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  1. Because your inventory was full
  2. Rex(50k hp 2k+ dmg with a 120 saddle, 10antidote) + 280% shotgun and good flak, shield. Stay under the bridge, dismount and shoot when it allows, the shotgun makes it easy. Also keep 3-4antidote on your hotbar and drink it if you dismount.
  3. You can also incubate it with a couple dimetrodon.
  4. Pick it up,use a cryopod, upload it if you find a drop or obelisk near by and then download it near your base
  5. Veggie cake or use a snow owl, daenodon
  6. devid20


    All ext server is ? because of the cube swarm
  7. Next time also use a yuti, the courage boost is awesome, and actually the fear also works on some of these mini bosses.
  8. If its a hunting mission then you need to do dmg to the crearure. I had a fail once in gamma spino because i was in a yuti and only used courage, so we did it but i got the failed msg.
  9. Pp Because you was able to use an exploit with a ferox, many ppl did it in this way.
  10. Tek, only the wild x creatures have dmg reduction
  11. They dont need training, they need gm-s who actually played the game and not just responding with prewrited messages.
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