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Crafting Skill Limit?

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5 hours ago, Wolfiiee said:

How much crafting skill can you upgrade before you stop improving the damage rating?

I levelled my crafting up to 6500 then later to 7000, noticed when I crafted the same ascendant blueprint, it's damage wouldn't change but only noticed their durability improve

What craft bonus % are you getting from the blueprint? Bare in mind that it’s all RNG so improving your crafting skill will only increase the cap of your max craft bonus which I think is 60%, regardless of your crafting skill.

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There is a cap for armor and damage number (not sure about the other stats). I don't remember what it is but playing on an unofficial server before we often hit it. Its something ridiculous though thats unobtainable on official lol

I was looking for the 60% number that sounds about right. I have a level 100 crafter on official and have gotten about 48% skill a few times.
I am curious if there is a point in which points in the skill don't make a difference, or increase your odds of getting a higher %?

Still often get that .3% crafting skill saddles with like 1080% in the skill :(

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