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Poop, I like Ark!

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Just started the game and love it. I have been playing Conan Exiles for a while on ps4 but wanted to try Ark and got the chance with this great deal this week. 

I play on the ps4 and the game is solid lag free for the most part. CE is unplayable due to sound lag and video lag in combat and running. CE is new but not ready for release. 

I hope Ark keeps updating and tuning the game,  ui, graphics, but it is clear it's the leader and  the WoW of survival games atm. 

Keep the updates coming! 

P. S.  The poop sound is cute for the first few sessions playing but gets old fast. Seeing my player drop mud is not needed. My kids won't play the game due to this Mechanic. There is enough Dino poop for all planting needs.  Let us disable the sound and graphic for the character please.  Only old people and very young scat their pants like Ark... 

ARK the poop game,  Conan Exiles the sexy nude game. 

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I don't even notice the poop sound effect or the poop model anymore, to busy playing.

Maybe I'm just always being distracted by other sounds in the game or focused on other tasks that I block it out.

It was only ever a problem to listen to till I got a dung beetle to replace Poop machine V6 the thundering.

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