breed that were previously not seriously bred. Bring on the 25k HP and 1500 melee damage Boss Dodos.

7. New Recipes that allow for crafting of catch up mechs for breeding. Treats or items that drop from Smaller Bosses that give you the ability to use on a baby that gives maybe 1 or 2 maximum instant imprints to that baby. That way if someone misses 1 - 2 imprints because of Real Life then that can be still made up. Also, could make some sort of Kibble like food that could be given to babies to force a mutation, such as adding extra arm, leg, head, tails, wings, colours, size, shape (ex makes the head to big for the body), cuts down the breeding time, etc.

Those are just a couple of my thoughts that I think would benefit the game play at  this time in the games life, maybe I am wrong... Let hear what you guys think.

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Personally, as a PVE player, there are some things in your suggestion that I think would work well - so I did a quick summary below;

  • 1. Increasing official multipliers to evolution event multipliers - and adding new event multipliers. 
    • I can't say much for this point as I only played official for a few weeks before dropping it. Something about liking to have a life outside the game.... essentially everything took to long. So I have since been playing on unofficial servers and now run my own that fits my needs. I do think I read somewhere though that there are some boosted official servers - but I can't remember where. 
  • 2. Time reduction between cryopod releases
    • This I can get behind for every reason you mentioned. I can see where the time could be needed in PVP - So you essentially can't release any army to attack on a whim. However for how it is used in PVE - it really seems unnecessary. So if not removed from official gameplay, there should at least be an option to remove or cut the time for unofficial servers, dedicated, singleplayer, and such. 
  • 3. Allow Transmitters to be used for boss fights. 
    • There is an entire suggestion line dedicated to this topic, and just like there, I do agree with it. I have see the dinos that have been left sitting on the obelisks - blocking others from using them.  There were issues in PVP when this was possible and unless changes were made it may not be safe to add it there again, however it would be a nice balance to PVE
  • 4. Increase egg laying rates for Dinos. 
    • Honestly I have no idea what this looks like on official. We have it raised on the unofficial cluster so... yeah. 
  • 5. Decrease Breeding time or include Recipes for items to do so. 
    • I would prefer the recipes format. Simply because it would be something that I think all forms of game play would take advantage of. The recipe may need to be complicated - time consuming - or consist of items that are difficult to collect, but it would be worth it to some to put into the work. 
  • 6. More Boss fights with dino and weapon restrictions: No regular Boss fighting dinos such as Rex, Spinos, Carnos, Velos, etc.
    • I think there are a few ways this one could be worked. As it is everyone seems to fight bosses in a similar method. With those that you list above. If there was a way to get an achievement or a skin for changing it up.
      • Example: Run a boss fight with a full party of a different creature: Say you take a group of direbears in - and defeat the boss (regardless of level) - you get the engram to create a bear rug, a skin for a bear suit or had, and/or a bear head you can hang on a wall. 
    • Adding new achievements and engram/skin rewards that are usable in game could generate some new goal minded interests. And if there was a way to incorporate some dinos specific fights- that could be a nice change.
      • Example: Flyers - Have flyers go up against an incredibly healthy manticore.
      • Example: Swimmers - Bring in an underwater boss - that if not summoned via an underwater obelisk - could be summoned to the map with a transmitter.
    • I also liked the suggestions you had as well. Dino's have a "Weight" class by size/egg and that could be utilized to dictate which creatures could be brought into which fight. 
  • 7. (broke it down a bit)
    • Imprinting 
      • It seems like it would be a work around to have something you could use to imprint something that you missed during the actual process of. The only way I could think it would work is as an unofficial setting or as something that is a nightmare to craft. Such as requiring tribute items and specifically added new resources that have short shelf lives. And once crafted - it could not be given to something that is already 100%, one piece could not be given to a creature more than once a day (24 hours-not gameday), or it is tied to an event so it is only available when the event is active. For official that would probably be once a year at best. This is one of the few items I can see some crying "game breaking" - if not done carefully - regardless of gameplay. 
    • Forced Mutations
      •  I would like to see a way to color your dinos. Such as with the Candies given during events. Having something we could craft to make a color permanent - or at the very least - something we could craft to specifically change the color for a set period of time - would be nice. It could be like the candy - but without the speed boost. Just a coloring kibble. You could craft it and then feed a dino multiples at a time to stack the time it would last. Cryopoding the dino would make the color fade, and if used to breed, it would do so with the creatures original color - not what they were colored. 
      • As for why I am not a fan of forcing mutations - it would take a chunk of work from the breeding process to work and as a breeder - it would make all the work I have done thus far, seem sort of sad. I am good with the way mutations work. 

Overall, there were many good points that I enjoyed - which you can probably see with the length of the response. It would be nice to see at least a few of them be added. Excellent ideas. ?

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