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  1. so we are days away from march 2021 and.... we don't really care about all the tv shows and series, we paid for a season pass that has been delayed. official servers are out of control with bots, pvp ganking tribes, and pve servers are pillar/ladder controlled. lets get things cleaned up and back on track! yes i know it's now May 26th, maybe?
  2. looking to start an unofficial PVE server, any suggestions? i am looking into hosting via one of the paid Steam/PC service providers. i'm on the east coast and have a small group (<10) of interested peeps for a PVE Ragnarok server /w mods. i have looked at many reviews of server providers and i see the most common complaint is lag, backups, updates, mod support, and customers support. money issues seem to be related to unable to cancel services without back and forth with customer support... anyone willing to suggest a service and what level of expertise is needed to manage it (
  3. please close this thread. once you used profanity you lost the high ground.
  4. did you fix it? i know the free epic version had network limitations but it works with steam official servers. i read SSD installs can cause problems. i know of someone using MS store version without issue. need more detail to figure this one out dude...
  5. Official servers why? non-dedicated or dedicated? ive put in over 300 hours each PS4 and PC/Steam official PVE servers. PVP official servers are still toxic IMO. PVE official are a mystery why anyone would use them. even with 4x event they have the 8 day decay of character and tamed, but really it's the players that make it a fail. full servers of 60-70 toons on at once are laggy and hard to not lag die. there are tribes that first pillar every inch of the map and then complain that someone put pillars near their land... non-dedicated is nice if you have a system that can handle hosting
  6. ahh. my genesis character doesn't have tek rep engram, but does have the cryofridge. seems like it's not a good solution, should have let cryopods, cryofridge also be done in the fabricator until they get tribute tab working. i tried another 35k loot crate after my post and got more junk. i don't need kibble and a 300% pistol lol, i need a tek replicator...
  7. negative on the fabricator. cryofridge says supply crate, tribute tab, or tek replicator. i have never had luck on rng items so my 2 hex crates were just junk which is a waste due to hex can be used on CP ( i do have a grinder but i like to buy CP too).
  8. how to craft cryofrig in genesis??? without the ability to craft tek in genesis how do people craft the tek replicator or cryofrig??? the mission stations still dont support tek engrams in tribute tab like on other DLC servers. i read that it was an oversite, but that was 5 months ago and as of last night tribute tab still doesnt show tek engrams. i assume the ones that have a tek replicator got it as loot or from a loot crate....i have had no such luck.
  9. we got fresh official servers. they are 70/70 all day. it's not the free players on them, it's vet players up to their old tricks. i came back after a break, i paid for my game and trying to level a new character enough to move off onto genesis. good news is i managed to get a useful plot to level, bad news is all around me are vet players pillar blocking everything only 100 hours in on the new official servers. can anyone suggest a low cost private server provider in NA that doesn't give a haste when time to cancel???
  10. no proof a player did it. i stopped using green house windows, they break too easy....
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