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  1. They are not a joke, just play as a newbie and you will be suprised. Ofcourse the op gigas and manas can shred them, try to kill them with tamed carno/rex.
  2. Almost all ab server is empty and you still want to build your base in a bridge? Even if there is an other way, other ppl will report you for it, so good luck with it.
  3. Yes the chat, not the griefing/stealing/pillaring in pve, and meshing/using alt acc bases in pvp
  4. No one can test everything, ppl always find a way to fck up others. And mods not created by WC so the mod creator needs to do the work.
  5. It still would be better than nothing
  6. Iam not saying that they should monitor it all the time, but even if a dev just looks around 1-2 server a day it would help pve and pvp. Or they can just hire one guy who looks around the servers in Ghost mode, its not so much Time/money.
  7. No need for PvP, they should just monitor the servers and wipe the Cube dino storage bases out. It will clear half of the servers.
  8. It happens when the server resets/paches. Use a bed.
  9. devid20


    Only ab variants allowed in ab
  10. I tamed a 150 in a week ago, when I shot it a couple of times it released the tame even when I didn't feed it, just like when you fight with one with multiple tames, when it gets dmg it released the grabbed tame. The turtle method was never good but because of YouTube everyone does it...
  11. You can find some high lvl in center too, and use plesi or mosa its the best way. If the squid didn't release it after you feed it, just hit it with some arrow. Also kite it near to the surface just like a plesi tame
  12. Did it eat the same stuff? And its "happy"?
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