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  1. For pc Glass can be made in refining forge but not in industrial forge. Tranq spear bolt cannot be crafted due to needing tranq dart which p+ doesn't have. Giga cannot harvest stego and mammoth. Unable to access others unlocked or pin coded crop plots and industrial cookers. P+ advanced crops and meat(poultry and ribs), babies will not eat. Others have said cannot tame with them either, but can't confirm. Recurve bow not as powerful as longbow, supposed to be more powerful. Some bp's cannot craft in grindstone due to not enough slots. Tek dinos no longer spawn after homestead update, not sure if this is intended. Edit: Forgot tek quetz platform with structures on it causes glitch, shuddering when looking-flying down. Can't ride moschops.
  2. This is my thought too. You can disable all the engrams you don't want in a server, and can still have close to the p+ game play style. We would lose some stuff but there is alot of it that is useless like the advanced crop taming and baking, which most don't use any way. It could work in favor for both games as having more middle tier options for the forge, chemistry bench, advanced smithys, and adding new building structures to the main game. Some of it would need reworking though. My opinion is based off official servers, i would just like to have a primitive style gameplay without tek stuff.
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