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Day Zero: Server Information


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9 hours ago, DJRone89 said:

Statements like that is why the devs ignore you by demanding they wipe so it fits in with your lifestyle, give me a break.

will give an unfair advantage to the people who are able to stay at home.

Oh well it doesn't matter anymore... I got very very lucky today to get my spot on Scorched Earth. even after many people joined the server, so there goes.

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What's sad is how they took away everyone's servers put out a new update & map w/ I'm guessing 1/4 less of the servers they had & now no one can get into play. So very disappointing. Not to mention what a turnoff for those new would be players that just bought the game but can't even play it. Talk about a total screw up by the devs. 


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Hello WC!

Seriously, i love your game. Played it for the last 8-9 month on PS4 with my friends.
But this is a mess!
We are on "Official PS4 EU PVE Server 829"
now its 48 hours after release day and there are 18 (!!) out of, how much, 900-1000 PS4 EU PVE Servers?
If my calculation is right, we can play again (on "our" server) in ca. three month ???? hopefuly just kidding...:/
But there is another thing.
Thougt this is an official website and sombody cares about the things people complain about.
Is there anywhere an official answer from anybody?
Think its a big point, why people here get angry.

so can we get any statement whats going on?
If you say, it takes a week before all old servers are online, it takes a week.
Thats still a mess, but an answer.

cu (much) later ?!

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My server #432 NA PVE Island was NOT on the server kill list but it's NOT on the server list now.  What is going on???  


I figured it out!  If anyone else can't find their old server try this!!!   IN the bottom left corner of the "server page" switch from dedicated player server to dedicated legacy!!    If we can't get help from Wildcard maybe we can all at least help each other!!


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