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Sweet Veggie Cake

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Sorry for my mistakes in English its not my native tounge.

So finally today, I've managed to make my first batch of cakes on Extinction...

Then I hear on Discord guys sharing loot from a drop...

"Oh theres Veggie cakes! I want that to tame us some Ovis"


Good Job WC on making me feel dumb ,by nerfing my efforts for mere pickup from drops..  

Think about what I'm doing to get cakes:

In comparison to some kid who gets a gift a powerful dino, does an orbital drop boom got cakes…

This is the list of components for a piece of cake:

2 × Giant Bee Honey.png Giant Bee Honey

4 x Sap.png Sap

2 x Rockarrot

2 × Longrass

2 × saveroot

4 x Stimulant

25 x Fiber

1 × Water

To get honey you need bees. To get bees you need a complete Gilly suit that needs polymers and learn the engram, need insect repellent material again to learn the engram and then prepare hard Very much among the components there is PELT, which is a type of wool that are only given by mobs who live in cold areas that are very difficult and dangerous to get there. After all this, rare flowers are required to tame the Queen and then tens of stacks of flowers to feed the hives. No matter the unofficial server they deleted all this. Get only flowers and then they have a beehive that not only lets you collect honey unharmed (if you collect without full ghili Bees and attack you until you almost die) cause domesticated and hive also waters crops ?? Okay In order to receive normal quantities, you need to build a greenhouse.

First you need seeds of the four crops that are very hard to get if you’re a new player. You need to train the dinos who collect berries and they get the seeds.

Then you need to build plots and supplying them with water by building pipes (here too the Unofficial made a shortcut from the server by installing a bucket and sink from a few simple components)

To get fertilizer, you need or collect poop and put it in fermentation containers with straw. Or to tame garbage beetles that are only in hard-to-reach caves or in new maps in easier places to get.

After you also need a greenhouse effect. In order for the crops to grow at a reasonable rate. For this you need to collect crystals, and CP that was made very difficult to obtain.

After you need fiber, it's not easy for a beginner. Either you build a sickle or you need to tame a dino that collects it.

And finally the sap is a headache to get in the new map is a nightmare.

Usually the resin is collected from trees with metal tubes that are Attached to ever growing Trees, until ... In the new map they have erased these options. The only way I found was to use CHAINSAW on JOSHUA trees in the desert dome. .

And then you need an industrial cooker that is again hard to get or use a starter cooker which it’s a nightmare alone to cook it because there is no water supply and you need to constantly replace containers with water

So take all these crazy efforts and erase them. Nerf them.. stomp on them…

How am I supposed to feel now?

That some idiot gets a loan from a strong dino going to do a Orbital drop and gets what i worked like a donkey to get ..

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Solo is much more difficult. I know the feeling my friend. Most all of official is set up to focus on pvp and larger tribes. I know, I’ve played since day 1 on console as solo. After official release I started over and now have most everything in the game. It’s tons and tons of grind grind grind to get just a taste of what larger tribes have in a flash. I do it though and I have nobody to answer to and don’t have to deal with any bodies nonsense drama. Lol. Congrats on your achievement though and be encouraged. It gets easier as you go. On my island server I have made it to the point where if there is anything I decide to go tame or raise or build, I have everything there at my finger tips. There is light at the top of the mountain my friend. It is self gratifying because you can say you did it on your own, where people in larger tribes don’t truly have much to brag about till they’ve been where you’ve been. Bah ahaha!!! GG my friend GG!

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To be honest, if you find those simple thigs like plants and gily suit (which is actually a part of gameplay beginning) dificult for you, then you are not ready for drops at all! 


After you need fiber, it's not easy for a beginner.

RLY? It's  25 fiber per 1 piece. How many do you want to cook so you fing it difficult?! lol. What drops are you dreaming about? :) 


Anyway just some tips (I know it could be harder on Extinction but FYI): 

1) Tame dimorphodon and break wild hive with it. Then on ev.event you only need 3 flower to feed queen bee.  Then 4 flowers per day to keep it alive. Even if you die from your domestic bees, then just respawn. Im prety sure you wont put beehive far away from you base. 

2) Check beaver dams for flowers. (Minimum efforts)

3) Get Dung Beatle for fertilizer. It's super easy to tame. 

4) Plots and veggs. Oh .. You need it for everything so you will spend time for it anyway. Seeds are preaty easy to find with any harvesting dino. (Trike?) Greenhouse is useles for solo. Water? Rain will do the job, no need pipes. 

5)Sap? Im prety sure there is other tribe made a platorm "for you". Go and take it. 

6)Fiber? realy??? :) 


There is much more things in ark that could burn your ass.. Envy is not the case. 


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