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  1. Pc (steam version) can confirm it does work.
  2. Depends on what platform you're playing on. Pc steam version has bugs but nothing that will stop you from playing or enjoying it.
  3. We have the same issue on primitive plus, babies stop eating all of a sudden especially when hand feeding. If you leave render and come back they will start eating again. Some one our server have it worse than others, some never had it happen at all. It's been going on for long time now.
  4. You download the DLC map, or the mod map? Both are different.
  5. But the other guy could have been in on it too.
  6. He means actually getting 10% added to it. 250% melee plus 10% is 260%.
  7. Not on pc, each account has to own a copy of the game to play on official servers. Unofficial they can do it with one copy of the game.
  8. It is longer but easier to keep track of. If you start with both male and females all with identical stats, say level 260. Every mutation will go up 2 levels, so if you keep only one stat mutation at a time you know where the mutation went. Say you get melee mutation, now at level 262. Next melee mutation you need to keep would be at level 264, knowing the mutation is in melee because it's the only stat that will change that you can see. Every new melee mutation will go up 2 more levels each time you get one. If you keep all mutations you can get one in a lower stat, which would be a waste because you already have a higher mutation stat. Then comes the issue of where the mutation went every time you get one. The more mutations you have the harder it would be to keep track of. Ark smart breeder is a program i use on pc to keep track of stats.
  9. You only breed mutations for one stat at a time. If breeding for hp, only keep hp. If breeding for melee, only keep melee. Then combine the stats at the very end when you are satisfied with the results you have.
  10. Take screenshot with tribe name and report it as griefing.
  11. For pc Glass can be made in refining forge but not in industrial forge. Tranq spear bolt cannot be crafted due to needing tranq dart which p+ doesn't have. Giga cannot harvest stego and mammoth. Unable to access others unlocked or pin coded crop plots and industrial cookers. P+ advanced crops and meat(poultry and ribs), babies will not eat. Others have said cannot tame with them either, but can't confirm. Recurve bow not as powerful as longbow, supposed to be more powerful. Some bp's cannot craft in grindstone due to not enough slots. Tek dinos no longer spawn after homestead update, not sure if this is intended. Edit: Forgot tek quetz platform with structures on it causes glitch, shuddering when looking-flying down. Can't ride moschops.
  12. Carhauler

    Couple questions

    I use dimetrodon for egg hatching, melee is the only stat that really matters. Put all levels into it. Not sure about xbox and beacons, maybe someone else will chime in.
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