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  1. the ones i have tested on all have 57.1 percent taming. I am not sure if this is the new normal?
  2. Still happening, and i just tested this again, you can tame them by hanging below them on the branch. They do not pull you in all the way from the ground, anymore. Plus when you do finally get one to attach to you, whether it be in the tree or on the ground they are now taming out at 57.1 percent.
  3. Oh and I gave up a couple hours go, so if this has been fixed then disregard.
  4. Bloodstalkers acting weird On Offical, after the reset and patch, I was able to find one and now when the Bloodstalker tries to web you up into the trees, the Bloodstalker only gets you a part of the way up and then drops you and does this over and over again. Even if you are not struggling, however, if you shoot the Stalker and it drops to the ground, it will then attack you and you can tame it then. Must need more cardio. The amount of blood packs seems high, but I noticed on a previous patch WC "fixed" the taming multipliers and I have not tamed one in awhile, thus I do not know if th
  5. No Raptor Claus next year and no more drop based events like this, please. In theory good event idea but, unfortunately everyone isn't playing fairly. Hard to compete with these greedy people who are using instant drop clearing methods, who come and instantly steal the drop. Not even fun at all. At this point, I don't even bother with going after these drops as it is one giant waste of time and on-top of this the 30 minute plus fight (after Raptor Claus is gone) everyone has in general chat channel on servers has gotten very, very old, as this seems to be happening on a lot (if not all) offici
  6. I would like to see seasonal smaller Boss fights that drop seasonal recipes and gear. See my posting in General discussion about what Smaller Boss Fights would be. Dinos that are only available in that Seasonal Event, such as Big ride-able Turkeys during Thanksgiving. Xmas - flying Reindeer, Halloween Skeleton Dinos, Easter - Rideable Dodo Bunnies, New Years - Rideable wine bottles? etc. During events also make it that the babies that you breed from your regular dinos have a small chance to be born with Seasonal colours. Recipes that can be crafted during events that can do things such as cau
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