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Couple questions

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Hi all , I never really played Prim+ so I decided it's time to give it a proper play. Having done everything on all maps in Vanilla I want a bit of a change.
I want to play on Island but have just a couple of questions :

1. As I understand it , Prim+ has no Tek tier correct ?
2. Prim+ also has no electricity Tier ? ( Generators , fridges , aircons etc. )
3. I only play single player and have plenty dinos in my SP worlds in Vanilla. Can I upload dinos in Vanilla and then download them in Prim+ mode ?
I was thinking of taking a few utility dinos over.
4. I read on some twitter comments that supply drops are broken in Prim+ , is that on all maps or only specific maps ?



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So I started Prim+ on Friday evening and been playing it the whole weekend. Absolutely love it ! Way more interesting than Vanilla. Will spend a lot of time in it that's for sure.
This mode deserves way more love and support from WC's side than it's been getting.

BTW , I were able to transfer a few utility dinos over from Vanilla.

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