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  1. Thanks, this worked for both of us.
  2. Me and my brother have a 2 man tribe and when we both logged in this morning, we were no longer in the tribe. Has this happened to anyone before? Is there a way to fix it?
  3. is it normal for official servers to go down daily for an hour? I've always played on PS4 and recently moved to PC, so I don't know it it's normal for PC official servers to go offline. My gen 2 server usually goes offline for about an hour almost every day. Just went offline again and probably will be offline for another hour. Second time it went offline today. Is this normal for PC official servers?
  4. I play on steam. But it always front loads NA/OC servers and I can't even search for servers. If I try to type in the search bar the server I play, it doesn't show. Only way I can find it is by going to my survivors or favorites. I can't even transfer back to my main server if I leave it. I have to join a random server and quit to the main menu before spawning then go to favorites and go to my main server and download. I never had this issue on the PS4, only steam.
  5. I play in EU but when ever I try to find servers it only shows servers from NA/OC, is there a way to get only EU servers the show?
  6. Hey all, I want to try out ark on the PC and I don't know if my PC can handle it Graphics card: AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics also have Nvidia GeForce GT 430 CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200g with Radeon Vega Graphics. CPU speed 4gz Ram: 14gb Os: win 10 Would this be okay to run it?
  7. Will that spawn dinosaurs in increments of 5 or will it set all dinos to max 150?
  8. Is it possible to get dinos to spawn in increments of 5 like on official servers up to 150? I've tried what people online say but they keep spawning in at random levels.
  9. So it's not possible to play with any settings? I want to do a play through with official settings but once I enter the game they keep resetting. I turned off single player settings, set difficulty to 1 and 5 also tried maximum difficulty turned on with those settings but dinos are still appearing at random levels in game even know after using the command to wipe dinos. Nothing I seem to do saves when I set the settings and enter the game.
  10. Is it normal to disconnect whenever you do element nodes or OSD? Ive disconnected on every single one I've done today on official. Get a massive lag spike then disconnect, and it's not just me. Everyone on the server disconnects.
  11. You're being forced to use gigas because the fact they are an option. Why use anything other than super bred dinos. It's easy to say don't use them but the fact they are there will be a force to use them.
  12. This event ruined Chibis, before they were rare and since this event came along. Where's the community crunch Dollie said it was today
  13. 5 months?? Are you trying to kill the game?
  14. It's less than 2 and a halve hours right?
  15. Don't know if this will get anything done but here it goes.

    Overhaul the breeding system, it goes against what a game is meant to be. A game is supposed to be engaging and make you want to play. Not make you wait for hours mindlessly zoned out while holding a button to transfer food over to its inventory. A game is meant to want you to play not make you sit stuck next to a dinosaur for hours.


    Have you ever played a mobile game like clash of lords or anything where you collect resources from mana/gold collectors?  Would you honestly keep your game open and click on that resource collector for hours? No because its not engaging or fun which is what a game is meant to be.

    You guys force us to sit next to the resource collector aka our dino and click transfer food every few minutes.

    If you ain't the right person at least try and pass it onto someone that is and hopefully this part of the game will become fun and something people look forward to doing.

    1. dolen


      my view on this is they dnt make you do it, you choose to do it, you do not have to raise the dino if you do not, if you want the stats but dnt wanna sit there for hours then talk to other tribes and work out a way to barter/trade for them, say give someone 5k metal to raise the baby, but in the end, the devs arnt making you do anything

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