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Conquest Servers Are Open!


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15 hours ago, Adanlsx said:

Small tribes on consoles has a bigger population than regular official.

This is objectively not true.  

Small Tribes on xbox probably has more players per server but overall it has significantly fewer players.  

There's not a single point during the day, ever, when small tribes xbox has more players overall than regular official xbox.  

Usually regular official xbox has 2x to 3x the players of small tribes (again, overall). The xbox server list is available on the internet, if you know where to look, and you can run the numbers.

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I'm very excited and anxious for conquest to come to console, I already know 10 people personally ready for this, smart move with keeping the game alive. Understanding how busy yall are with extinction, can you keep us posted on the status and expected month these will be released. I believe everyone would appreciate that!!


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